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  • 06 October 2015

8 thoughts on “Meduson

  1. Liam Tondeur Liam Tondeur says:

    The book adds to other short stories or ties in with a few of the recent novels in the series It was a good look at the Iron Hands legion post Istvaan and enforces my idea that they are largely total dicksSome good offerings from giants like Abnett and McNeill Annandale makes another go at it but makes the mistake of using the wrong name near the end of his tale I think he originally wrote it for his Atticus characterWraight follows up on his Torgul Khan character from Scars which was welcomeHayley's two stories link with one another but the book left too long a gap between the two for me to click instantly that this was the caseFrench delves deeper into the technology banned by Ferrus which briefly made an appearance in another short storyI've seen it said that this book is tailored solely for those who follow the Iron Hands but I will disagree; this is a must for anyone who is interested in the Horus Heresy lore I would welcome Legion themed anthologies in the future Overall this was a very strong series of short stories yet it is a shame that anthologies is mainly what is coming out in the 201415 Black Library release schedule I think we're about due another epic Horus Heresy novel of 'Know No Fear' proportions

  2. Dylan Murphy Dylan Murphy says:

    Meduson by Dan AbnettHot damn I might have to go out on a limb and say that is one of my favourite stories by Dan Abnett to date For the first time we get to see the real Shadrak Meduson and how he came to be such a prominent figure in the post Istvaan Iron Hands and boy does he not disappoint The whole story was phenomenal getting to see a good chunk of the Iron Hands and how they reacted to the Massacre was awesome as I feel that Dan Abnett did a pretty damn good job of showing it The internal conflicts of the once Legion was extremely well done as well as the conflict with their shattered brothers of the Raven Guard and the Salamanders I wish we got to see a little of them but it was a story focused on Meduson and he was fucking awesomeI felt he was a little overpowered when it came to his fighting of the Terminator as is characteristic of Dan Abnett’s main characters and one of the reasons I am not a die hard fan of his work I mean a terminator by itself if a terrifying monster of unstoppable power and couple that with a warrior who is renowned even outside of his legion for his power and brutality and then he gets one clumsy strike in that misses and gets instant killed by a standard marinealbeit one that has A LOT of experience I still felt that that last battle should have been a little harderdrawn out Maybe the Terminator should have killed a few loyalists and taken considerable damage first or Meduson shouldn’t have won so single handedlyeasily Now my review feels lopsided but well Ill finish with I LOVED the story a solid 55 for the atmosphere and the actual story as well as most of the action Incidentally the whole loyalist vs traitors was much even than it has been in some other stories which was a breath of fresh air Damn good stuff Mr Abnett55Unforged by Guy HaleyUnforged was phenomenal capturing the utter depression and chaos of Istvaan post Massacre Guy Haley did an amazing job of building the characters and their situation in a short time and the twist at the end was perfect Well done Mr Haley55Immortal Duty by Nick KymeImmortal Duty was a damn good read but there were a few things that bugged me about On the positive side the action was awesome The Iron Hands didn’t feel like they were instantly “better” just because they were the focus of the story and the main character had a definite personality from the get go that I really enjoyed This also added some much needed culture and Force organization ? to the Iron Hands The MC is a member of the Meduson Immortals ie The Iron Hands siegebreacher suads It showed how they were members taken from across the clans which so far have all felt the exact same to me because they have erred in some way They are given a new name and a boarding shield and expected to go on suicide missions until they die a glorious death While the Iron Hands are still a dreadfully boring Legion for me this short did them justice I don’t think “The Flesh is Weak” was mentioned once and the talk of their augmentations was kept to a minimum and just a side note On the negative side I felt like it was slightly clumsily written Random mini flash backs to the world where the MC was deemed to have erred and nothing really came of it He met by extreme coincidence which did bug me a bit the World Eater he had become “Sword Brothers” with I feel like that could have been done better instead of a random 6 paragraph flash back scattered throughout the action I guess it feels like it broke the flow of the storyAll in all a cracking read by Nick Kyme definitely a nice addition to the anthology despite a few things I personally didn’t like45Grey Talon by Chris WraightGrey Talon was a fantastic short story that takes place after the 28th Horus Heresy novel “Scars” and focuses on an Iron Hands Legionary and a group of penitent White Scars Hibou Khan was the main character of the Scars and he was a fantastic character to read about yet again seeing his story play out some was awesome The whole philosophy and mindset of the White Scars brushing up against the unyielding