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  1. Fabian Fabian says:

    Ok so I did not read this in French and therefore am afraid that a bunch of the wit got lost in translation There is enough however despite the full on mastery of a language in this whimsical play that is universal here to still feel relevant It's so impressively relevant in fact some 400 years after it was written that I suffered chills and better yet muffled many laughs Moliere must be the Oscar Wilde of his country or is it the other way around? Indeed the structure of this very astute play incorporate what I've observed in Wilde's creations smart asses heavy issues belittled or underplayed in a light matter ubermemorable situations un serious allegory overdone farceThe Bourgeois Gentleman is like that dumb Emperor from The Emperor's New Clothes He's a buffoon and everyone including the reader laugh wholeheartedly at his constant utter retardationIt is a fun read which uestions whether the bourgeois are really all that

  2. Anne Anne says:

    The best thing about this book was that we read it aloud as a class while I was studying in a castle in the Czech Republic It was a rainy day during the Five Petaled Rose Festival and we were all in Renaissance costume seated around the table in the study centre each reading out a role There were uite a few acting students in that class and overall people got really into it which the experience so much enjoyable The play itself is very humorous and fun but that experience just made it a lot better and therefore I have very good memories associated with Le bourgeois gentilhomme and it deserves a good rating

  3. TS TS says:

    fun fact when you go to a French middle school your drama class doesn't consist of shakespearean plays but of French comedic plays about rich old cis straight white men making complete fools of themselves for prestige and social status it's a Fun Time™

  4. Sofia& Sofia& says:

    I hate my French class but this was actually really funny Only complaints are that the Turkish plot line is lowkey racist I get that this was written in the 151600s and the French were really fascinated by how foreign and “different” the Turks were with their turbans and what not and the drawings are SO BAD Please publisher commission a new artist or something but these pictures are the worst that I’ve ever seen It’s such an ugly art style Besides that this is a really fun French play that’s a good one to read for beginners

  5. David Sarkies David Sarkies says:

    A farcical attempt to climb the social ladder31 May 2013 This is a play about a middle class merchant whose goal in life is to become a member of the aristocracy and he tries many things including arranging his daughter's marriage to achieve that goal In a way this desire is almost an obsession and his friends take advantage of this by playing a joke on him they pretend to be members of the Turkish court and bestow him with the title of Paladin The desire to better oneself socially and to raise oneself up the social ladder as been with us since time began and while we no longer have the aristocracy we do have an elite ruling class of which many people desire to be a part In a way it is a middle class phenomena with somebody not happy with the fortunate lot they have in life and desiring and doing whatever they can to get there In some cases such as this play there are rather comic results but in other places such as The Great Gatsby the results are disasterous The desire to be a member of the aristocracy is purely a social desire People of the middle class tend to have their luxuries I know I have while not having ridiculous amounts of wealth The wealth is only a part of it the desire is to be noticed among the people that matter and to be looked at with envy by those who do not I can't say that I have necessarily interacted to a large extent with the ruling elite of my society though in the corporate world they do come and go and they do throw parties for us I have sipped champagne at the races in a maruis with high profile lawyers and have hated it I have also sat on buses travelling through the fashionable streets in Naples and have felt a depression come over me that I would never be wealthy enough to shop there yet not realising that there are many people here in Australia that will never have a chance of going on a bus ride through Naples I have spoken to people who drive expensive cars and have even been in them and an envy rises up inside of me until I realise that I don't actually want to spend money that I don't need to on a car that I don't want Okay some of these cars are really nice but others of them are simply horrible Somebody once proclaimed that they had spent 70 000 on a new BMW and I resisted the temptation to reply with 'well that'll teach you' or 'I guess you won't be doing that again in a hurry' Buying expensive things and going to expensive places is all about status and looking good however when the money runs out we discover that these idols desert us just like all the others When I was in Milan our travel agent had booked us at a five star hotel and I thought it was simply way over the top To me huge marble foyers and chandeliers don't make me feel important but rather take resources away from people who need them For instance when we went to breakfast I saw a smorgasbord of food and a handful of people eating it and I said to myself 'is that all going to waste' My brother looked at all the food and then did what he always does poured himself a bowl of cornflakes Mind you the only thing I like about diamonds is that people will pay ridiculous amounts of money for them and they are a good store of value However the catch is that they don't pay any interest therefore you have no income stream

