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A Guerra dos Tronos ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☁ A Guerra dos Tronos Author Daniel Abraham – Buyprobolan50.co.uk A morte do rei Robert Baratheon e a prisão da Mão do Rei lorde Eddard Stark de Winterfell pôs as grandes casas de Westeros em guerra Em Winterfell o filho mais velho e herdeiro de Eddard Robb Stark A morte do rei Robert Baratheon e a prisão da Mão do Rei lorde Eddard Stark de Winterfell pôs as grandes casas de Westeros em guerra Em Winterfell o filho mais velho e herdeiro de Eddard Robb Stark reuniu um exército e está avançando para o Sul determinado a libertar seu pai No caminho ele se oferece para casar se com a filha do lorde Walder Frey em troca de uma vantagem militar ue lhe permita A Guerra PDF or capturar Jaime Lanniester poderosa moeda de troca para assegurar a libertação em segurança de lorde Eddard Mas uma coisa é capturar o Regicida e outra bem diferente é mantê lo capturadoEnuanto isso em Porto Real o jovem rei Joffrey tem ideias distintas de uma troca de prisioneiros Ignorando o conselho de sua mãe rainha Cersei ele incita o conflito e inicia uma conflagração ue tem tudo para consumir não apenas os Starks mas toda Westeros a menos ue Tyrion Lannister consiga trazer o jovem rei de volta à razãoAlém da Muralha perigos ainda maiores estão nascendo à medida ue um inverno tão brutal uanto nunca visto se aproxima trazendo consigo criaturas monstruosas Lá o bastardo de Eddard Jon Snow precisa decidir de uma vez por todas a uem é fielE do outro lado do Mar Estreito Daenerys Targaryen vai conhecer os limites do luto e imergir de suas profundezas transformada endurecida e pronta para reivindicar o ue é seu por direito o Trono de Ferro.

  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • A Guerra dos Tronos
  • Daniel Abraham
  • Portuguese
  • 20 September 2016

10 thoughts on “A Guerra dos Tronos

  1. Anne Anne says:

    There's just not much here to look at if you're in it for the art Again I'm not terribly disappointed since I went into it wanting a condensed version of the story and not a beautiful graphic novelThis was probably my favorite of the 4 volumes simply because there were so many BIG things that happened in this one I probably would have been uite surprised if this were my first time reading about all of it As it was I still had a lot of fun doing that Oh Yeaaaaah I remember that thing you do when you're memory is sketchy and you're looking at something you haven't seen in a few yearsI don't really have much to say about this one that I haven't already said about the other 3 volumes I enjoyed them and wish there were graphic novels for each book out The simplified plot worked well for me and while I'm sure there were loads of details and plot threads that got cut this would be my preferred method of enjoying this particular type of storyThe end

  2. Sean Barrs Sean Barrs says:

    The best thing about this series of graphic novels is that they adhere to the plot of the books rather than that of the television show However the show has clearly influenced a lot of the character art; this is not necessarily a bad thing but I’d have liked to see this published before the show’s construction That way we would get a original representation of certain characters I am glad that this is the final instalment of the graphic novels I love the books; I love and hate the television show but together they provide all of Martin’s universe that you need With this graphic novel it becomes a little overkill I do however believe that I would have enjoyed this series had I read it before I’d seen the television show Don’t get me wrong these graphic novels are very good but after reading the original novels and watching the show they feel unnecessary They are the poorest of the three representations and came when too late in the game By now these are tiresome They were fun when they first came out but the world has gone Game of Thrones mad at the moment The Artwork Overall the uality of the artwork is very high some of the scenery is very good in particular and I think Dany’s story is drawn well But some of the characters do follow the same body and face shape which makes them look like carbon copies of each other Rob Stark in this edition looks exactly like Ned Stark but with red hair which is very odd They even look the same age When Rob is on horseback with Cat they look like they could be a couple which is uite disturbing I liked the representation of Tyrion and Tyrin; the awkward relationship between father and son transferred well into this form and the artist impression of Shae was very nice Reading these graphic novels and The World of Ice and Fire has kept me sated whilst I patiently await A Winds of Winter But I do ardently hope that this last instalment of the graphic novels marks the last of the A Song of Ice and Fire side projects that have helped to put of the release of the one we’ve all been waiting for Surely this graphic novel is the last thing to be released by George RR Martin between now and A Winds of Winter Well one can hope

