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The Red Fairy Book ❮Reading❯ ➻ The Red Fairy Book ➳ Author Andrew Lang – This bold and eclectic anthology opens with the story of 'The Twelve Dancing Princesses' who each night row across the lake with their captured princes and closes with a timeless epic of war and heroi This bold and eclectic anthology opens with the story of 'The Twelve Dancing Princesses' who each night row across the lake with their captured princes and closes with a timeless epic of war and heroism 'The Story of Sigurd' taken from William Morris's version of The Volsunga Saga In between are morality tales The Red MOBI :º and animal fables chilling ghost stories tongue in cheek romances classics like 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and 'Rapunzel' little known stories such as 'The True History of Little Goldenhood' which offers a twist on the traditional Red Riding Hood storyThe beautifully detailed drawings by Niroot Puttapipat adorning this volume recall the very best of classic fairy tale illustrations Whether handsome princes beautiful maidens or hens laying golden eggs the magic of each is perfectly evokedClassic stories included in this collection 'The Twelve Dancing Princesses'; 'The Princess Mayblossom'; 'Soria Moria Castle'; 'The Death of Koshchei the Deathless'; 'The Black Thief and Knight of the Glen'; 'The Master Thief'; 'Brother and Sister'; 'Princess Rosette'; 'The Enchanted Pig'; 'The Norka'; 'Jack and the Beanstalk'; 'The Little Good Mouse'; 'Graciosa and Percinet'; 'The Three Princesses of Whiteland'; 'The Voice of Death'; 'The Six Sillies'; 'Kari Woodengown'; 'Drakestail'; 'The Ratcatcher'; 'The True History of Little Golden Hood'; 'The Golden Branch'; 'The Three Dwarfs'; 'Dapplegrim'; 'The Twelve Brothers'; 'Rapunzel'; 'The Nettle Spinner'; 'Farmer Weatherbeard'; 'Mother Holle'; 'Minnikin'; 'Bushy Bride'; 'Snowdrop'; 'The Golden Goose'; 'The Seven Foals'; 'The Marvellous Musicians'; 'The Story of Sigurd'; 'The Enchanted Canary'; 'The Wonderful Birch'.

About the Author: Andrew Lang

Andrew Gabriel Lang was a prolific Scots man of letters He was a poet novelist and literary critic and a contributor to anthropology He now is best known as a collector of folk and fairy talesThe Young Scholar and JournalistAndrew Gabriel Lang grew up in Selkirk in the Scottish Borders the son of The Red MOBI :º the town clerk and the eldest of eight children The wild and beautiful landscape of his childh.

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  1. Batgrl (Book Data Kept Elsewhere) Batgrl (Book Data Kept Elsewhere) says:

