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King of the Gypsies [PDF / Epub] ⚣ King of the Gypsies ✈ Bartley Gorman – Born into a community of Irish travelers Bartley Gorman is known as one of the greatest bare knuckle fighters of all timeThrough Gorman1s memoirs the reader gets a front row view of the punches exchan Born into a community of Irish travelers Bartley Gorman is known as one of the greatest bare knuckle fighters of all timeThrough Gormans memoirs the reader gets a front row view of the punches exchanged in back parking lots and fair grounds the gritty characters populating the fight circles and King of PDF or the hazards facing a sought after champion.

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  1. Dave Powell Dave Powell says:

    As you'd expect from a book about a bare knuckle fighter there is a lot of blood and violence but nevertheless you get a sense of the kind of man that Bartley was Fiercely proud of the tradition he came from whilst ultimately acknowledging that it wouldn't necessarily be the life that one would choose He had his run in's with the authorities but he was a well respected person and the town he made his home Uttoxeter even had him on a memorial to the great names of the townI was lucky enough to meet Bartley a few times in the early 90's when I interviewed him for my dissertation on the travelling community I always found him a pleasure to talk to intelligent and generous a proud and honest man who lived a brutal life but had the strength of character not to force his son to carry on with the family traditionBartley sadly died shortly after the book was published but without the history of bare knuckle fighting that Bartley was able to recall some of these stories may have been lost for ever

  2. Richard O& Richard O& says:

    Brutal tales of bareknuckle fights involving snooker cues through arms nipples bitten off bricks blood broken noses a dislocated shoulder and a free for all at Doncaster Races and Fighters with nicknames with literal specialisms than your average WCW wrestler with the likes of the Dentist CutthroatThe book starts with a history of bareknuckle boxing and a lowdown on legendary Gypsy families and fighters including his own breed which produced two previous King of the GypsiesThe book then takes an autobiographical turn about Bartley's life which tends to focus on the bouts than the man himself but thats why I bought the bookThe feelings I got as the book progressed was a sense that the idyllic imagery of fairplay and the past in general was overtaken by violence disrespect and the need for weapons where as Bartley was true to his heritage morals and faith which he kept with him to the endConclusionI have read a couple of hardmen books which were Nosher The Guv'nor and they don't compare to this oneBartley Gorman was very very very harduoteThey put an oxygen mask on me and tried to force the dislocated shoulder back in its socket but couldn't When I awoke my arm was back in I asked the doctor how he had done it and said they had used a wooden mallet to knock it in

  3. Miles Watson Miles Watson says:

    This is a brutally beautiful book about Bartley Gorman V once the King of the Gypsies and arguably the finest bareknuckle boxer in history You'll notice that I didn't say the history of the sport because while BKB is now back as a sanctioned combat sport in Britain and America Gypsies such as Gorman do not necessarily fight for money but for pride and to settle feuds amongst themselves BKB among the Travelers Romany Tinkers and Gypsies is a grim savage and serious business whose origins go back to the Middle Ages and is documented in all of its gory detail in this compulsively readable story about one man's uest to be the most feared fighter in his world and the world at largeBartley Gorman V was the son and grandson of famous knuckle men and from his teenage years had his heart on taking the title King of All Gypsies If you've seen the movie Snatch you have some idea of the toughness and savagery of Gypsy boxers but the movie only scratches the surface and is in any case a piece of fiction Gorman lived it He spent decades taking on all comers in dozens if not hundreds of unsanctioned illegal and often no rules whatever matches all over England Wales Scotland and Ireland and was never defeated he won every match but one a draw and a few that were broken up by police before a winner could be determined In so doing he became both famous Muhammad Ali met with him and infamous He also paid a terrible price physically emotionally and psychologically for being the gunslinger every other gunslinger wanted to beat Many wanted to fight him and many others to jump him or even kill him including many of his closest friends Indeed one of the most terrifying aspects of the book is the fact that some of Bartley's toughest fights and most terrible injuries were with his mates He was a man who having claimed the crown had to defend it constantly often at a moment's notice against dangerous men who sometimes did not take defeat with grace or aplomb There are shootings riots beatings stabbings chases by coach and car every manner of threat vendettas and blood feuds and brushes with the law and the mob Many proposed fights fall through due to police interference or some other reason while even fights happen spontaneously in bars pubs fields and lanes In one horrifying chapter Gorman and his mates are attacked by a huge mob beaten with pipes and sticks hacked with broken bottles and essentially left for dead In another he is challenged at his beloved brother Sam's funeral and must fight in his funeral suit with tears still in his eyes against a man wearing a huge ring that cuts his face to ribbons The book gory as it is is not all bloodshed and violence Gorman explains a great deal about the culture of his folk the travelling men and the differences between types of Gypsies for example some people consdier Gypsy an epithet and Romany the proper word but the Romany are only one type of traveller and he uses the words traveller and Gypsy interchangeably He also discusses his various business ventures as an unlicensed boxing promoter scrap dealer painter and creosoter his family relationships and the history of bare knuckle boxing going back some generations including the different types of rules from a few to absolutely none He comes off somewhat surprisingly as an intelligent deeply religious hard working and likeable family man a largely honorable bloke who was simply a natural born fighter and it is interesting to note his attitude toward violence changed significantly as he got older He was fully aware of the price of his uest for glory both for him and the people around himAll in all this was an excellent book on a culture that has survived in some way or another for over a thousand years and shows every sign of surviving for a thousand

