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Rescued by the Rake [Read] ➲ Rescued by the Rake ➮ Bess Greenfield – Librarian's Note this is an alternate cover edition ASIN B00VKZFD1U No longer available Librarian's Note this is an alternate cover edition ASIN BVKZFDU No longer available.

About the Author: Bess Greenfield

Originally from Pittsburgh Bess Greenfield graduated from Cornell University and University of Pittsburgh School of Law After a succession of jobs cocktail waitress receptionist journalist lawyer she finally came to the realization that her true calling was writing historical romance A lifelong fan of romance novels she began compiling material by traveling extensively and independently.

6 thoughts on “Rescued by the Rake

  1. Jenny Q Jenny Q says:

    I loved Bess Greenfield's historical romance debut The Count's Last Mistress and so I couldn't wait to read the follow up Rescued by the Rake takes place many years later and features Claudine the daughter of that book's hero and heroine Jeanne and Olivier and Leo the son of Jeanne's best friend whom we also met in the first book It is not necessary to read The Count's Last Mistress first though I recommend it if you get the chanceOur story begins with Claudine trying to escape a scandal and her parents' disappointment by singing for a living in a seedy Paris cabaret She never expects her childhood crush whom no one has seen in years to find her and offer her a new chance at life in America Leo doesn't recognize the little girl who used to follow him around like a puppy; he only sees a potential star for his new theater Drawn by her combination of innocence and sexuality he determines to conduct himself as a gentleman and take the naive girl under his wing protecting her from harm while helping her find her way to fame and fortune But his determination doesn't last long in the face of their mutual attraction and close uarters As the lines between business and pleasure blur love blossoms but they are both keeping secrets Leo still doesn't know who Claudine really is or why she's running away nor does he know about her mission to find her stepbrother And Claudine doesn't know what forced Leo to run away himself or if a man of his reputation can be trusted with her heart But they'll have to figure it out fast because those secrets are about to be exposed with deadly conseuencesUnfortunately there were several issues that kept me from enjoying this story as much as I wanted to Though she does have redeeming ualities most notably her love for and determination to find her missing stepbrother Claudine is a little naive than I like my heroines to be and she makes some infuriating decisions I also grew a little weary of her repeatedly placing herself in dangerous situations with lecherous men Leo on the other hand is uite sharp and intriguing and I found his backstory fascinating though I did think his affection for Claudine came on too uickly to be believable given his history And I also grew frustrated with the author's habit of starting scenes by picking up after something happened and explaining it in hindsight rather than letting the reader experience it firsthand This type of storytelling didn't make the best use of the dual point of view structure and didn't allow me to experience the story as intimately as I'd have liked And finally I had really been looking forward to the setting of this story New York City in the late nineteenth century and I was surprised to discover that a large portion of the novel takes place on board ship crossing the Atlantic I really enjoyed the depiction of luxury traveling at sea but we don't get as much description of life in New York as I'd hoped and after the rich lushly depicted atmosphere of Paris in the first book I missed that ambianceIt's entirely possible that my expectations for this novel were too high based on how much I enjoyed The Count's Last Mistress and if I hadn't read that book first I might not have felt as underwhelmed by this one It's still a good story with plenty of action and romance and a diverse cast of supporting characters and the movement of the story from Paris to ocean liner to New York with time spent in entertainment halls should appeal to readers looking for a change of scenery I still think Bess Greenfield is a historical romance author to watch but I'll be hoping for a little oomph from her next novel This review was originally published to Romantic Historical Reviews

  2. Cathleen Cathleen says:

    The title comes true than once It was frustrating that the heroine didn't learn from her mistakes This story is heavy on sexuality be it innuendo rape or consensual sex It left me feeling grossThe setting was neat The ending ended in an odd spot for me but promised happinessMature content

