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  • Found The Dualis #1
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  • 05 November 2014

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  1. Judy Lewis Judy Lewis says:

    DELICIOUSLY SWEET AND COMPLETELY CAPTIVATING Found Mate of the Cave Bear The Dualis Book OneOh My Harmony Raines has done it again And just what has she done you ask? She has published an amazing new serial called The Dualis Yes I said serial which means multiple books and dare I say it cliffhangers Yikes But don't despair folks Although the serial does consist of three separate installments fortunately for us Raines released all three on the same day Woohoo no waiting I settled in and decided to read all three in one sitting so I'm writing only one review for the entire series and will post it for each book Never fear there will be NO spoilers Harmony Raines has always exhibited exceptional talent and imagination in her writing but in this series she has far exceeded my expectation of her skill in creating something new fresh and original that encompasses not one genre but several She has skillfully combined paranormal romance with science fiction and fantasy to create a fascinating and intriguing world of the past and future filled to the brim with action adventure suspense love and hope The story is original exciting suspenseful thrilling heartbreaking heartwarming sweet romantic and sensual These are only a few of the words that came to mind while I was reading this story The dialogue is clean smart and flows well The characters are intriguing captivating and engaging This is a romance and does include some sex scenes however they don't overpopulate the book Raines has dared to venture outside the box with this story and I love it Now let's talk about the basics of the story itselfThe premise of the storyIt is now the twenty second century and through the use of research and technology scientists have learned how to manipulate and alter human DNA For too many years children have been genetically engineered by doctors and scientists allowing parents to choose eye color body type and even gender These developments have contaminated the gene pool and brought evolution to a halt The world is now in desperate need of new blood or rather uncontaminated blood from the past with new stem cellsNow for the plot of the storyTworn Corporation has developed a time machine which can create a worm hole enabling a person to travel through the time It is their intention to send a young woman 30000 years into the past to find a primitive man become pregnant with his child and then return through the wormhole by means of a tether to the future Her child would be used for the benefit of mankind and become the savior of the world Huh? No pressure right? Jenna is chosen to be that woman because she met several vital and important reuirements She has no fillings in her teeth he's never had any broken bones or surgical procedures and most importantly she's a virgin meaning she nor her DNA has ever been tainted by a male from her time She considers herself to be unattractive and unremarkable Obviously Tworn Corporation agrees and believes there is absolutely nothing to distinguish her as being from the twenty second century Although some may see this opportunity as a great honor Jenna is not doing this for recognition nor the advancement of mankind She's simply doing it for the money Now don't start thinking badly of Jenna just yet She wants the money for purely unselfish motives her mother became terminally ill and as a result Jenna inherited the astronomical debt for the medical bills after her mother's death She's from a very poor family and could never live long enough to pay off the debt so here she is about to travel back in time She's given six months of training to prepare her for her journey but Jenna soon suspects there is much to this mission than Mr Trimble with Tworn Corporation is telling her but she has no idea what it could be She begins to have her doubts but fears for her safety if she doesn't complete her mission But they never prepare her for the entry into the land of the past and I mean that uite literally because she tumbles from the wormhole high above the ground with nothing to help to break her fall She plummets into a heavily forested area and is seriously injured She is found by Haran who is a Dualis a primitive a cave bear who reluctantly and begrudgingly nurses her back to health This is how Haran refers to himself a cave bear a Dualis meaning of two natures man and beast Haran is a primitive bear shifter and lives alone in a cave After the heartbreaking loss of his parents at a young age he has chosen to be alone and never take a mate But Haran soon discovers that fate can never be denied The attraction he feels for the strange young woman proves to be too strong to resist and he uickly falls in love with the beautiful curvaceous Masu that falls from the sky She should be his enemy not his mate Huh? He only kills for food but the Masu hunt and kill for the pleasure they draw from cruelty and fear She is Masu and not to be trusted Nope never going to happen he will resist He will??? Jenna has no clue that she looks like the Masu his enemy Heck she doesn't even know who they are but one thing she does know she's incredibly attracted to Haran and she wants him in her arms and in her bed or should I say her furs Jenna now realizes that uite possibly she may never want to give up her child if she becomes pregnant nor return to her own time What? Will Jenna survive her injuries? Will she become pregnant? Will she ever return to her time? Can Haran protect her from his enemies? Or will Haran perish in his fight with the Masu? Are there other shifters in this time and if so where are they and will they help? Oh my No spoilers here but I will say thisBeautiful virtuous heroine check Sexy primitive but intelligent bear shifter check Large cast of fascinating characters including other types of shifters check Oops Uh oh I may have just let a little spoiler slip out Danger drama suspense action heinous enemies and evil machinations check Heated attraction sweet romance heartbreaking angst and some heartwarming arousing sex you bet That and a whole lot Execution of the storyMy personal opinion Well done I'm not a sciencetech geek so I don't reuire a detailed scientific or technical explanation on how the time travel was actually accomplished but I was totally captivated by the true essence and message of this story love can prevail Remember folks this is fiction and fantasy so keep an open mind If you want to try something original and a little different yet uite refreshing then this is the book for you Deliciously sweet completely captivating and delightfully entertaining

