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  1. John G. John G. says:

    This is the best book I've read about starting a brewery and I've read a few of them I had forgotten about Samuel Adams as being a major part of the craft beer movement I found this book in the business section of the used book store and that's where it belongs I like Jim Koch's philosophy about business and his attitude toward labor and career fulfillment This is a guy I'd like to work for and have a beer with I've never read a beer book that had recommendations about other books to check out and not just about beer but about life and philosophy and how to think critically and to go against the grain Truly enjoyed this book and it makes me want to go drink a Sam Adams beer

  2. Jim Serger Jim Serger says:

    Whatever you do don't uench someone else's thirst uench your own Jim KochIf you are looking for a go for it storyRead this book; Passion heart fear of failure success teamwork growth potential dreams vision and the craft of loving your employeesthen this is a must read See where your vision can take you and others when the pursuit of money is secondary to the pursuit of perusing your dreams Sam Adams it's a household name

  3. Adam Adam says:

    Sober 8 plus years plus never even drank beer but was intrigued by the brand loyalty I've seen people have to Sam Adams This book inspired me to buy a share wish I would have read this book sooner My brain and bank would have thanked me People don't get much cooler then Jim 👂 Picked up these takeaways ⤵️Every problem has a solutionI didn't want to go where the river was taking meMost risks aren't really riskyIt's possible to listen and not hearWe only think we know what we know The cash register tells the truth 2 rules of successful companies according to a study by Harvard business reviewFirst rule you succeed by adding value rather than reducing costsThe second there are no other rulesI'll get paid to take risk I get paid to make profitIt wakes up my palate It's a taste experienceYour brain is no smarter than your gut what you need bothNothing kills a good product faster than bad marketingThe main thing is to keep the main thing the main thingIs that a nice to have or a need to have ?I make my money when I buy the goods Sometimes the obvious answer is the obvious answerYou don't climb a mountain to get to the middleI know these types the jugular is their second favorite TargetTake the giant turds in strideI was willing to offload work to other peopleIf the company is growing 60% a year your job is also crying 60% a year and you probably don't have 60% timeYou need to get rid of 60% of your job each yearScarcity spawns inventionIf your not the lead dog the scenery never changes There's no pretending about uality Failures let you see yourself in a new wayDon't risk what you have to get what you don't needThe leader is never tired or depressedAlways raise the averageNever hire someone unless they raised the averageWell meaning hard working peopleSome things just suck and don't stop suckingMy role as founder is to weave in and out everywhereIt usually takes a different person to run a company then it did to start it Showing a sure hand Some action is better then no action If the sun is shining lookout for an avalancheThese things can be hideously dangerousSucceed anywayThe people who benefit from your success the success are likely to have

  4. Aaron Nichols Aaron Nichols says:

    Two of my favorite topics beer and business An incredibly interesting book as Jim Koch shares stories from along his journey as he went from a startup to one of the largest businesses in the craft beer market I couldn't put this book down

  5. David Cancel David Cancel says:

    Turned into one of my favorite business biographies of the year

  6. Nate Solberg Nate Solberg says:

    Terrific book I’m a fan of business books anyway and much of what I read here of Jim Koch’s experiences rang true for me As I read I counted a number of lessons that had me thinking “Hey I could use this with my team” Aside from the pragmatic and practical this book also did for me what I think a good business book should do it made me wonder if what I’m doing is enough or is there something ? I don’t know that answer but I appreciated the inspiration to ask the uestion Jim Koch is a story teller and he he uses that talent to great effect His personal stories illuminate his lessons and turn them into great reading A bonus I can’t help but hear Jim’s distinctive voice as I read them and that really made me want to open a cold bottle of Sam Adams and settle in for a great night of reading Well done Jim

  7. Anandh Sundar Anandh Sundar says:

    Some lessons from this Trappings of a big companySupport systems offices are often clutter and can be avoided that said in a SAAS era this may no longer be true and run risks Travel lighter analogy Good to havemust hv MBA schools offer many courses on marketing but NONE on sellingthis is seen as 'passe' but you are often your first salesman since distributors won't be that Markets don't exist what exists are flesh and blood customers real oppurtunity is understanding outliers as thats where people usually ignore activity Hiring a person reduces productivitytime consume of colleagues reporting manager and staff So hire only when you really need to

