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Paint the Black [PDF] ✎ Paint the Black Author J.D. Dudycha – What would you do with your gifts Would you give into temptation or rise above Jack Burke isn’t your typical teenager Blessed with talent beyond measure Jack’s pride overwhelms his inability to ma What would you do with your gifts Would you give into temptation or rise above Jack Burke isn’t your typical teenager Blessed with talent beyond measure Jack’s pride overwhelms his inability to make sound decisions From the time he gets drafted into professional baseball his character is tested His childhood dream of a baseball life turns into a nightmare marked by injury Paint the Epub / immaturity and personal tragedy Amongst his darkest days there is only one who could speak life into him—a mysterious girl from the airplane named Sara Though their relationship gets rocky at times she is the only person Jack can be his true self with But after Jack moves up through the baseball ranks she is left behind and Jack turns to drugs and alcohol to cope Will Jack overcome his obstacles and make his dreams come true or will he be forced to ask himself the uestion he never expected what will my life be without baseball.

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  1. Molly Molly says:

    On first impression the book is about baseball but looking at it closer it is relevant to each and every one of us about the chances we take the decisions we make and the game and gamble that our lives areThe author has a professional baseball background and chose this as convincing and suitable setting With much expertise and love for the sport the can infect even the reader less familiar with the game Watching Jake follow his dreams succeed and fail meet obstacles and learn from them is sometimes sad and sometimes inspiring I don’t read and enjoy many sports stories because of their often predictable and simplistic tone This book is rather good and goes places many others don’t It has much food for thought so it’s definitely recommendable even to readers unfamiliar and unused to sport stories

  2. Lucinda Clarke Lucinda Clarke says:

    There were parts of this book I did not understand but that is only because I know nothing whatsoever about baseball and the common terms used to describe the game However I have learned a lot and for that it was worth the read The story kept my attention and the writing flowed and was error free The end was maybe predictable but with a slight cliff hanger I would have preferred a positive conclusion The main message of the book comes over loud and clear and without giving anything away I feel the message was handled very sensitively and not overdone Well worth reading especially if you like sports stories

  3. Deb Hall Deb Hall says:

    Paint the Black tells an engaging heartwarming story of a young talented impressionable baseball player whose challenges in life change him in dramatic ways Dudycha knows baseball very well and fans of the game as well as readers indifferent about baseball will enjoy his descriptions of highly charged game scenes and appreciate his understanding of the pressures of the game Dudycha's debut novel possesses a natural rhythm in the action throughout the narrative as well as captivating dialogue that moves the story along I thoroughly enjoyed reading it

  4. Celesta Thiessen Celesta Thiessen says:

    This fictional baseball story read like a memoir I liked that the story went in a positive direction It was an easy and enjoyable read The only drawback for me was that I found it hard to connect with the main character emotionally But overall it was a good read especially for baseball fans

  5. Grant Leishman Grant Leishman says:

    Coming from a country that doesn't even play baseball I approached Paint the Black with some trepidation Would I understand itwould I get the references? I needn't have worried much as I suspected professional sports the world over are not that dissimilar in the characters that are drawn into their arena Although some of the technical aspects mentioned in the book may not have registered with me the story resonated powerfully with me I could see many young professional sportsmen facing the type of demons and problems young Jack Burke faced as he sought to make the transition from High School superstar to major league baseball player Foregoing the College route Jack was picked in the first draft straight out of high school Young raw immature and extremely talented are not necessarily a good combination The author was extremely successful in sucking me into the story and keeping me riveted for the full 300 odd pages Whether you are a mad baseball fan or not a mad sports fan or not there is something in this book for you It is a simple recitation of a young man's journey from teenager into adulthood and superbly written and crafted There are some people who might say the ending may be a trifle contrived andor predictable but the truth is I was ready for that ending and welcomed it Without giving anything away Jack seeks a way to find himself as he sinks into his own personal abyss I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in baseball sport and the rites of passage for young men It is riveting well written and extremely readable I congratulate the author on his first entry into the literary world and look forward to his next contribution Well done that man Paint the Black is fully deserving of the five stars I awarded it