  2. Jennifer Holzapfel Jennifer Holzapfel says:

    Jenna lives in the 22nd century and humanity is dying out because of genetic engineeringTworn Corp is funding the whole thing to send her 30000 years into the past via time machine to mate with a neanderthal When she gets pregnant there is a tether to bring her back to her time She is a perfect specimen a virgin no broken bones no fillings The reason she has to to this is because her mother's medical bills were so high before she died and Tworn paid them off She has a bad feeling that it's not the first attempt She enters the time machine and it sends her back but she falls from hundreds of feet and breaks ribs as she hits giant trees all the way down until she lands hard on the groundHaran a dualis is a shape shifter and his kind is being killed off by the Masu which look like modern manHe finds Jenna and his bear wants her as a mate while his human side sees her as the enemy He forces himself to pick her up and carry her to his cave He takes care of her injuries going so far as to take her to the bathroom with a bowl of water and a sponge object to clean herselfHe can speak English though Jenna has to teach him some of her words and he does the same for her He explains what a dualis is and she wants to see his bear which causes a mating frenzy within himWill Jenna go back to the future or stay with Haran after she gets pregnant? Will the Masu find them? First of the series and I am hooked just because it is a new take on a shifter book and the content is very interesting

  3. Bubbles The Book Pimp Bubbles The Book Pimp says:

    Short and sweet part 1 of 3 of this bookseries Enjoyable but like all novellas I found a bit rushed

  4. Beth Cotter Beth Cotter says:

    Jenna ispart of an experiment to save the human race All she has to do is go back into the future and return pregnant by a Neanderthal When she lands though she is injured and that is how Harsh finds her The communication is slow to figure out between them During their time spent together an affection grows between them That continues until the fall in love Soon Jenna finds she is pregnant but doesn't wish to go back home When out on a hint she is taken by another tribe You have to read the next story to see if she can be saved Great story

  5. Racy Racy says:

    Jeanna who was this curvy girl had agreed to go back in time and let a cave man get her pregnant an donate it to science As the time grew close she wonder if she could really do it but found out there was no backing outHaran who was this Neanderthal bear shifter was surprised that his true mate had appeared This was truly one thing he did not want Now he will have to claim his mate and take care of her and the baby they will have Jeanna never thought she would fall in love She never dreamed she would met a bear shifter She hope to never go back to the future There is danger around the corner and sacrifice that must be made

  6. Jamoz23 Jamoz23 says:

    This was a good book but is part 1 of 3 I only read this as I like the authorJanna is sent back in time to get pregnant by a Neanderthal What Janna finds is a bear shifterHaran is wary of Janna even if she is his mate He did not want a mate or to have cubs so the Masu could kill them At the end of this book Janna gives herself up to the Masu so Haran can escapeWill not know what happens next until we read book 2This is my honest review of this book

  7. Regina G. Thomas Regina G. Thomas says:

    Last and presentThis was a different love story but very good showing how communication is what makes a relationship work and build a strong foundation

  8. Carol Everson Carol Everson says:

    Ok great startGreat storyline have to get next book fast moving read have to have the set ready to read you don't want to stop

  9. Kimberly Walter Kimberly Walter says:

    Found was different but thrilling passionate and sweet in a wild rough way absolutely loved it

  10. Gina Kamai Gina Kamai says:

    Jenna has agreed to be part of an experiment to save the human race by going back in time to breed with a Neanderthal and return pregnant What she didn't expect was to fall in love with Haran

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Found The Dualis #1⚣ [PDF] ✅ Found The Dualis #1 By Harmony Raines ✰ – Part of a serial contains cliffhangers Found Mated to the Cave Bear Book One Of The Dualis Curvy girl Jenna has been chosen to go back in time to mate with a cave man in order to save the human race S Part of a serial contains cliffhangers Found Mated to the Cave Bear Book One Of The Dualis Curvy girl Jenna has been chosen to go back in time to mate with a cave man in order to save the human race Some might see that as an honour but Jenna is doing it for money Tworn Corporation have paid off her mom's medical bills and when she returns they will pay her a large amount of money for her services That's the part that scares her Because Found The MOBI :º her services consist of going back in time to mate with a Neanderthal man Attached by some kind of tether once she is pregnant she will be pulled back through the wormhole and give her child to science Injured on landing and left to the mercy of a Neanderthal Haran she soon learns this is not going to be as easy as she thought Because as time goes by she finds herself falling for her saviour and this new and exciting world Yet danger threatens in the form of the Masu A terror that Haran will not explain to her But when she learns of Haran's other side the pieces start to fit together Only it’s much too late Contains scenes only suitable for adults If you are offended by sexual content this book might not be for you.

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