  3. Manisha Manisha says:

    Actual review 375I feel like the artwork has gotten clumsier with each edition The faces especially has this weird stretched look that is not the same from the first edition of this graphic novel series As I've mentioned before Abraham has done an admirable job in adapting the book into a graphic novel formatIt's not easy and I'm curious to see how the other books fare as the story gets infinitely complexAll in all I enjoyed going through one of my favourite stories in a different format It was entertaining

  4. Baba Baba says:

    I read the comic books #13 24 this volume and A Game of Thrones The Graphic Novel Volume Three from the death of a King to the start of the War Of Five Kings and a huge turning point in Daenerys life that will shake the world once it is known This is one of the finest periods of this great tale and uite a feat for a graphic novel to capture well and I feel my 7 out of 12 was impacted by the original story itself as opposed to the medium used

  5. Ashley Ashley says:

    I feel like this review is going to be virtually identical to what I've already written for the first three volumes in the series So let's just break it down to its component parts1 Daniel Abraham has done a fantastic job as an adapter of this series Everything is clear and exciting and he gets all the most important bits in2 Tommy Patterson is a competent artist but I absolutely do not like his style3 I hate the way all the faces are in this series Everyone looks the same and looks mean Aaaaaand that's pretty much it If they decide to adapt the other A Song of Ice and Fire books into graphic novels I don't know if I will be reading them If Daniel Abraham adapts them again I probably will If it's someone else I don't know If Tommy Patterson passes the torch to someone else I probably will also Mostly I just want to re read the series again from the beginning because I have a sickness

  6. Camilla Camilla says:

    35 stars

  7. Avinash Avinash says:

    People complain a lot about the artwork of this series but I found it reasonably good until book 3 but there was a definite slump in the uality This book is the worst in terms of artwork and the best in terms of story till now so I was confused between 3 and 4 star finally I decided to rate it a 35 Star bookI guess Tommy was bored with the series artwork so he finished it in hurry Some frame even looked unfinished This series specially this issue deserved better I love this series so much that my expectations are always of the highest level This is probably the reason I sometimes find few things uite annoying in the TV series though the series is uite well made So you can understand my disappointment with this issueThe only good thing about this graphic novel is the story They have adopted it well in this format The events of this issue are one of the most important ones in the entire series view spoilerThe execution of Eddard Stark Tyrion's appointment as hand The king in the north chapter and last but not the least THE DRAGONS hide spoiler

  8. Jonathan Maas Jonathan Maas says:

    Very good

  9. Lori Anderson Lori Anderson says:

    While I agree with many other readers that the art while very very good technically started to lose its individuality the characters were added especially Robb I also caught some spellingredundacy errors but we're human I have no idea why I can see others' errors but not my own egregious onesI liked following Dany in this book better than I did the actual novel Maybe I needed the visual for her storyline than anyone else'sI gave it five stars because I loved revising the novels visually and this will hopefully make my re read tithe novels less confusing flipping back and forth between maps and pages now who the heck was he?? And art criticism aside I certainly could never have done it My battlefield would be stick figures and horses that vaguely resembled a preschoolers drawing of a pig Now please dear ser FINISH the NOVELS

  10. Emily Emily says:

    It took 4 years to complete the graphic novel adaptation of A Game of Thrones Each volume had extras at the end to give the obsessive reader an inside look at the thought processes behind the project I've read the book 2 or 3 times and it was fun to revisit it in this format Very well done

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