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Das Amokspiel [PDF / Epub] ☀ Das Amokspiel ✍ Sebastian Fitzek – Buyprobolan50.co.uk This was supposed to be the last day of her life Renowned criminal psychologist Ira Samin can no longer bear the feelings of guilt inspired by her eldest daughter's death and has decided to commit sui This was supposed to be the last day of her life Renowned criminal psychologist Ira Samin can no longer bear the feelings of guilt inspired by her eldest daughter's death and has decided to commit suicide The preparations are all in place when Samin is summoned to a radio station where people have been taken hostage by a violent psychopath A macabre game will decide the fate of the victims From the studio the hostage taker dials numbers at random if the phone is answered “correctly” a hostage is released; if not the hostage will be shot The man threatens to continue the game until his fiancée arrives at the studio but there is one major problem she has has been dead for over half a year Samin is assigned the seemingly hopeless task of negotiating with him while their conversations are broadcast live on air.

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  1. Andrew Smith Andrew Smith says:

    This was a new experience for me I’ve long been a fan of audiobooks – I started to listen to them when I commuted for over three hours each day – but it’s always been my experience that the book is simply read to me Admittedly the readers are normally skilled in this endeavour and are able to bring the characters to life in a way I’ve always found appealing But his production was different; it was presented as a drama with a whole cast of actors plus accompanying sound effects If you’ve ever listened to The Archers on the radio you’ll get the picture The actors used were pretty much household names I’ve come across in television and film eg Natasha McElhone Rafe Spall and Peter Firth and the whole experience seemed ‘bigger’ than simply hearing the book read I don’t mean to infer it was better; it’s that my imagination seemed less taxed as the whole scene presented a clear picture in my head without me having to conjure one upBased on a book by a German writer I’d not come across before the story follows what happens when a Berlin radio station is taken over by a man who is trying to track down his missing fiancée Hostages are taken and a bizarre game of Russian Roulette transpires as the hostage taker randomly phones numbers with the promise that if the call is not answered with correct phrase chosen by him and broadcast via the live radio feed he’d shoot a hostage As this plays out the hostage negotiator and the team around her desperately try to control the situation There’s much to the story than I’ve provided but you’ll really have to listen to the audio production or read the book to find out the rest Suffice to say it’s a thrilling experience with twists than the average Jeffery Deaver novelThe tension is maintained at an almost unbearable level for the first half of the tale I could barely stop myself listening to it Then the twists started to come thick and fast and for me this turned the temperature down somewhat It was still captivating but I wasn’t uite so obsessed with the outcome as I’d been earlier Overall I found it to be a brilliantly executed production of a very clever concept I can’t help thinking a simpler story – one that maintained the searing intensity for longer without clouding the issue – would have been stronger I do know one thing for certain I’ll be seeking out another Audible Original Drama sometime soon

  2. Leah Leah says:

    Dead or aliveA year before the story proper begins Jan May is waiting for his girlfriend Leonie to arrive for dinner He has decided this will be the evening he will propose and is confident of her answer But his plans are destroyed when she phones him to say they will not be able to see each other again for an indefinite period perhaps forever “They will tell you that I'm dead – but I'm not OK?” And at that moment the doorbell rings – and the police inform Jan that Leonie died in a car accident earlier that day Despite all his protests Jan has never seen or heard from Leonie since and is unable to convince anyone that she's aliveCriminal psychologist and police negotiator Ira Samin has never forgiven herself for failing to prevent her daughter Sarah's suicide and now Ira is planning to end her own life But she has to put it on hold when her old police colleague and ex lover Gertz persuades her to attend a developing situation at the local radio station Jan May has taken several people hostage and is threatening to kill them unless Leonie is found He's on air and has told the audience that he will phone a member of the public at random each hour – if they answer with the correct slogan a hostage will be released but if they don't then one will be killed Ira will have to negotiate with him on air and he's only prepared to talk to her if she's willing to tell him about her daughter's death and the situation becomes even tense when Ira discovers that one of the hostages is her other daughter KittyI loved the half narrated half dramatised format of Fitzek's previous audiobook The Child though I was less enamoured with the actual story so I was keen to listen to this one And my reaction is pretty similar The idea of having a cast of top actors to perform the dialogue while still retaining the unabridged nature of the book by having a narrator for the in between bits is great – a real advance in thriller type audiobooks I think As in the last one Robert Glenister is the narrator and he does an excellent job Jan May is played by the wonderful Adrian Lester possibly best known for his role in Hustle but a very fine stage actor too and he gives a good performance here I wasn't so enamoured by Natascha McElhone as Ira partly because her rather clipped and “actor y” accent grated on me but also her role didn't give her the opportunity to show us any emotions other than misery and despair which can become a little tedious after the first six hours or so Rafe Spall Peter Firth and Brendan Coyle each perform well as the three main supporting characters The use of sound effects during the dramatised parts and the snips of weirdly discordant music to divide the chapters add a lot to the overall effect making it feel like a drama serial than a novelBut – you knew there was a but coming didn't you? the story is far fetched and relies too much on coincidence I found it impossible after a while to keep my incredulity in check I wondered if in this particular case the audio format maybe didn't work as well as reading would have – I felt it might have been a fast paced page turner on paper possibly leaving the reader no time to think about the unlikeliness of some of the events or to work out the various twists But I'm a very slow listener to audiobooks sometimes as little as fifteen minutes at a time and I found that stopped me from getting swept up in the action and also allowed me to work out the big twist at about halfway through the book removing a lot of the tension from the second half While The Child grabbed me and made me listen for longer chunks doing that 'just one chapter' thing this one didn't have the same effect However much of that is a subjective criticism – someone who normally listens in longer blocks might well find the action carries them alongSo overall loved the format enjoyed most of the performances and really hope that Audible do books in this way in the future But in the end the story is the most important thing and unfortunately it didn't grab me uite as much as I'd hoped 3½ stars for me so rounded upwwwfictionfanblogwordpresscom