    I read several of Lang's Fairy Books when I was little and I can remember seeing a whole set of the various colored books on a bookstore shelf and wishing that I could have them all Buying them all was expensive and I never remembered to try the library and look them up However now all of them are free ebooks Handy thing that Free Gutenberg ebook link for this oneOne thing I've always loved about fairy tales is that when an odd being comes to you repeatedly in a dream it's perfectly ok to listen to them and do whatever they say It's not at all a sign that you're perhaps going insane or taking too much insert whatever might cause people to hallucinate here Also people don't often get burned at the stake for witchcraft in fairy tales which you'd think would happen uite a bit given the history of people's reaction to magical type happeningsRandom ponderings about the stories and there are spoilers so bewareThe Twelve Dancing Princesses one of my favorites That the hero is a cow boy and not a cow herder makes it hard for me not to giggle Having always had Texans in the family my brain translates cowboy with a certain mental image Except that everyone calls him Star Gazer which my brain feels is very 1960s Psychedelia ish Hero is a cow boy yet also feels dismissive of the village girls The fact was he thought them very ugly with their sun burnt necks their great red hands their coarse petticoats and their wooden shoes He had heard that somewhere in the world there were girls whose necks were white and whose hands were small who were always dressed in the finest silks and laces and were called princesses and while his companions round the fire saw nothing in the flames but common everyday fancies he dreamed that he had the happiness to marry a princessSo while he's been out communing with the herd all day and probably getting a sun burnt neck he's somehow learned to become a snob and take up weird concepts of beauty that should be foreign to him Odd kid How is it that the daughters are Princesses but their father is a Duke? Must be a localthing Hero invisible hides himself under a bed and thus can see nothing of the princesses changing into their ball gowns Uh huh like I believe that of a boy who's just been granted the power to become invisible SuspiciousMichael could see nothing from his hiding place but he could hear everything and he listened to the princesses laughing and jumping with pleasureSorry I don't believe he could hear them jumping Moving around maybe but jumping is awfully specific Something tells me we don't get to hear how these boys ended up at the magic castleWhen the cock crowed the third time the fiddles stopped and a delicious supper was served by negro boys Sending people to the tower For this was the way that in old times beautiful princesses got rid of people who knew too much from which we learn that princess aren't nice Yet another example Wait whenhow did the cow boy learn how to dance? It's never mentioned and then suddenly once he's dressed up is able to dance gracefully So this is a scene worth than one sentence The rest of the princes fell likewise at the knees of the princesses each of whom chose a husband and raised him to her sideThat's 50 guys falling at the feet of 11 women because hero gets the 12th That took a lot of sorting out I'll bet Hmmm 5011 455 so some of the sisters didn't get an even amount of suitors Fairy tales and math problems why didn't my teachers try that? Enchanted castle crumbles to the ground presumably with the negro boy pages inside??? Definitely do not remember this from the version I read as a kid Hero's wife the princess has him tell her how he discovered the secret and once he does she has him chop down the laurel trees that helped him Again princesses aren't niceThe Princess Mayblossom Multiple nurse deaths Lock a girl in a tower and do not be surprised when she falls in love with an ambassador This is also what happens if ambassadors dress too wellSoria Moria Castle Sitting at home in the fireplace ashes grubbing in them is actually a way to job hunt because then sea captains will appear offering jobs This is a first not only does our hero kill the evil giant trolls he stays afterwards to clean up the dead body before moving on to the next killing Which is really considerate Seriously I can't remember another story where the hero stops to clean upThe Death Of Koshchei The Deathless In some stories guardians of girls are insanely picky over whom they are allowed to marry Meanwhile in this story the brother allows his sisters to marry birds Who turn into men InterestingThe Black Thief and Knight of the Glen I've heard the word henwife but for some reason imagine the scene she's in as the ueen having a discussion with a giant chicken A fixed card game Scheherazade strategyThe Master Thief The exclamation Hutetu is used here as in some of the other tales All I can find out about it is that it's old Norse Odd moments in costumingSo he dressed himself up like a bird and threw a great white sheet over himself; broke off a goose's wings and set them on his back; and in this attire climbed into a great maple tree which stood in the Priest's gardenAnd then he tells the priest that he's an angel Because the Master Thief is that good at practical jokes Dead body theftBrother And Sister Cruel stepmother is a witch in disguise Beware of talking water Where did this girl get a golden garter no mention that they're royals Don't let someone lock you into a bathroom Problem is they'll pick a moment when you're weak like when you've just given birth Witch burned at the stake so it does happen sometimesPrincess Rosette Two princes go off in search of the King of the Peacocks and leave their sister who has been raised in a tower away from the world to rule the kingdom And none of the ministers said wait um stop for a minute and let's think about this ???? I have now learned that the Kingdom of the Cockchafer is really all about the may beetle Or may bug mitchamador billy witch or spang beetle Fairy tales teaching you about entomology when you least expect it Phoenix feathers are a great thing to stuff mattress with as they will always float upon water And you never know when that might be helpful I still feel this would have been a better story if we'd just been told where the princess found her green dogThe Enchanted Pig oddly not listed in the contents If anyone is ever told don't golook into room X you know someone will golook into it Also there's rarely ever a reason NOT to tell them why they shouldn't check that room out especially if there's somethingsomeone dangerous inside view spoilerInside this room? A book hide spoiler

  2. Hiba Arrame Hiba Arrame says:

    Another one from the colored fairy books gone ten leftThe stories are so enjoyable especially as an audiobook

