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  1. Dija Dija says:

    Almost dropped it several times throughout the storySometimes sweetUltimately predictable thoughMehMost of it andEspecially the later half was extremely boringRuined Walt I'll never get over that I blame my age at least partially for my lack of enjoyment of the story Not sure if I'll pick up anything else by the authorSlow and cheesy endingOverall a disappointing readNot 2 stars nor 3 but honestly just 25 starsOccasionally very interestingMarty and Joe's story was my second favoriteAdored the first half and Julie and Billy's romanceAlso I loathed Cassie And had a lot of trouble feeling the relationship between the four supposed best friends Maybe it's just the author's style that doesn't work for me but something about their so called lifelong friendship never rang true for me Buddy read with my best frenemy Jenny Check out her review here

  2. Laura Laura says:

    As a fan of the Virgin River series I thought I would try out a stand alone book by Robyn Carr I found that I am not just a fan of Virgin River but I really do like Carr's writingA Summer In Sonoma introduces the reader to four high school friends on the verge of turning 30 Each woman looks at the others and feels pangs of envy for one reason or another and thinks the other's life is better than her own The classic the grass is always greener syndrome What the reader knows is that each has her own issue that makes her life difficult They are trying to hide it from the others but sooner or later all their secrets come spilling outThis book is part romance and part chick lit Since a couple of the characters are already married it is what happens after the happily ever after If you are after a classic romance this one isn't it for you If you want something a little real with a lot of interaction between female friends then this is the perfect book for a Sunday afternoon I found myself really liking a couple of the characters while the other two I kept thinking Is she really that dumb? They all did dumb things but two of them seemed to be over the top dumb Not that this is unrealistic by any means I think that all of the stories were realistic and their conclusions were the same Some parts of the story were a little predictable but in a very real way so it workedThe name A Summer in Sonoma seemed a bit like a misnomer since Sonoma really was barely mentioned as was summer The story begins in summer and ends into the fall but really I didn't get much of the Sonoma or the summer part Overall I really liked this book I found myself not wanting to put it down It only took me one day to finish and I had a happy little feeling in my heart when I finally did put the book downI received this book from netgalleycom

  3. Colleen (NerdyWoman) Kayter Colleen (NerdyWoman) Kayter says:

    The style of this book reminded me of Debbie Macomber's Blossom Street series Four friends dealing with all the angst we face in real life The first is nearly the victim of date rape until a big burly biker rescues her; the second has a strong marriage an unplanned fourth pregnancy and is facing foreclosure on their home; the third single career woman whose life is all she wants until she's diagnosed with breast cancer again; and lastly a woman whose husband adores her but she's not feeling very loved foreplay consists of You awake? when she runs into an old boyfriend who oozes charmThis heartwarming story reminds us all that we can't judge people by appearances; that we should never be too proud to admit when we need help; that love and laughter really can be the best medicine; and if we want better relationships we have to change bad behavior stop tolerating bad treatment never stop trying to communicate and never never never do anything to destroy trustIf you're going through tough times or know someone who is consider the money you'll spend for this book as an investment in encouragement buy it so you can pass it onThis story while also set in Northern California is not related to the Virgin River series Brand new characters brand new place That's good news 'cause there is so much going on there is no space for back story

  4. Penny Watson Penny Watson says:

    Extremely odd Book included a near rape pages and pages of wives nagging their husbands practically to death laundry lists of house hold errands a horrible bout of breast cancer the tedious details of financial disaster and buried in therea couple of sweet romances Too bad the romance with the nurse and adorable biker dude wasn't the main event It was very sweet But the other stuff had nothing to do with romance Not sure what to make of this oneGrade CC

  5. Holly Holly says:

    a story about four women who have been friends since junior high They are all about thirty years oldhere's what is written on the back of the book Life can change in an instantor a summer And having old friends to lean on can only up the chances of happily ever after So these four women all have some secret problem or life crisis The first half of the book is spent on these problems And it is a 400 page book Each woman looks at the others and feels pangs of envy for one reason or another and thinks the other's life is better than her own Life gives you your own personal basket of blessings but we are so preoccupied with what is in our friends and neighbor's baskets we neglect our own So you learn that Cassie is sad and lonely She is husband hunting Julie and her husband are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy I get it The author beats it into your head over and over again just in case you didn't understand Beth is a OBGYN But really was the following line really necessary? “Beth began to work talking to Julie’s vagina” Really? Once the story line gets going it is uite decent The title is misleading Sonoma is barely mentioned I was looking forward to a book with rich descriptions of the wine country If you do decide to read this book be warned Robyn Carr jumps from subplot to subplot so stay on your toes

  6. Laura (Kyahgirl) Laura (Kyahgirl) says:

    25; CI read this book years ago and thought I remembered liking it so when I saw the audiobook available at the library I thought I’d check it out Well I’ve read and really enjoyed many books by this author and I’ve always noticed she can skirt the ledge between philosophizing and lecturing uite closely In this book she steps off the ledge fairly freuently so the life lessons about marriage friendship and love are kind of heavy handed lectures I wouldn’t recommend it to any of my romance reading friends Kate Turnbull was the narrator and did a prettty good job

