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Bears and Eagles ➟ Bears and Eagles free download ➤ Author R.P. Wollbaum – The British and Russian empires are at their apex Germany has just formed her confederation and is vying for prominence America has recovered from her civil war and is expanding her reach A younger so The British and Russian empires are at their apex Germany has just formed her confederation and is vying for prominence America has recovered from her civil war and is expanding her reach A younger son of a minor landholder is allowed to join his Cossack band for the first time and is just hoping to survive the campaign return home buy a farm and start a family Fate has other ideas and he soon finds himself thrust into world events he never knew existed Bartered from one sovereign to another for a favour and Bears and MOBI :º thrust into a life he never had never dreamed of A chance meeting on a lonely back country road propels him on a life's journey meeting the love of his life and finding out that little is as it seems.

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  1. Tony Parsons Tony Parsons says:

    The Cossacks Captain Vacilly Ivanovitch Beresan Free Riders 3rd Imperial Army Sergeant Andreas Bekenbaum 25 Andy Johann Bekenbaum brother Kurt Karl were wreaking havoc on the Turkish soldiers There were also the Russian prisoners to deal with Major Halinov wanted to meet with Sergeant Peter Chimalovich USMCEffective immediately a huge promotion Major Andreas Bekenbaum Earl of Katherintal temporarily assigned to the Royal Horse Guards1st meeting with Marshal Molotov2nd meeting was with General Andropov about his obligation to the military politics religion his honor to Crown Prince Nicolas country Major Olynick US Army 1st Cavalry Major Rostov US Army 1st Cavalry Major Asmanov of the USMC Mr Remington New York Times had come to watch Major Andreas Hanrayovitch Bekenbaum Ataman Andreashost Earl of Katherintal District Cossacks train drill perform Major Rudy von Hoaedle King’s German Legion Cavalry Regiment was also observing Baroness Elizabeth Liz Halenczuk Gräfin Colonel Ataman Andreas Andy Bekenbaum son of Heinrich of Michael clan of Bekenbaum Graf later wed Training began out of 3000 1500 were left The Afghanistan Ira war had begunended with 1000 of casualties wounded injured Remington artist had lots of drawings as did the newspapers of the military force of both the Bears Eagles The awards ceremony commenced Everyone commissioned or noncommissioned in the Bears or Eagles units received some sort of distinguish accommodation medal What is the future of all the prominent families? I did not receive any type of compensation for reading reviewing this book While I receive free books from publishers authors I am under no obligation to write a positive review Only an honest one A very awesome book cover great font writing style A very well written Russian family generational true false historical War movie book It was very easy for me to readfollow from startfinish never a dull moment There were a few grammartypo errors rank but no repetitive or out of line seuence sentences Lots of exciting scenarios with several twiststurns a large set of uniue characters to keep track of This could also make another fantastic Russian War movie or mini TV series There is no doubt in my mind this is a very easy rating of 5 stars Thank you for the free Goodreads; Author; PDF book Tony Parsons MSW Washburn

  2. Don LaFountaine Don LaFountaine says:

    I really liked this book though if it was possible I would have rated it 3 12 starsSet in the later part of the 19th century the book follows the career of Andreas the younger son of a landholder Introduced in the beginning of the book as a sergeant of a troop of warriors fighting bandits his military success bring him to the attention of higher ups including Nicholas the Crown Prince of Russia Being noticed by such powerful people Andreas is promoted to Major and given land The caveat to this promotion is that he needs to raise an army of at least 1000 troop and be ready to leave at the end of the upcoming winter As he is preparing fate changes the course of his life as he finds his wife and falls in loveShortly after his honeymoon he is ready to leave his home and follow orders to go to Iran to fight bandits that are raiding the local villages After in depth training including training for the women that are wives of the leaders they start they journey to a rough and rugged landI enjoyed this book and that it was set in late 19th century The book starts up in a hurry as they are in a battle The reader gets to know and like the main character and though some of the side characters are not as developed the story was pretty fun to read I would recommend it to people who like fight and love stories

  3. Lindsey Lindsey says:

    This well written fascinating book was just what I was looking for Normally I'm not a big fan of historical fiction but after I heard a friend of mine going on and on about this book I knew I had to check it out Between the author's fantastic writing style and the uniue plot it's no surprise I finished this book in nearly a single sitting Overall I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read something truly interesting

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