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The Skeleton in the Closet [PDF] ✅ The Skeleton in the Closet ✈ M.C. Beaton – A Fellworth Dolphin MysteryEver since the death of his father poor Fellworth Dolphin has slaved away as a waiter to support his miserly cold hearted mother When his mother suddenly dies Fellworth is s A Fellworth Dolphin MysteryEver since the death of in the Kindle Ñ his father poor Fellworth Dolphin has slaved away as a waiter to support his miserly cold hearted mother When his mother suddenly dies Fellworth is shocked to discover that she has left him a sizable inheritance confused Fell teams up with Maggie a plain girl with a similar background to investigate the source of the riches But what they find is a closet full The Skeleton PDF/EPUB ² of skeletons Is it really possible Fell's father was involved in a long ago train robbery Who's the mysterious woman in the portrait hidden in his mother's wardrobe As Maggie and Fell poke around the village for answers they find themselves on a surprise filled path to danger and adventure and just possibly love But Fell's sudden good fortune could come to an abrupt end if he doesn't stay one step ahead of Skeleton in the ePUB ´ a cunning killer.

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  1. Charlotte Smith Charlotte Smith says:

    This book started of slow got to so many chapters and it picked up I so wanted to get it read to see what happens The chapters were a bit on the long side though

  2. Ed Ed says:

    This trim little mystery is set in England The two protagonists are a couple who're made for each other although their romance progresses in its own deliberative way Some of the secondary characters are amusing Aunt Agatha and I liked the setting

  3. Amina Amina says:

    2 starsOnce again I was fooled by the titleFell was a waiter at the Palace Hotel his parents prevented him from going to university because he had to get a job and earn them a living When they passed away the loyer tells him about his huge inheritance Fell was furious and really mad at his parents While searching in his mother's wardrobe he found a photoalbum but no pictures of him when young only one with a couple standing in front of a manor with the name Fellworth his name The evening of the funeral a stranger comes to his house and threatens him asking for his dad's share after a robery Adding the two discoveries Fell starts looking for who he really is and how come his parents had such a huge amount of moneyIt wasn't really a mystery at least not my kind of mystery The behaviour of Maggie drove me mad I hate the self pitying girls who beat themselves up for a dude and do anything for him even if he's first choice blind and can't see it seriously the two characters ruined it all for me even with the happy ending it was infuriating

  4. Redreedreads Redreedreads says:

    Light humorous mystery you can read in a day

  5. Gerry Gerry says:

    Fellworth Dolphin had had a miserable childhood and after the death of his father his miserly mother had him working as a waiter to support her But when she died suddenly Fell found himself in possession of a small fortuneHe wonders how such an mount of money had been amassed and befriends a somewhat plain work colleague Maggie Partlett who attempts to assist him to find out where the money had originally come from There follows plenty of intrigue with Fell worrying particularly that his father may have been involved in a train robbery when he worked on the railway In addition he could not find any photographs of his childhood that is until he uncovers an old album with some unusual photographs within its coversThe pair begin to investigate and their investigations lead them into danger at every turn And underneath it all Fell is troubled by his feelings for Maggie; did he really love her or was he simply using her? The relationship runs through the whole book and there is undoubtedly a simmering underlying romance in prospect even though Fell at one point falls for an older woman who tries to get money from him to support her businessThe police get involved once they discover that Fell and Maggie are looking into the train robbery and then become even committed to the search for the truth when a dead body is discovered Meanwhile Fell is very nearly drowned as the action becomes even fast and furious And even the superintendent Dunwiddy comments 'Nothing major happens in this town for years and then you pair start poking around in an old crime and all hell breaks loose' And it sure doesBut eventually the truth is out Fell discovers his roots realises how the robbery had been committed and finally settles down very comfortably with Maggie; a very happy ending and a very pleasant and exciting read along the way

