Lettre à ma mere PDF Í Lettre à PDF \

  • Hardcover
  • 91 pages
  • Lettre à ma mere
  • Georges Simenon
  • English
  • 14 April 2014
  • 9780151504459

10 thoughts on “Lettre à ma mere

  1. Nabilah Firdaus Nabilah Firdaus says:

    A uiet reflective letter Very beutifully written and painfully honest You brought me into the world I came out of your womb you game me my first milk and yet I don't know you any than you know me Letter to My Mother is a letter from the author to his dead mother The letter displayed a series of gloomy emotions that were tinged with sweetness as the author reflected his relationship with his mother when his mother was still alive The ending nearly brought me to tears; when Simenon concluded that what had stood between them was her “ferocious need to be good” not her resentment against Simenon

  2. Kirsty Kirsty says:

    I love reading correspondence and was looking forward to the extended  Letter to My Mother written by Georges Simenon most famous for his Maigret series of detective novels  This is a 'stark confessional letter to his dead mother which explores the complexity of parent child relationships and the bitterness of things unsaid'  First published in 1974 and translated from its original French by Ralph Manhem  Letter to My Mother is filled with sadness from its beginning  Simenon writes very early on 'As you are well aware we never loved each other in your lifetime  Both of us pretended'Simenon grew up in the Belgian city of Liege and wished to revisit his pained childhood here  A period of three and a half years elapsed between the death of Simenon's mother and the writing of this letter and he is almost seventy years old when he puts pen to paper  He tells her about this stating 'perhaps it's only now that I'm beginning to understand you  Throughout my childhood and adolescence I lived under one roof with you I lived with you but when I left for Paris at the age of nineteen you were still a stranger to me'  Even when he was young Simenon was aware of his mother's problems 'You endured life  You didn't live it'  He then muses after speaking of the favour his mother showed his younger brother 'It seems to me now that perhaps you needed a villain in the family and that villain was me'The relationship between Simenon and his mother was fraught and complicated  This tender and honest letter details their troubled interactions and his mother's lack of warmth toward him  He speaks throughout about the unknown events of his mother's own childhood which may have caused her to behave in the disconcerting way which she often did  Writing such a letter is a brave act; it seems a shame that his mother was never able to see it

  3. Tosh Tosh says:

    I read this book on the way to the Narita airport It's part of Penguin's Modern series which is tailored made for the traveler Small books with little essays short stories or philosophy Georges Simenon's Letter to My Mother is a moving piece of literature on his relationship with his deceased mom Not a warm family by any means but one gathers that Simenon is not only commenting on his mother but also on himself as well

  4. Hafizz Nasri Hafizz Nasri says:

    Love every words It was a sincere letter telling a story about a girl a woman and a mother from the eyes of a son I was brought back to the day since mother was little and then how the son reminiscing every bits of this woman and her family her surroundings even her hardships Beautiful words written with poignant feeling but surely wholeheartedly So bittersweet that somehow making you wonder about your love to your own mother This have to be my favorite

  5. Aashima Prasad Aashima Prasad says:

    We see and know our parents from a certain stage in their lifeBut what experiences made them who they are today What were their dreams? What moments broke their heart? Why do they believe in certain things and not others? These were some of the uestion that cropped up in my mind after reading this mini classic

  6. Iain Iain says:

    An interesting curio A letter that reveals a lot about the author as much as his relationship with his mother Not on a par with his fictional writing but for those that admire his writing definitely worth a look

  7. Peter Peter says:

    Too personal something I feel no one should have the right to read Left me with a sense of prying through someones personal items to which is wrong

  8. Armen Armen says:

    Bitterness of things unsaid 😢

  9. Dane Cobain Dane Cobain says:

    This is a letter that Simenon wrote after the death of his mother in which he tried to open up to her and express himself It reminded me to tell people I love that I love them

  10. sevdah sevdah says:

    Very touching As you are well aware we never loved each other in your lifetime Both of us pretended

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About the Author: Georges Simenon

Simenon was one of the most prolific writers of the twentieth century capable of writing to pages per day His oeuvre includes nearly novels over novellas several autobiographical works numerous articles and scores of pulp novels written under than two dozen pseudonyms Altogether about million copies of his works have been printedHe is best known however for his .