  3. Paul Paul says:

    Recently I wanted to try something different when it comes to audiobooks and was in the mood for a mysterythriller I was poking around on audible and saw that they did radio drama presentations These have a full cast and there are sound effects in the audiobook Amok by Sebastian Fitzek was the book that jumped out at me as having great reviews and a synopsis that sounded interesting A man decides to take people at a radio station hostage because he believes his fiance is still alive even though the police has told him she is dead Now he is trying to get answers by taking hostage people at this radio station and playing a deadly game live on the air Ira Samin woke up this morning with no intention of being alive by the end of the day but then she gets called into work to negotiate this hostage situation This is a mystery thriller with many moments of great reveals and a presentation that creates nail biting tension I really liked this a lot I was really close to giving this a 5 rating because I enjoyed it so much I decided to only give it a 4 for now and maybe revisit the idea of upgrading it in the future I did this because I am not sure if the actual book is worthy of a 5 or if the presentation really added that much I just loved the presentation of this book All of the vocal actors were so good and the sounds were mixed so well Never was the background noise powerful than the narrator The small pauses during tense scenes than likely at chapter breaks was used so great The music added during these scenes added so much to the atmosphere One thing to note is that I had to listen to this on 1x because the experience was much better than way So if you are an audiobook listener that listens to audiobooks fast you might have to slow down for this one and that could annoy you Fitzek does a great job of delivering answers in a slow and methodical way I find that the best thrillers have the best pacing and this one was paced tremendously I really felt like I was just listening to a movie being played on my television I thought this was the perfect book to do an audio presentation of because of the radio element in the storyline I really want to try Fitzek books and see if this is just a one off If he delivers in other books this German author might be my new favorite thriller writer Looking forward to giving him another try If you want to try something a little different in presentation check out this drama presentation of Amok I think this is the type of thing that can really work for some readers but not so much for others I do think it is worth checking out the free sample and maybe even spending a random audible credit on I am so happy I gave this one a try as it is one of my favorite listens of the year so far 451725 Possible ScorePlot 4StrongCharacters 3GoodSetting 3GoodWriting Style and Narration 4StrongHeart Mind Aspect 3Good

  4. Lily S. Lily S. says:

    I'd give 3 starsThis book by Fitzek has been sitting on my shelf since 2011 It was time to get to it and I was in the mood for a good psychological thriller for the end of the yearThe premise is very interesting especially for people enjoying hostage situations like myself A man occupies a radio station holds hostages demanding to know where his fiance is In every hour he calls a random number threatening to kill someone if the person doesn't answer with the right slogan A troubled psychologist is called to resolve the situation but soon it becomes clear that the nothing is as it seems to beIndeed things get complicated Fitzek adds many interesting subplots but maybe this time he tried to put in too many things without giving them enough space to evolve While it's easy to follow and interesting the short chapters and the uick shifts in the POVs make it somewhat annoying to read parts of the book Things happen very uickly some scenes and characters could be developed to grant a complete reading experience Another big problem for me was that towards the end the plot twists were too grandiose making the final outcome hard to believe but not entirely impossible and the end had too many cliche linesDespite the numerous weaknesses it's still a very enjoyable book with an interesting plot

  5. DanNa Dana DanNa Dana says:

    I've thoroughly enjoyed this book The Audible original drama of this book was just sensational The suspense was palpable

  6. Julia Graf Julia Graf says:

    I listened to this as the full cast audiobook version and it was sooo good Probably one of the best if not THE best audiobook production I've ever listened to I wish all audiobooks were this enjoyable Highly recommend

  7. MoMo MoMo says:

    review coming soon on wwwmomobookdiarycom

  8. Elisa Elisa says:

    45 stars ⭐️

  9. Olga Olga says:

    45 stars rounded to 5

  10. Ginger Price Ginger Price says:

    Mmk truth this book is insanely melodramatic and sensationalist and there were too many deus ex machina moments to make this a super successful narrative but I've got to admit that I was hooked like in the guilty pleasure trash magazine reading while eating chocolate kind of way Listening to the recording of this novel made my commute to work much enjoyable for a week or so I think that my interest was in large part due to the fact that the audio recording to which I listened was comprised of a whole cast so it's not like there's only person reading all of the different voices Cast recordings are the greatest thing ever So not only was I NOT listening to a man with a naturally low voice do that weird airy breathing when he speaks like a woman but the cast members were all actually very talented and their portrayals can you call them that when you're really only hearing them? were pretty believable So no this isn't the greatest novel in the world but yes it was entertaining Just a little heads up though there's a ton of language and uite a bit of sexual content

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