methodical character of the Iron Hands was great The action was intense and made for a fun read getting to see the White Scars fight with a legionary who has complete opposite ideas about fighting and war The arrival of our title hero was great as well Can’t wait to see what Chris Wraight does next Hopefully some White Scars goodness55The Keys of Hel by John FrenchThe Keys of Hel follows an older short story titled “Riven” which I thought was of a one shot piece of fiction but here we areThe story was extremely well written showing the confusion and madness of the Keys of Hel and also what that group of ex Iron Hands? Have been up to since Riven The action was awesome but the political conflict was much greater when a group of Iron Hands found our characters cursed by the Keys of Hel and what followed I do hope we get to see those guys again and see how their story ends It is also worth noting that they never completely explain what the Keys of Hel are or how they work but that overall isn’t much of a problem as “dark forbidden technology” pretty much covers it Still a damn good read45Deeds Endure by Gav ThorpeI can’t really say that I was a huge fan of this short story While it certainly had its’ moments the characters just didn’t feel right and with the main source of conflict being ideological between allies it left a lot to be desired The Iron Hands were taken at the very basic “Always angryThe Flesh is Weak” while the Salamanders were TOO worried about the collateral damage to possibly still loyalpossibly already traitor citizens of the ImperiumGoing back to the Iron Hands the “Spearhead Centurion” Kratoz I think was going in too many different directions or the author didn’t know what he wanted to do with him He would go from pointing his ships guns at the Salamanders whom he vastly out numbered to worrying over the fact that they didn’t eat the food he had set out for them? It was just Weird He didn’t have that unbendable stubbornness that almost all Iron Hands had And the Salamanders were off too being willing to die and destroy armour built by their Primarch than the kill citizens of unknown allegiance? I know that the Salamanders are the most humanist of the Legions but still there has to be a point to where even they’ll say “Yeah maybe we shouldn’t destroy priceless armour that our dead father left us to MAYBE save these relatively few normal people are MAYBE still loyal” So needless to elaborate further I didn’t really like the characters I mean they were definitely straight out of their respective legions in some ways and just way off in others The end was phenomal though and not in the sarcastic “The story ended” kind of way Getting to see the Salamanders take on a vastly superior army and make a last stand was awesome As well as the twist involving the Iron Hands Really damn good stuff ther35Noose by David AnnandaleThe Noose was an awesome story that follows on a little bit from The Damnation of Pythos and boy was it an action packed story I wish the Emperor’s Children had done a little better or won as they are my favourite Legion but it was still a damn good story I like seeing that the Iron Hands are evolving alongside the Raven Guard and Salamanders as that hasn’t been actually SHOWN much in the Horus Heresy despite the Shattered Legions being a large focus of a lot of fiction Overall a damn good story45Unspoken by Guy HaleyI wish they had either put this story directly after “Unforged” or turned Unforged and Unspoken into a single story as Unspoken is a direct seuel storythough from a different perspecitve The story was awesome and we get to see what happens to our few surviving characters from Unforged and how they are adjusting to the new War and what not The main character of this one was interesting shocked into silence and tryingand failing to come to terms with what has happened was nice I also really liked that the Shattered Legions CHANGED The Iron Hands weren’t the same Iron Hands they had been in Promethean Sun and Feat of Ironaside from that they seem to think about Ferrus Manus’ death a lot but we don’t see it affect them too terribly much Here we see some real change in a sizable faction of the Iron Hands which was nice Though we have seen it before in some stories I just think that it isn’t as present in all of the Shattered Legion fiction Such as the Raven Guard or Salamanders don’t really change and are almost never the real focus It’s almost always the Iron Hands and I’m glad we got the see some of our friendly neighborhood Nocturnians’ in this anthology455The Either by Graham McNeillHot damn but it must have been a little while since I have read any of Graham McNeill’s Heresy stuffAt least it feels like it has been a while because that was one damn good story Following Shadrak Meduson’s arch nemesispersonified I suppose here we get to see Tybalt Marr on of my absolute favourite Sons of Horus rejoin his Legion and the events that ensue The story was great the action and suspense were insanely fun The plotting and then seeing the big man himself was great In terms of the Son of Horus this takes place shortly before Vengeful Spirit but it was still phenomenal and I really can’t wait to see where this goes Definitely my favourite story of the anthology though there were tons of great ones I might be the only one but I am really hoping for a Sons of Horus based limited edition soon as they are the namesake of the series and we haven’t seen one yet 55