  4. Joseph Hirsch Joseph Hirsch says:

    The current lineal heavyweight champion of the world is a chap who dresses like Batman at press conferences and also chooses to live in a mobile home rather than a mansion or even in a house He is a traveler or in the vernacular of some a gypsy Now was as good a time as ever then for me to dive into the story of the prior King of the Gypsies an honorable and sad old soul named Bartley GormanHis formal education ended early and he spent his youth painting barns in the summer no mean feat for a redhead and learning to be a bare knuckle brawler He fought for pride money and sometimes because when two men have high testosterone and high blood alcohol content that's what they do He also found God after seeing too many of his friends and family members die and his main insight at the end of his own life was that love eventually conuers hate It would be trite coming from almost anyone else but like a bare fisted version of Muhammad Ali Bartley Gorman has a way of taking what should sound like a nursery rhyme and making proper poetry out of itThe story of the travelers is one that few know firsthand and I'd wager that secondhand accounts like the Guy Ritchie movie Snatch don't even really begin to scratch the surface on a way of life in which fighting is critical but no important than any number of interesting folkways beliefs and traditions revealed throughout the course of this book Yes the brawls described are graphic and fascinating nipples twisted off biceps bitten off eyeballs and teeth lost but it's all the other details that really surprised me and should make it reuired reading well outside the circumscribed borders of boxing fandom Recommended

  5. Robert A. Robert A. says:

    Well this one is certainly violent than either Pretty Boy or The Guv'nor It also seems much earnest as much as a memoir about brutal street brawls and prizefighting goes anyway This memoir did not shy away from the violence or the grim realization that competitors and so named suicide fighters would crawl from the woodwork to try to take down a champion or seize a title The same goes for those seeking revenge for the slightest infraction or a grudge held on someone else's behalfThis book focused on the fighting and the history of gypsy bare knuckle boxing This did cause the first two or three chapters to drag a little as they went through fighting history It was necessary to illustrate the strong connection of Bartley Gorman to that fighting history of which his father grandfather and great grandfather were part Overall it was a strong book and details were not concealed to avoid admitting to crimes as in the previously mentioned memoirs His bare knuckle career essentially being a crime anyway However Bartley's anti abortion stance and intense Christian faith are definitely sticking points for me but he didn't preach until the very end where his politics are muted by his humanityI liked this book and am glad I read it I would recommend this to anyone interested in illegal bare knuckle prizefighting especially if they are curious about the hidden history of such competitive fighting amongst British Irish travelers

  6. Tony Matthews Tony Matthews says:

    A great insight into a world I'm glad I'm not part of

  7. gerard2e gerard2e says:

    What an uniue and original book Which really is the rarest thing to achieve As someone who lives in a country with travellers and who has a negative view of them in general and their culture I can honestly say I was astouned after only a few pages about the depth of culture this man had and by extension travallers in general Great book and a great man As in a principaled and a man of character Very interesting story that seems to be true as best I can tell Very interesting and riveting story and easy to digest A great read and highly reccomended

  8. Zupapa Zupap Zupapa Zupap says:

    Bartley Gorman's story is rich in images from a world hidden all around us images which challenged the way I see things His life was a magnet for impossible characters and he defeats them all Reading this book will make you at least twice as tough

  9. Helen Helen says:

    Interesting story about Bartley especially the history I might've worked with relatives of Jem Mace from Norfolk

  10. Mark Mark says:

    Interesting but a little fragmented

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