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The Secret Olivia Told Me [Read] ➲ The Secret Olivia Told Me By N. Joy – Can you keep a secret Olivia has a BIG secret It's a secret that she tells only to her very best friend And her friend promises she won't say a word But the secret is really BIG and JUICY What happens Can you keep a secret Olivia has Olivia Told Epub Ý a BIG secret It's a secret that she tells only to her very best friend And her friend promises she won't say a word But the secret is really BIG and JUICY What happens when a trusted friend slips and the secret gets out.

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • The Secret Olivia Told Me
  • N. Joy
  • English
  • 02 December 2014
  • 9781933491080

10 thoughts on “The Secret Olivia Told Me

  1. Allison Allison says:

    The premise is Olivia tells her friend a secret and the friend accidentally spills it and it keeps getting spread and getting distorted as it spreads until the friend confesses to Olivia that she screwed up The nameless friend narrates the book It's a Coretta Scott King honor book for the illustrationsSo I really liked the book as it went along in particular I REALLY liked the art even though it's all silhouettes it's very obviously about African Americans and I dug the concept of the balloon to represent secrets the way it slips away from you the way it gets bigger and bigger as the story goes onBut the final two pages read Together we both learned a lessonOf this we're very sureDon't tell a single person a secretOr it won't be a secret anyAnd it's a picture of Olivia and the narrator whispering to each other with a big NO symbol So the message is not that you should keep your friends' confidences? The message is not don't screw up and be a bad friend? OLIVIA is the one at fault here? I know the message applies to both Olivia and the narrator who both shared it with one person but the image is of Olivia whispering to the friend I was really on board right until the final message was you were wrong to assume your friend was trustworthy

  2. 529_allie 529_allie says:

    As a primary teacher I can not tell you how many times I have heard so and so told a secret about me So you can imagine how happy I am to have come across a book that shows the effects of gossip and telling secrets This story begins with the narrators best friend telling her a secret Immediately after hearing the secret she feels the need to tell someone else but she does not want Olivia to stop being her friend However the pressure proves to much as she accidently slips to her friend Ayanna That would be bad enough but Ayanna tells Stephanie and Stephanie tells Tony and so on As the secret is told to and people and the truth becomes less and less the narrator feels the need to tell her friend Olivia Thankfully Olivia forgives her and both girls learn their lesson to keep secrets to themselvesNancy Devard does a beautiful job of illustrating this story through simple black and white outline drawings with the exception being the red balloon The red balloon is used as a metaphor for the secret as it travels from person to person It provides a picture for the reader of the effects of spreading gossip until the narrator tells her friend the truth and the balloon pops I would use this story to teach my students the importance of not spreading gossip and keeping a promise to a friend It is important to remember that although we have a rigorous curriculum to follow we also need to prepare our students to have successful relationships with their friends

  3. Rachel Hoeck Rachel Hoeck says:

    The Secret Oliva Told Me is about a two little girls who learn a lesson about secrets Olivia tells her friend a secret and asks her not to tell anyone else However her friend has trouble keeping it to herself and lets it accidently slip when playing with another friend Ayanna Ayanna spreads the secret to another girl and the chain goes on where one person leaks the secret to the next Eventually the secret becomes filled with details that aren’t true Olivia knows the secret has spread widely and worries that Olivia will end their friendship Wanting to do the right thing she tells Olivia about her mistake How will Olivia react?The setting takes place on a school playground The reader can infer this because throughout the book children are shown playing with each other and on one page two kids are holding a book and a notebook Also there are illustrations of a soccer ball basketball monkey bars hop scotch and a jump rope This contributes to the story because it demonstrates a common belief that children alter and spread secrets around Eventually the gossip reaches almost everyone Therefore showing small children in a schoolyard adds to the story’s main idea of spreading secrets The setting also helps to create the theme if you tell a secret it won’t be a secret for long This theme is prevalent in the story through the text informing the reader that each child tells the secret to another The illustrations also add to this theme by the balloon highlighted in each opening The balloon symbolizes the secret and each time the balloon gets bigger the secret changes with new added details Olivia and her friend learn that once a secret is out it spreads out and eventually everyone knowsThe ninth opening bleeds on both pages The picture shows three girls on the left standing close to each other and looking towards each other The girl to the left has her mouth open and right next to her mouth is the string of a balloon which extends past the other two girls and leads into a huge red balloon To the right of the opening is another girl standing behind a brick wall with her hand covering her mouth The girl is looking in the direction of the other three girls All four girls are depicted as black silhouettes The text is above the girls on each page in white space Viewing the ninth opening with an ideological perspective it displays the norm of schoolgirls gossiping The illustrations depict a cultural assumption that little girls can’t keep a secret Four schoolgirls are represented in this picture One is telling the secret two are listening and the other is Olivia’s friend who is astonished that the secret is spreading and changing so much The characters are represented this way in order to depict the common situation of children spreading secrets Missing from the picture is a possible school teacher who could stop the children from gossiping and spreading unreliable information There could be intended to show that there is not always someone who can stop this from happening and that it is inevitable for secrets to spreadOverall the book was okay I didn’t think it had the most exciting storyline because it was very repetitive One kid told a secret to another kid who spread it to another kid who told another kid and so on This made the story a bit boring but the repetition did create the message The message explains to children that secrets can spread however it also asserts that they will always spread which I disagree with