  3. Andrey Nalyotov Andrey Nalyotov says:

    One of the best HH anthologies of late Especially considering it consists of all new stories Some of them are great some so so but in general it was a good read half a year ago

  4. Abhinav Abhinav says:

    You can read the full review over at my blog I’ve no doubt mentioned before the story of the Horus Heresy is one of great tragedy of dreams shattered of brotherhoods sundered of oaths broken of horrors unleashed The greatest of these horrors was the Dropsite Massacre on the world of Istvaan V where the loyal legions of the Warmaster Horus ambushed and nearly wiped out three legions loyal to the Emperor That event unleashed the greatest tragedy of the Heresy when brother fought brother when brother killed brother In the wake of such a cataclysmic event how the Imperial legions survived to take their revenge and even prosper and adapt is one of the greatest highlights of the eraMeduson is an anthology that continues the tale of the so called Shattered Legions the Iron Hands Salamanders and Raven Guard We begin with a great introduction to the titular character Shadrak Meduson a line captain of the Iron Hands and continue on from there as several characters from across the Iron Hands are shown to evolve to accommodate changing circumstances or fall in failure and even delves into some of what the traitors are doing It is a decent anthology featuring some of the Horus Heresy series’ best writers and there are some true gems here that lay the foundation for what follows onThe first short story in the anthology is Meduson by Dan Abnett in which he introduces us to Shadrak Meduson a captain of the Iron Hands who reforges the remnants of his Legion post Dropsite Massacre into a fearsome guerilla force that causes havoc for the traitor Legions It is a rather endearing story as we see how Meduson fights the Legion’s lethargy and compromises in judgement intending to create something better that is worthy of their dead Primarch’s memory What I liked most about the short story was not the actions of the titular character but his ruminations on his past We learn that the Iron Hands were called the Storm Walkers before Ferrus Manus was found that they were led by an honourable warrior by the name of Amadeus DuCaine of some of the history of the Storm Walkers before the Great Crusade was even launched That was truly a treat as far I’m concernedThe main story was no less entertaining but at times I felt that Dan Abnett was rushing through the plot to get to the ending and establish Meduson as the new leader of the Tenth Too much happens in a short time frame and it mostly comes across as Dan Abnett just going through the motions which is a little disheartening Still he ends the story on a really awesome note and definitely lays down the seeds of Meduson’s name becoming a byword for vengeance as the Heresy progresses from Istvaan V to beyond itRating 7510The second story is Unforged by Guy Haley and it is a micro short However it is no less emotionally moving for that Set in the grim aftermath of the Dropsite Massacre it follows a small suad of Salamanders as they fight to survive against the traitor forces Unforged is short and to the point leaving with you a sick feeling in your stomach by the end as you get to a very heart breaking ending It makes one weep to see how far the Legions have fallen the sense of betrayal all consuming blinding one to any and all realities that are beyond their understanding This was pretty excellentRating 910Nick Kyme’s Immortal Duty is next and it is an interesting one We follow Legionary Gallikus of the Iron Hands one of the Legion’s Immortals who have “erred” in some way and are formed into a small independent force of warriors who have to atone for their mistakes It was a very different take to the Iron Hands than I’m used to and I think that was rather intentional on Nick’s part because it forces you outside of your comfort zone It is partly a flashback story as Gallikus recounts an old event a shared combat zone with the World Eaters and that certainly had me sticking through the end in one sittingThe writing can be erratic here as the switch between the present and the past is a little confusing I suppose that part of the tension there is because of the first person narrative that Nick uses but for all that the action scenes are really good and the twist at the end of the story is one hell of a twist by any measure Another heart twisting moment of sorts and definitely a redemption of some of the story’s negativesRating 7510Fourth in line in the anthology is John French’s The Keys of Hel which I thought was a rather innovative story and deals with some of the concepts of the Tenth Legion that have largely gone unexplored in the series so far Namely what kind of advanced biomechanical technology the Legion is privy to This is another first person narrative and the entire story revolves around what the Keys of Hel are and whether they will be the salvation of the Tenth in these desperate times or that which hastens their degradation Knowing how fatalistic and stubborn the Iron Hands become down the long millennia you could say that the conclusion is obvious but John nevertheless writes an interesting tale that really holds your interest all the way to the endOnce again the ending is not a good one for it is a tragedy writ small in the larger scheme of things as the Legion comes into conflict with itself over how to prosecute its war for vengeance and meaning in the aftermath of Ferrus Manus’ death The Iron Hands are like leaves in the wind and desperately craving some insight to gain meaning into what their lives have become and could be and were Really fascinatingRating 8510