  6. Mary Yarde Mary Yarde says:

    Jack Burke has it all A supportive family money and a promising career in baseball His future beckons and it is going to be perfectBut Jack rapidly falls in with the wrong crowd Drink women and drugs soon become the new norm Add to that a string of injuries and a devastating personal loss Jack's future in baseball is suddenly not so certain This book above anything else is about self discovery and finding the courage to carry on when everything is falling apart Jack is eighteen and this is the first time he is living away from home He may have the makings of the next superstar but he is young and very impressionableDudycha has crafted the character of Jack exceptionally well He is a likeable character who just so happened to makes some terrible choices and the conseuences of these decisions are far reaching Dudycha tell it as it is he does not shy away from some incredibly difficult topics but always there is this dash of hope if only Jack would open his eyes and see what is really in front of him then all would be wellI thought this book was incredible It is not just another book about baseball although there is a lot of baseball in this book However you don't have to be a fan of baseball or to even know that much about it to take something away from this story I read this book in one sitting and I really enjoyed it It kept me engaged throughout and I came to care a great deal about Jack It is a compelling and very honest read I would certainly recommend this book to anyone with teenagers who are going away to college this book may well stop them from making the wrong decisions I know I will certainly be giving it to mineAnd besides it is about baseball what's not to like? I Highly Recommend

  7. Ellie Midwood Ellie Midwood says:

    “Paint The Black” is a sincere inspiring story about finding one’s path in life Jack could never imagine his life without baseball; he lived it breathed it and only thought of himself as a baseball player A talented pitcher he gets drafted into one of the national league baseball teams the Hawks however instead of concentrating on his training Jack gets drawn into the wrong circle whose favorite pastimes include women and alcohol He makes one mistake after another losing the first season due to injury messing up the relationship with the only girl he really liked and cared about – Sarah and even alienating his own parents I was sincerely rooting for Jack struggling with his inner demons and trying to figure out his goals and motives The character development was brilliant and I really enjoyed watching Jack grow and learn from his mistakes towards the end of the book I loved the vivid descriptions that provided me with a rare insider’s view into a world of professional baseball “Paint The Black” is one of those books that you can’t put down once you start reading it Highly recommended

  8. Ben Mariner Ben Mariner says:

    I know very little about baseball and I'm not particularly religious so this isn't normally a boon I would ever pick up however I met JD at a local author event he and I were a part of and they way he talked about his work made me want to give it a shotAside from the fact that general baseball lingojargon is almost completely lost on me this was a very well told story of the pitfalls and ineptitudes of youth and arrogance It follows the trials and tribulations of a young man drafted into a major league baseball club right out of high school His time spent in baseball is plagued with injury addiction and much less baseball than one might think While this book is set among America's past time it's main focus is on what can happen when too much is given too uickly and how it can be your downfall Overall this was a great look into the journey of one kid as he was dragged through hell to find heaven A great read for anyone who loves baseball and a potential inspiration for anyone who has lost their way

  9. Rebecca Livermore Rebecca Livermore says:

    I didn't really know what to expect when I started this book or how I would feel about it I grew up in a baseball crazy family so much so that I was sick of it by the time I was out on my own and since then haven't been into sports On top of that I typically read nonfiction but since it was about time to try something new I thought I'd give this book a shot I'm glad I did There were times in the story that I was certain that I knew what would happen next but ended up surprised a true sign of great writing The story also tugged at my emotions; as the story unfolded I began to really care about the characters in the book like they were real people another sign of great writingAll in all I'd recommend this book even if you're not a sports fan While baseball is a huge part of the story and while you may not understand all of the baseball references if you're unfamiliar with the sport there is a deeper story that everyone can relate to inner turmoil relationship struggles and so on It's a book worth checking out

  10. M. Thomas Apple M. Thomas Apple says:

    This story is just fantastic The interactions with fellow players the cruel nicknames the constant temptations by those destined never to make it the drinking and carousing all bring back the point that the sports world and sports fans tend to forget an 18 year old draftee is still learning about himself and his place in the world There's a huge difference between the world of an 18 year old and a 24 year old When the MLB team tells a player that they want him to get seasoning in the minors even after a great spring training it's not just baseball skills they expect him to develop This story makes it clear that learning how to deal with people and how to control oneself is a major crucial developmental stage for a pro athlete Highly entertaining tragic in parts uplifting in others slightly melodramatic but never disappointing

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