  8. Trung Trinh Trung Trinh says:

    MASHING Combine milled grain with hot water and you get a thick mixture—a “mash”—that resembles porridge Heating this mash will break down complex carbohydrates into simpler sugars The sugars will later be turned into alcohol during the fermentation process The “magic” of brewing thus doesn’t just happen; you need to create the right conditions first by making just the right mash BOILING AND COOLING Once you have created a sweet mash you separate the liuid from the grain and leave the grain behind This liuid the “wort” is then pumped to the brew kettle where it is mixed with hops and brought to a boil to bring together the ingredients You send it through a whirlpool to remove the spent hops and coagulated proteins from the malt Then you cool it The cooling is vital because if the liuid is too hot yeast will die Like a company in the process of starting up wort is simple potential The flavors of the finished beer have not yet formed and you have no idea whether what you’re making will be worth drinking But you can’t wait to find out FERMENTING When the wort is cool add the yeast Give these tiny organisms time to break down the sugars in the wort into carbon dioxide and alcohol Fermentation is magical and mysterious just like the growth of a start up We may understand about strategy operations finance or sales but who ultimately knows by what alchemy a successful company is made? MATURATION When the fermentation is finished you might be tempted to take a sip Not so fast; the beer still isn’t ready It needs to sit for a period of time—from a few days to a few months—and be kept cool This “conditioning” phase allows for the deep rich flavors to develop Patience is a virtue in brewing and in business too If you stay in the game and give your business time to mature you’ll find that the reward is far beyond what you ever anticipated PACKAGING Cans bottles kegs—there are many ways to present the finished beer to drinkers The key is to do it in such a way as to protect what you’ve brewed holding the ravages of time at bay for at least a little while until the beer can be enjoyed To preserve a company you’ve built you must develop new processes to do what you’ve always done but to do it even better And you must stay forever close to the spirit and love that got you started in the first placeI love watching it come out of the tap I love the thick muffled sound of the liuid cascading into the glass There’s this alchemy of physics chemistry and mathematics—the dynamics of bubbles and aromas As I look at the glass I notice a slight veil like haze in the liuid comprised of proteins from the malt The color is amber with overtones of golds and reds almost like looking into a candle flame The aroma is slightly floral sometimes a dab of red fruit like cherry or raspberry That first sip wakes up my palate leading to a three or four second parade of the body and sweetness from the malt followed by spiciness and nuanced bitterness from the hops—not sweet like white sugar but like caramel biscuit toffee with just a slight roasted note And then that noble hop aroma and taste with pine grapefruit and softer fruits like orange and tangerine followed by a lingering bitterness at the end that brewers call the “hop signature” of beerThe difference between marketing and sales is the difference between masturbation and sex” I think I heard a couple of gasps Good I wanted people’s attention So I kept going “One you can do all by yourself in a dark room and fool yourself into thinking you’re accomplishing something The other reuires real human skills and all the fury and muck and mire of real human to human contactOn String TheoryThe waste became a habit and part of the group culture On the other hand when I didn’t pass out enough string people in my group used it much carefully They even picked up pieces of string left behind by earlier groups and tied them together They devised new solutions to minimize their use of string and best of all they shared string with others so that no one had too much or too little This taught me that culture and values can substitute for money and resources And a small company with great culture and values can beat much bigger companies that are flush with money and resources It’s the strength of the weakEven today when people come to me proposing new initiatives or capital investments I always ask “Is that a ‘nice to have’ or a ‘need to have’?” Competing against gigantic companies we don’t have the luxury of carrying “nice to haves” Nor can we afford the distraction that comes with excess spending Extra offices departments euipment personnel All these eat up resources and prevent people from paying attention to the aspects of our business that really do add value When was the last time you looked for something at home and had trouble finding it because you had too much other stuff in the way? The same thing happens at companies“You don’t understand my business I have the best prices and expensive rent but I still make money than my competition Young man I don’t make my money when I sell the goods I make my profit when I buy the goods That seventy five cents is my profit”

  9. Ryan Hayes Ryan Hayes says:

    Don't procrastinate by playing company go out and get the sales

  10. Joe Joe says:

    Full disclosure I'm not a fan of business books or memoirs I read this book as part of the 2019 Read Harder Challenge I needed to read a business book and enjoy the fine alcoholic beverages made by Boston Brewing Company so I figured I'd pick up Jim Koch's book Aside from an enjoyment of craft beer I found it very hard get engaged with this book I did really enjoy learning the history of the Brewing Company Yet I found most of the business advice to be uite pandering and not very inspiring A lot of the business advice offered in this book seems like either common sense or tips anyone could garner from a short google search I liked the beer centered metaphors connecting business ideals and beer brewing at the beginning of each section but found most of the other metaphors rather clumsy and forced It's also hard to feel inspired by Jim Koch's experience Yes it's great that he started a successful brewery and spearheaded the craft beer movement Yet the guy went to Harvard choosing to drop out of a grad program to lead wilderness hikes then worked for a consulting firm whose clientele included millionaires and fortune 500 companies Even before starting his company the guy had hobnobbed with senators and celebrities Given his opportunities Mr Koch would have lived a successful life even if his company had failed His journey to successful founder and early CEO of a major company doesn't seem like it relates well to the majority of people who would be interested in starting a small business of their ownHis enthusiasm for his craft leaps from the page and makes me want to drink beer But his experience with and the advice he gives on business leave a lot to be desired If you love craft beer then I highly recommend this book If you're looking for advice to start your own business there are assuredly better books on that subject than this one out there

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uench Your Own Thirst ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☃ uench Your Own Thirst Author Jim Koch – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Founder of The Boston Beer Company brewer of Samuel Adams Boston Lager and a key catalyst of the American craft beer revolution Jim Koch offers his uniue perspective when it comes to business beer and Founder of The Boston Beer Company brewer of Samuel Adams Boston Lager and a key catalyst of the American craft beer revolution Jim Koch offers his uniue uench Your PDF/EPUB or perspective when it comes to business beer and turning your passion into a successful company or careerIn it looked like an unwinnable David and Goliath struggle one guy against the mammoth American beer industry When others scoffed at Jim Koch’s plan to leave his consulting job and start a brewery that would challenge American palates he chose a nineteenth century family recipe and launched Samuel Adams Now one of America’s leading craft breweries Samuel Adams has redefined the way Americans think about beer and helped spur a craft beer revolutionIn uench Your Own Thirst Koch offers unprecedented insights into the whirlwind ride from scrappy start up to thriving public company His innovative business model and refreshingly frank stories offer counterintuitive lessons that you can apply to business and to lifeKoch covers everything from finding your own Yoda to his theory on how a piece of string can teach you the most important lesson you’ll ever learn about business He also has surprising advice on sales marketing hiring and company culture Koch’s anecdotes uirky musings and bits of wisdom go far beyond brewing A fun engaging guide for building a career or launching a successful business based on your passions uench Your Own Thirst is the key to the ultimate dream being successful while doing what you love.