  5. Bryan Moreton Bryan Moreton says:

    An enjoyable series of short stories focused on Shadrak Meduson and the Shattered legions in the wake of Istavan Interesting background information on the shattered legions but it doesn't move the story forward I would recommend for Iron Hands and Salamanders players particularly

  6. Joanne Joanne says:

    Only read title story do far Reading it in Shattered legions

  7. 75338 75338 says:

    Don't bother Unless you're a die hard fan of Iron Hands or just HAVE to read everything Horus Heresy It's advertised as a Dan Abnett title but he just has one middling meh story that's all about dragging this HH cash cow out for as long as possible with as many characters as possible The rest is standard BL anthology huh what's happening with who wait nevermind it's over story format If that's your thing great get this If not stay away from this and the BL pay ahead of time for stuff that we know won't sell otherwise deal that I was a sucker for

  8. Daniel McGill Daniel McGill says:

    Mostly previously published shorts though some which had previously been audio only plus the titular novella Mostly pretty good stuff but it's all been published again in Shattered Legions so don't pick this one up if you don't already have it

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Meduson❮KINDLE❯ ✿ Meduson Author Dan Abnett – A Horus Heresy anthologyTen tales of the Tenth and their Shattered Legions allies bring the brutal guerilla war to life as the Sons of Horus hunt the leader of the insurgency – the infamous Shadrak A Horus Heresy anthologyTen tales of the Tenth and their Shattered Legions allies bring the brutal guerilla war to life as the Sons of Horus hunt the leader of the insurgency – the infamous Shadrak MedusonDriven almost to the brink of self destruction by the death of Ferrus Manus the Iron Hands now seek vengeance for the many horrors of Isstvan V Gathering survivors from the Raven Guard and the Salamanders aboard any vessels capable of warp travel they wage a new campaign of annihilation against the traitor forces across the galaxy a campaign masterminded by legendary warleader Shadrak MedusonContents Meduson by Dan Abnett Unforged and Unspoken by Guy Haley Immortal Duty by Nick Kyme Grey Talon and Hand Elect by Chris Wraight The Keys of Hel by John French The Noose by David Annandale Deeds Endure by Gav Thorpe The Either by Graham McNeill These stories are presented in script formatAfter a year of being exclusive to Warhammer World now everyone can read these tales of the Shattered Legions by some of Black Library's top authors And if that wasn't exciting enough there's a brand new tale by Chris Wraight.