  7. Beth McCraw Beth McCraw says:

    I loved this so much I got so attached to everyone in this book❤️

  8. Jodi Jodi says:

    First book that I had read by this author and I absolutely loved it I couldn't put it down I really liked that most of this book just seemed to be about normal women with everyday lives and could be part of my group of friends I enjoyed Cassie's part of the story with Walt and how realistic it seemed to have an idea of what the perfect guy would look like and how hard it would be to have a biker fit in with the idea of Mr Right I also really liked Julie and Billy's story being high school sweethearts and now struggling with financial issues I totally related to the feelings that they had and really liked seeing a solution for them and how they stayed together to get thru it Marty and Joe kind of annoyed me just because some of the things annoying Marty seemed so superficial but it also showed how problems just seem to blow up if you don't work them out as you go I also liked the point that Joe thought he was helping her out by doing perfectly maintaining the lawn and boat and all outdoor things and how it took them really talking to realize that those things didn't matter as much to Marty as him picking up his dishes and dirty clothes It is so easy for couples to say that they want help but each person's idea of helping is different Beth seemed to be the one character that I didn't feel a personal conection with Other than her cancer being a wake up call to the others that their problems weren't so bad her part of the story just didn't seem to fit in as naturally as the others

  9. Booklover Booklover says:

    Wonderful read of 4 friends who are unhappy in their respective life's but are jealous and wish for what other hasits the case of the grass is greener on the other sidehow these 4 hide their issues and sadness but it all comes out and how these 4 stick together for each other and find their HEA Julie has married her high school sweet heart Billy both are really crazy and very much in love with each other but they are financial in trouble and Julie has managed till now but its getting out of control and Billy's always saying it will all be good and we will manage it which irritates and frustrates Julie Marty is married to Joe have 3 year old son but she is sick n tired of always being the one to cleancook and manage house and work and Joe's habits and their marriage has lost their spark and the love is lost somewhereMarty has tried to tell him and even begged him but Joe did't get the pointits a case of misunderstandingthese two don't understand each other what one says other one takes it in some other way which is creating problemsCassie is tired of bad dates and now recently she had a near rape incident which has left her scared and has made her self clear she will never find a good decent guy to love and have a househusband and children that is when she meets Walt who she thinks is a bike mechanic but there's a twist here Beth she is a Gynec and is doing great as in career but she also has breast cancershe has survived it once but now its back and now she has again to go through the operationchemoradiations and emotionally she is wreck but she hides this from JulesCassie and Marty but later its out and these 3 support her through the treatment and then there's her Doc Jerod who wants much relation from Bethhe likes her and wants to be there for her I really liked the way all issues were handled and how girls and even the guys advice each other and are there for each otherGood readRecommend it

  10. Lori V. Lori V. says:

    This one would get 25 stars if I could rate it that way and unfortunately Robyn Carr has been removed from my auto buy list I just didn't really like this book The cast of characters is okay but their stories are just unexciting I'll admit this book did make me think about my own life and relationships a bit but there was just not enough excitement to keep me very interested in these lives and relationships while I was reading It also felt like there were too many subplots for one book at times There were also a few implausible parts in this story which is common in fiction I know but I don't care how good of a friendship you have it is unlikely you'll see your high school bestie for your OBGyn needs And maybe one of you would but not all of you This whole thing bothered me immensely And what kind of a name is Walt for a man born in approximately 1978? I thought he must be an old guy when he was first introduced Anyway it could have been worse but it could also have been a whole lot better I was disappointed with this one I will still check out Robyn Carr's books but I will definitely read a sample first Excuse any typos submitted from my iPhone

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A Summer in Sonoma [Reading] ➻ A Summer in Sonoma ➱ Robyn Carr – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Cassie Julie Marty en Beth zijn al jaren beste vriendinnen maar deze zomer hebben ze elkaar harder nodig dan ooitNa een date met een nare afloop is Cassie klaar met relaties misschien moet ze zich er Cassie Julie Marty en Beth zijn al jaren beste vriendinnen maar deze zomer hebben ze elkaar harder nodig dan ooitNa een date met een nare afloop is Cassie klaar met relaties misschien moet ze zich er maar bij neerleggen dat Steve haar hond de enige man in haar leven isJulie worstelt om financieel haar hoofd boven water te houden Haar man Billy is een schat maar hij A Summer Kindle - ziet altijd alles even rooskleurig in En nu komt er weer een kleintje aanIs het zo raar dat Marty van haar echtgenoot verlangt dat hij een beetje meehelpt in huis en misschien soms zijn best voor haar doetBeth krijgt voor de tweede keer met een ingrijpende ziekte te maken maar vindt niets zo moeilijk als om hulp vragen.

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