  6. Realini Realini says:

    Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme by MoliereLe Bourgeois Gentilhomme is a funny play or is it a farce?I laughed and enjoyed the sarcasmOn the other hand there are some features of the poor Bourgeois Gentilhomme that made me pity him and even at times empathise with himHe is ridiculous vain false and his values and judgements change from moment to moment depending on who is presenting him alternatives if this point of view is argued by a „noble” then that’s the way it should beHe goes as far as to be shaved in an age of plenty of chevelure if not real at least from a large whig He is mocked in the name of a Turkish ritualBut there are still some traits of Le Bourgeois that should be celebrated instead of laughed at His desire to learn philosophy music and dance is laudable although the satire seems to paint an image of a man who is so stupid that we come to resent everything he doesWe laugh when Jourdain learns about prose and poetry He did not know that for the last twenty years he had been makingprose He is enticed by the philosophy professor when they are talking about vowels It is hillarious to hear them practice theThe fact that Jourdain is unpolite and sometimes rude to his wife and servants doesn’t help to make him likeable but like Maugham was saying sometimes it is interesting to see positive traits where they are most unexpected when we deal with villains and outlawsThen I feel compassion when I see how badly hurt Jourdain is In a comedy things like that have to happen especially in slap comedy and Le Bourgeois feels like such a genre of humor at timesAt other moments I felt i was reading Vanity Fair Various characters take advantage mock or laugh at Jourdain but in my eyes they do not come off so much better than the negative heroToday we have Jourdains everywhere in politics where they pretend they are noble and have the purest aspirations but then thy are dragged off to jail for corruptionI ride a bike through town and I notice how invisible I’ve become Drivers of fancy and cheap jalopy cars alike feel they pass a fly a bee when they speed past me With the traffic jams we have it is uite often the opposite but still the feeling of superiority for having the means to burn gas own lots of metal and plastic be able to throw someone off the road seem to make themaristocrats Jourdains of the streetwwwrealiniblogspotro

  7. Ben Ben says:

    A comedy ballet and issues concerning a man who wants to live above his station very similar in these two regards to Molière's shorter play from two years earlier George Dandin Like so many of Molière's leading characters we are situated to view M Jourdain the title character of this play The Bourgeois Gentleman or sometimes translated as The Would Be Gentleman as a fool a caricature obsessed with social standing similar to Dandin but clearly so in this work This bourgeois shopkeeper wants badly to be recognized as a member of the aristocracy but he is extremely superficial wanting to be a part of this class by image and reputation only He is duped by artists seeking his patronage seeks to enhance his knowledge by the help of a philosopher who teaches him only the movements the mouth makes when saying letters of the alphabet and the difference between prose and verse as Jourdain is unconcerned with any deeper issues such as logic or moral philosophy finding them too tedious If George Dandin was an unsympathetic fool M Jourdain is a complete jackass and it is at his expense that we laugh throughout This play like many of Molière's is also very interesting in terms of its socio economic historical value concerned at least partly with the growing economic power of the bourgeoisie versus the high social status of the nobility we find this in Dandin as well something explored in several of the playwright's works and an issue that would be taken up by many great French writers for centuries to come By the time of Proust 250 years later or so this latter group still captivated the imaginations of great writers but their world had all but faded away

  8. Sara Aouichi Sara Aouichi says:

    this was an alright read ^^

  9. Olivia C Olivia C says:

    Funny I read it in French which was kind of cool but it was abridged and I’m not a huge fan of abridged versions A lil bit sexist but this is Molière so I don’t really care Good for french class

  10. Karen Karen says:

    This play is about 350 years old and yet it feels contemporary especially these day in the US

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