  3. Alice Alice says:

    This was a suggested reading book for the Charlotte Mason curriculum we are using It is a collection of fairy tales and there are other books by the same author such as The Blue Fairy Book What I liked there were many fairy tales that I had never heard of and it was fun to read the new stories Another element that I liked was that it didn't dumb down the stories for children or take out the sad or scary parts I don't like the disney type stories that infantilize children by always creating a happy ending or leaving out everything that might possibly be scary A few examples from this book trolls with nine heads cutting off limbs blood etc What I didn't like about the book was that all the fair maidens were described as astonishingly beautiful the most pretty etc etc And the evil stepmothers were always ugly I just really dislike the emphasis on outward appearances Not sure if I'll read it to my kids yet Or maybe I'll read it to them and sneakily omit the parts about looks

  4. Abby Hagler Abby Hagler says:

    Red Fairy Book Mixtape1 Summer Nights Marianne Faithful2 The Trouble I've Been Looking For Magnetic Fields3 Satin in a Coffin Modest Mouse4 Swinging London Magnetic Fields5 Don't Deconstruct Rilo Kiley6 Piano Fire Sparklehorse7 The Sun Goes Down and the World Goes Dancing Magnetic Fields8 Empassant The Black Lips9 Suit Yourself Shout Out Louds10 Bones of a Man Chad Van Gaalen11 Don't Take My Sunshine Away Sparklehorse12 Fill Your Heart David Bowie13 The Wait Pretenders14 The Ballad of a Lady Man Sleater Kinney15 Let the Cool Goddess Rust Away Clap Your Hands Say Yeah16 Cards uarters Local Natives17 Apple Bed Sparklehorse18 Shape Shifter Local Natives19 Runaway The National20 Stop the Show Built to Spill

  5. Sam Sam says:

    There's no telling what you'll read in these very imaginative and uite violent tales; pig men polygamy fratricide and racism are woven throughout with no action response or plot point too ridiculous or extreme The moral of these stories are that all stepmothers are evil dark or ugly is bad and white and beautiful is good And should these things become confused no worries fairies will set them straight Oh and check twice to see if the woman in your bed is really your wife“So the lazy girl came home all covered with pitch and when the old hen on the top of the wall saw her it called out ‘Click clock clack Our dirty slut’s come back’ But the pitch remained sticking to her and never as long as she lived could it be got off” Grimm

  6. Elinor Loredan Elinor Loredan says:

    FavoritesPrincess MayblossomThe Enchanted PigPrincess RosetteGraciosa and Percinet this one especially So magicalThe Golden BranchThe Nettle SpinnerThe Enchanted CanaryBushy Bride

  7. LobsterQuadrille LobsterQuadrille says:

    It almost goes without saying that The Red Fairy Book is another enchanting installment of Andrew Lang's Fairy Book collection Being one of the earlier books it features illustrations not only of the excellent HJ Ford but of another artist named Lancelot Speed I enjoyed Speed's drawings; they always looked elegant with sumptuous detail But they tended to be much less faithful to the stories than Ford's pictures For example Speed's illustrations in the story Farmer Weatherbeard his picture of one of the long nosed old women instead depicts her as young and stately completely contradicting Lang's descriptions Otherwise this book was just as enjoyable as the others of the series These are the stories that I would like to re read sometime The Twelve Dancing Princesses The Princess Mayblossom The Black Thief and the Knight of the Glen Princess Rosette The Enchanted Pigvery similar to East of the Sun West of the Moon The Voice of Death The Six Sillies Drakestail The Ratcatcher The True History of Little Golden Hood The Golden Branch The Enchanted Canary The Nettle Spinner Mother Holle The Golden Goose

  8. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    I actually liked this a little bit better than the first one

  9. Jennifer Girard Jennifer Girard says:

    25Again no surprise here exactly what to expect I liked to see some of the older version of my favorite fairy tales Some are boring and most are repetitive

  10. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    I think I like my fairy tales in smaller doses this book felt MUCH longer to me than the page numbers would indicate Part of it was that lots were so similar there were so many stories with a beautiful kind sister and an ugly mean sister Or with handsome mean brothers and a plain kind brother hmmm And there were many trolls with increasingly many heads that had to be killed That said it was fun seeing some of the classics in a original form

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