  3. Angela Withrow TheArdentReader Angela Withrow TheArdentReader says:

    48 stars I received a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review Claudine is on her own and must fend for herself Through no fault of her own she has to run She has no choice in the matter and must now take care of herself She had no idea how hard life actually was with no money and no one to protect her She learns pretty uickly that she has no one to lean on besides herselfLeonardo is a ghost from her past Why now? Why after all these years has he shown up again And why does he not even recognize her? Why did he disappear so long ago and what terrible things has he been doing? There must be a good reason why he left but she can't think of any reason good enough for him to abandon his family and his education Well she will take what she can get and a new life in America sounds good right now Leo has made himself over as a businessman and he needs acts for his new showThe adventure that ensues is a wonderful romp through the hells of the Cabaret and the upper class who love to indulge You never know who to trust until you are sure you can't Claudine finds out pretty uickly that no one is trustworthy except maybe Leo and even then she is not sure She can't trust him with her real identity He knows her parents very wellThis author is new to me but I have an appreciation for great writing Her characters have spunk and vivacity that is welcome The fact that she writes of the lower classes is a draw as well I always like to delve into what things were really like back then for every class not just the upper classClaudine is the type of Heroine that we all wish we were Strong to a point but not overly so A softer side shows through as well Leonardo is a man's man Tough and handsome able to live his life in any way he sees fit until he falls for a beautiful singer Then he becomes instantly protective Not a bad thing in my bookThe wit the characters show tells me that they are real peopleThe villains and there are a few are very unlikeable One or 2 of them I would have loved to kick really hard where it matters LOLThe end was a little abrupt I wanted to know what happened to a couple of the other characters but maybe the writer will tell their story in another book

  4. April April says:

    Previously titled Instant SensationBook 2 in the Valencourtseries but can be read as a stand alone A new author to me A turn of the 20th century Paris and New York tale and what a tale Witty dialog intrigue passion the Cabaret the lower classes the upper classes who love to indulge trust betrayal secrets finding love and romance makes this an intriguing tale A uniue tale with many facets of life people and love The heroine was very unsure of herself in the beginning but by the end of the story had found her place The hero had been terribly wronged in the past which led him down a different path in lifeThe cast of characters are realistic believable endearing and engaging There are than one villains in this tale which is uniue in itselfYou will smile frown and cry as you learn the details of the past of these intriguing characters Oh then there are the times you want to kick butt as well Intriguing and intriguing I hope fans of Ms Greenfield learn on some of the characters including the villains in later stories The ending was a but abrupt ending very uickly but still gave the reader a satisfying ending Fans of 20th century history the Cabaret Paris and New York will enjoy Rescued by the Rake Well done A satisfying and enjoyable readReceived for an honest review from the authorCross posted on My Book Addiction ReviewsRating 4Heat rating MildReviewed by AprilR courtesy of My Book Addiction and More

  5. Jackie Jackie says:

    Claudine fears she has shamed her parents That is why she finds herself performing in a shady dance hall That is when Leo sees her Unbeknownst to him he knows her Claudine fears he will go to her parents but when she realizes he has no clue who she is and offers her a job in America she jumps at it While on the journey to America Leo begins to see Claudine as than just an employee As they grow closer and their relationship changes can Leo accept her deception and help her or will it all fall apart due to stubbornness?This was uite the entertaining book I liked that it spanned the ocean and brought the culture of the times and two different cities into light It was also nice seeing Leo and Claudine’s relationship grow and change I also liked the elements of the seedier parts of life in that time shown a light on Bess Greenfield managed to weave a wonderful story that brought history to life and sprinkled it with romance Overall if you are a historical romance fan you will highly enjoy this book with its interesting characters set in a fantastic background

  6. Dbr Dbr says:

    Just like in her first novel Greenfield's writing is sharp witty and vivid Again her depictions are detailed and faithful to the time period this time turn of 20th century Paris and New York The main character couldn't be of a change though Instead of a headstrong tempestuous heroine like in The Count's Last Mistress Claudine in Instant Sensation is thoughtful and unsure so much like me It is all the satisfying to watch her grow into her own skin and sexuality with the love support and romantic attentions what attention of Leonardo Thanks to the author for such a fun steamy read

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