  6. The Flooze The Flooze says:

    An engaging brisk stand alone that embodies most of what I enjoy about Beaton's writingFell and Maggie are an odd pair Both have been trampled by life finding solace in reading and chatting over fictional adventures Little did they ever think they'd be involved in their own mystery investigationMaggie is the likable of the two blessed with far common sense than the naive Fell His imagination fuels the story while her calm observations keep things grounded and fill in the blanksThe mystery is years old and is as much about Fell's upbringing as it is an old train robbery Details of both are revealed at a uick pace with the tension further enhanced by several dangerous encounters Having just read a cozy mystery riddled with unnecessary recaps I found myself particularly appreciative of Beaton's straightforward style The wrap up was very satisfying incorporating a resolution to the crimes as well as a What Are They Doing Now for Maggie and Fell We leave them in an upbeat state enjoying the sedate adventures they've carved out for themselves in their new lives

  7. Tria Tria says:

    It's not often a book bores me stiff nor that I give up before finishing it It's also very uncommon for me to buy an Audible book and return it thankfully they allow this; if print bookshops did so I would probably have done it a time or two as well; instead I just pass those on via BookMooch Unfortunately this one was an exception to all three of these categories The narration was OK adeuate I suppose but not sparkling but nowhere near sufficient to redeem a very unoriginal tale told poorly mostly from the third person limited perspective of a main character whom I could never grow to like in spite of enduring two thirds of the book before I gave up on it The most frustrating part about this book isn't so much the unoriginality of the plot I know from having read many of her Regency romance novels that Beaton has the capacity to tell a story well in a way that has the potential of redeeming a thin boring or trope ridden plot The frustration for me lies mainly in the fact that in this case not only is the story told in a dull often irritating way with very little originality of plot when I know Beaton can do better than this but it's also told by a character yet another one of this author's creations who has been endowed with a very daft name—Fellworth Dolphin—with an origin story of unnecessary complexity with whom the author has clearly sympathised themselves or at least tried to make sympathetic to the eye of the reader who comes over as not only extremely unsympathetic but with a central trait of being profoundly self centredI'm sure we were supposed to be rooting for Fell to solve the mystery not much of a mystery and get the girl but I just wanted said young woman to tell him to stop sit down shut up and think about something other than himself for five minutes at a stretch He wasn't even the only character who annoyed me Beaton's leading lady Maggie did plenty of that herself in her total lack of consistency of character Not to mention that totally unnecessary love triangle with ulterior motives that was such a blatant poor uality plot device to create tension in the relationship for which we were supposed to be cheering I wasn't I kept wanting to sit Maggie down and tell her she could do better and that she shouldn't need to cake herself with make up to do itJust No If you want a mystery laced into a romance try Georgette Heyer but don't even bother with this book It's not remotely up to snuff and the narration can't redeem a turkey this bad If I could give it zero stars I would have The narration gets one the story doesn't get anything

  8. Patrick Patrick says:

    Back in June I decided to read 100 books by Labor Day a modest goal I have shattered to bitsA large percentage of these titles have been by MC Beaton who has two series detectives Hamish Macbeth and Agatha Raisin and a few stand alonesI really enjoy the Macbeths though they are formulaic Agatha Raisin is a little harder to get into; she's kind of a jerkThis one involves a youngish man — a waiter an virgin and a man who has never left his small London exurb — and whose life goes topsy turvy when his parents die and he learns he is richAlong the way we have ancient train robberies police skulduggeries evil beauty shop owners obnoxious journos and lots of redecoratingThis is fun and breezy A perfect way to while away a couple of hours

  9. Louise Louise says:

    I've read a few MCBeaon books before and whilst not exactly a challenge they have always been amusingnot so sure about this one I began to wonder half way through as to the simplicity of the style if it was in fact a kids bookthere was no depth to the characters they seemed to just go about having crazyawfulscary things happen and just drift through it all stopping for tea and food at appropriate intervalsthere was no mystery at all re train robberydull book

  10. Bettie Bettie says:

    34914minsDescription Fellworth Dolphin 38 finds out his miserly dominating late parents hid a fortune in the bank and in cash Fell teams up with plain waitress Maggie to investigate an unsolved 1977 train robbery his father may have committed and the aristocratic home he is named after Someone tries to murder them Will they find love or death?

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