  4. Anastasia Hutson Anastasia Hutson says:

    The Secret Olivia Told MeReview by Anastasia HutsonThe Secret Olivia Told Me is a story that follows the seuence of events after a little girl’s friend Olivia tells her a secret The book opens with Olivia telling the main character her secret which is unknown to the audience As the little girl promises Olivia she won’t tell anyone her secret to keep her friendship it starts to spiral out of control While playing with a fellow classmate the secret slipped right from her lips causing a domino effect After that one person knew she told another classmate and another until the secret grew so big it wasn’t even true any The little girl was in fear of losing her friendship with Olivia When first reading “The Secret Olivia Told Me” the piece that caught my eye the most was the illustration The entire picture book is in black and white and the only piece of color is a red balloon The characters were depicted as with a black silhouette so there were no detailed features on the children but that drew me in for some reason The author uses rhythm throughout the whole book this story is meant for a younger audience the rhyming helps the reader connect to the book and helps develop them as a young reader The rhythm of the story also keeps the reader engaged and with rhythm there is some predictability this causes the audience to think as the story moves along The author presented a story that is very relatable for most kids at that targeted age Many children understand the concept of a secret or have maybe even had a secret told about them that they didn’t like This book illustrates the conseuences of a secret spiraling out of control The illustrations complemented the story but with the illustrations being so simple it gave noticed to the lesson being learned in the book Throughout the story this red balloon is shown as a metaphor for the secret on every page the balloon gets bigger and bigger as the secret gets passed along from person to person just like the balloon This illustration gives a visual idea to the audience on the effects of spreading gossip to others The illustrations aided in the understanding of the lessonThis text is an engaging way to teach an important life lesson to young readers while also making the story relatable through setting and illustration N Joy and Nancy Devard made a beautiful collaboration of words and pictures with a light hearted feel for their audience to enjoy

  5. (NS) Brea M (NS) Brea M says:

    NJoy’s The Secret Olivia Told Me is a simple story about a young girl who learns a secret from her friend Olivia She tries but cannot resist telling the secret to another classmate Ayanna From there the secret spreads and even gets bigger as untrue parts are added to it In the end Olivia decides that honesty is the best policy and she tells Olivia what she has done N Joy offers a story with a lesson for any elementary student She even includes uestions at the end to encourage discussions about telling secrets Nancy Devard won a 2008 Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor for this book The background is black and white and all of the characters are colored in solid black This allows the focus to be the one red balloon on every page The balloon represents the secret that Olivia told With each new person the balloon string now comes out of their mouth and the red balloon gets bigger as the truth of the secret gets stretched This is a clever way to show what happens with gossip and how it can start as something simple get passed along and soon expand into something out of control In the end when the narrator decides to tell the truth the balloon is popped as the girls learn an important lesson This book would be an excellent read aloud to teach an important social lesson The language is simple and direct and the illustrations really make a point in a uniue way

  6. Vanessa Wilder Vanessa Wilder says:

    This book is a great book for children who may gossip or spreading rumors This can also open for discussion a time that someone has told a secret that they may have regrettedClass Activity Teacher will stand in a circle and play the game telephone This is where the teacher will begin to say a phrase and will whisper it to the student beside her and it will be a continuation until it is to the last person

  7. Nicki Nicki says:

    symbolism friendship conseuences

  8. Huawei Huawei says:

    Summary:One day Olivia tells her best friend a secret and her friend promises she will not say a word to others However when Olivia’s best friend plays with another girl the secret accidentally slipped Oh no More students know this secret Will Olivia end their friendship?impressionopinion:I like this story because this is about a secret spread This is very close with young kids’ lives Young kids always have some secret to tell with their friend and let them to promise they will not tell others again However to keep others’ secret is a different thing Everyone like to share For this story the author want to the reader know when they share a secret to others the secret will have a risk to slip This is important to know because slipped secret can influence the friendship color In this story everyone is black looks like shadows This story is about a secret is slipping so the black shadows can make everyone looks secret No one can see their face so a secret is slipping in some secret students The black shadows can let the read has a mysterious feeling and think this is big secret The secret need to conceal so someone conceal in the clack shadowsPOV This is first person For this story the writer uses “I” to tell this story For example in the 2nd opening I promised I would not tell I think this first person can help the reads to put their self in the story Also the first person can conceal their characters’ thinking so the reader will feel the secrets are in everywhere Salience The salience is a red air balloon because everything is black and white without the red air balloon The balloon implies the secret When people know this secret the air balloon changes to be bigger The air balloon line comes from someone’s mouth and other one hold this line The mean is someone slip this secret to other The reader always subconsciously look at the air balloon and the air balloon hint the salience’s conditionSetting The story is happening in school because the reader can see the playground Some students play with the ball and some paly with the rope skipping Their hair and clothing show they are young kids The story is happening in school playground between the young kids School is a good place to diffuse secrets for students This is a problem story because the secret is diffusing in the school and this is a big problem for friendship between Olivia and her best friend Olivia may end their friendship because her best friend slip the secret

  9. Dominika R Dominika R says:

    This story describes a young girl who has a secret she has a hard time keeping to herself Her best friend Olivia told her this secret and she has promised not to say anything She promised her their friendship that this would not get out but before long she spills the secret to Aryanna and the wildfire spreads This book received a Coretta Scott King honor for its illustrations These are interesting black and white pictures that draw upon the African American culture by just portraying these types of images Though the pictures are black and white the illustrator is able to grasp the diversity of the characters which I found very interesting in their hair styles jewelry and clothing In the end no matter what cultural background one comes from the story leaves you with a life lesson that applies to anyone and everyone Don't tell a single person a secret or it won't be a secret any

  10. Rebecca Jones Rebecca Jones says:

    When using this book in a classroom I would recommend using it with a lesson about rumors and making sure students have permission to tell someone else's personal business

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