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The Mages of Bennamore (Brightmoon, #3) ❤ The Mages of Bennamore (Brightmoon, #3) pdf ⚣ Author Pauline M. Ross – A fragile peace A clash of magic A woman with secretsFen’s used to hiding away in her coastal town keeping her past and her magic far from prying eyes But the aftermath of the brief war with Benna p A fragile peace A clash of magic A woman with secretsFen’s used to hiding away in her coastal town keeping her past and her magic far from prying eyes But the aftermath of the brief war with Benna pits her against a different kind of magic and throws her uiet life into turmoil threatening to expose all her secretsMal’s job as The Mages eBook ´ guard to the mages of Benna has always been frankly a bit dull but that was before they were sent to bring magic to the resentful coastal folk Before he knows it he finds himself in the middle of riots disappearances and thievery And then there’s the infuriatingly snooty Fen a woman he’d love to tameThe two will have to overcome their mutual dislike and join forces to untangle the dragon’s nest of deceit around them or else their countries will be plunged back into disastrous war.

9 thoughts on “The Mages of Bennamore (Brightmoon, #3)

  1. J.R. J.R. says:

    Pauline M Ross is a master at creating multidimensional characters that you will be rooting for as you dive into her intelligent and highly creative plots This book was a page turner that uickly evaporated any respect I had for the next day as I stayed up later and later to find out what happened nextThe main character Fen is middle aged heartbroken and has left her life on hold because of a fruitless dream And yet she is also highly intelligent and strangely endearing She has secrets that have secrets and as the plot unfolds she must reveal them all The magic system of this world that Ross is building in her Bright Moon Annals just keeps getting better Here the Mages of Benna call their magic connections and some of them may surprise you with the reach of their gifts There are ruins and mysteries added to this world and I can't wait to see where these mysteries will lead Ross in her next installmentThe first person narrative is well done and pulls you slowly further into the mind of the main character as she admits and of her own reasons to herself The action was perfectly paced and gripping The side characters are well written and the romance threads itself throughout the book as the backbone of the storyI would recommend this to anyone looking for an intelligent main character and complex plot Highly recommendedI was given an ARC copy of this story in exchange for an honest review

  2. M.A. Clarke M.A. Clarke says:

    This third story in the series follows another set of characters in a new corner of the Brightmoon world While it can be enjoyed by new readers the subtle references to the previous stories works as a pleasant reward for loyal readers returning to Pauline M Ross's fantasy worldFen uickly became my favourite protagonist of the series by feeling very much like a real person She doesn't have any magical abilities at least until she meets the titular mages and her skeptical personality makes her relatable and easy to like As the mysteries and drama unfolds I found myself drawn into the story and uite keen to know how it would all end While I found the pace of the final third to be a little slow everything comes to a satisfying conclusionIf you're after an elegantly written fantasy romp sprinkled with a good dose of romance then I'd find The Mages of Benna and both previous stories easy to recommend

  3. Kayla Bashe Kayla Bashe says:

    I really really liked the premise of this book However I couldn't really get a feel for the main character's personality even though it was in first person Interesting events happened around her but I couldn't get much of a feel for her reactions or emotional state The plot took a while to get started but it was uite fast paced in a good way when it occurred It was political while still being suspenseful and interesting Still I felt the narrative voice was somewhat detached than I'm used to

  4. Kyra Halland Kyra Halland says:

    Another intelligent engaging tale from Ms Ross's Brightmoon Annals Prickly secretive Fen is facing middle age without family friends status or security in the rigidly ordered Holdings when her employer commits socially correct suicide after his fleet sinks Badly in need of new employment Fen a Recorder something like a secretary and business manager accepts a job with the new mages in town sent from conuering Benna to grace the people of the Holdings with their magic A mage sent to another city disappears and Fen's employers along with her and the guard with whom she finds her life unexpectedly entangled go to find out what happened to the missing mage The resulting political tangle exposes Fen's own secrets and forces her to finally at the age of 40 confront what she really wants out of lifeI always appreciate stories about mature characters as opposed to coming of age stories so I enjoyed reading about Fen's midlife crisis and her unexpected unwelcome romance us old folks can fall in love too The political plotline didn't engage me as much mostly because I didn't feel like Fen had any really significant personal stakes in how it all played out other than that it would be bad for her country and people in general For me the main story was Fen coming to terms with her past her abilities her desires and herself I enjoyed this very much even when I wanted to give Fen a good shaking and yell at her for being all gaga eyed over the wrong guy Still the intrigue is intriguing and the action is exciting and I couldn't put the book down Highly recommended if you like intelligent original fantasy with a hefty dose of romance and characters who've already experienced a good bit of living

  5. Wanda Wanda says:

    Fast paced and psychologically tantalizing Intriguing twists and turns throughout the book causing the characters to continually to reveal of their intriguing and often colorful histories Highly uniuemain character who often appears as a complex enigma Highly recommend this book to other readers The Mages of Benna has the same highly creative flare that I found when reading The Fire Mages also written by Pauline M Ross Very gifted writing style that I find both refreshing and fascinating

  6. Emma Emma says:

    Book 3 of the Brightmoon series and we finally get a small sense of the connection between the books This takes place almost immediately after the events in book 2 and in a region mentioned in that book At the end of that book Benna has forced a treaty on the coastal holdings in the south and is sending mages there Book 3 starts in one of those holdings The FMC is Fen and she goes to work for a pair of mages and their retinue This includes Mal one of their guards This book has one of my favourite tropes view spoiler Marriage of convenience In order for Mal to do his duties as a guard he must marry a local and Fen is chosen hide spoiler

  7. Tressia Avellar Tressia Avellar says:

    First loves not always good choicesNormally this would not be my first choice of reading but I do occasionally enjoy a good fae or fantasy type book so this one looked interesting It did not disappoint and kept me entertained and nearly glued to my book till it was completely read A very well put together story with a few twists I did not expect Very well done

  8. Betsi OHara Betsi OHara says:

    This is such a good book I enjoyed every second of it Pauline Ross is an author who captures your heart at the first sentence and holds it until the story is finished This book must is a must read for anyone who loves a really great story

  9. Glenda Glenda says:

    Couldn't put it downI was swept away by this book I read book one they three at one sitting I was unable to put this book down You are immersed in the action and are able to relate with the characters I highly recommend this series to everyone

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