Pennsylvania Avenue: Profiles in Backroom Power PDF/EPUB

  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Pennsylvania Avenue: Profiles in Backroom Power
  • John Harwood
  • English
  • 10 October 2015
  • 9781400065547

10 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Avenue: Profiles in Backroom Power

  1. M M says:

    A somewhat rambling narrative of a variety of wheelers and dealers behind the scenes in Washington DC These people are the grease the makes the leviathan of government roll onminions of corruption greed and power lust

  2. Nick Nick says:

    This book should have been a little better than it was Harwood certainly knows the players and some of the stories are very telling But he's a bit too careful with his analyses of the powers that be and the profiles are on the cursory side Perhaps that's only inevitable given the powers that be Still read this book if you want to understand how power works in Washington and how it's changed over the past decade The good news is that anyone with a computer a sense of how to hook the media and a large email list can take on anyone in DC the power truly has shifted in some ways

  3. Jack Jack says:

    This is a fine short book on current politics in America Harwood and Seib both worked for the Wall Street Journal Seib still does Their non partisan approach to the problems and potential cures for what ails the American political process is useful The chapters are short and each focuses on one or two powerful political folks Some of them are well known like Karl Rove and Jim Webb and others are the backroom players that few people hear much about A few overriding themes include the influence of money in politics the nastiness of political fights and the increasing chasm between the two parties Well worth it and easy to get through

  4. Joy Joy says:

    Nerdy journalist alerthad to buy this book And yes I looked at first pages to see if I got a first edition I did The secondary author Jerry Seib is a fellow journalist from Hays And he's just always been one of those people I've looked up to so this is a must read for me An added bonushe recently appeared on Meet the Press Ok this is the end of the nerdy journalist alert for today

  5. Brad Brad says:

    If you ever wonder who are influencing the day to day decisions and long term decisions that affect this country this is the book to read From lobbyists to lawyers to lawmakers the people mentioned in this book are the people who are shaping policy today in Washington It is good to note them and their positions because you for the most part will not see the faces of these individuals plastered all over CNN or major newspapers

  6. Steven Kaminski Steven Kaminski says:

    Interesting book that takes very specific episodes where there was media outrage or issues with legislation and showcases the actual people in Washington who work often behind the scenes to get things done Some examples are like the deal that was blown up over Dubai buying US ports Also how the Medicare bill was passed primarily by a lobbyist who served as both a Democrat Republican Some interesting insights

  7. Karen Karen says:

    Interesting and well written John Harwood's lecture at Chautauua this month was the best I heard all week Due to my lack of background knowledge I think I'd have a hard time discussing this but I'd like to I do have a much better sense of why nothing seems to get done in Washington these days

  8. Marsha Marsha says:

    An unbelieveably fantastic read I actually had to slow down and take notes because I was gobbling up the book These are the movers and shakers of our times and I recommend this book to read before the next election

  9. Delight Delight says:

    This was a fascinating book of the players some behind the scene some not of how business gets done in DC Some of the profiles I enjoyed than others If you're interested in how DC REALLY works this is a book worth reading It's bipartisan as Rs and Ds are both highlighted

  10. Tulin Tulin says:

    This book sounded interesting than it was It basically was just profiles of various players in Washington I would have liked to see of an integrated book that included a bit of a narrative

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Pennsylvania Avenue: Profiles in Backroom Power[PDF / Epub] ✎ Pennsylvania Avenue: Profiles in Backroom Power ☂ John Harwood – Prizewinning journalists John Harwood and Gerald F Seib show how today’s Washington power game really works through stories of people who are making a difference on Pennsylvania Avenue America’s p Prizewinning journalists John Harwood and Gerald Profiles in ePUB ✓ F Seib show how today’s Washington power game really works through stories of people who are making a difference on Pennsylvania Avenue America’s power street These new power brokers some of whom are rarely Pennsylvania Avenue: PDF/EPUB ² seen and are largley unknown have figured out how to make their voices heard and how to get things done amid the complexities of today’s gridlocked Washington With unprecedented access to Washington insiders and with deep insight into the unspoken rules Avenue: Profiles in PDF/EPUB é of the road in the capital Harwood and Seib explain why progress is so difficult and illuminate what it takes to succeed in the high stakes game of politicsPennsylvania Avenue the mile stretch between the White House and the Capitol is where the influential and ambitious congregate Through stories of party strategists money men policy makers fixers socialites lobbyists spinners deal makers and Harwood and Seib explore the great political transformations that have altered in a fundamental way the relationship between Americans and their government A new class of politician and radically different ways of conducting business now exist in Washington Harwood and Seib showcase such master players as Ken Duberstein the Fixer a onetime aide to President Ronald Reagan turned superlobbyist whose contacts and insider knowledge help clients sidestep Avenue jam ups; Carlyle Group co founder David Rubenstein the Businessman a new breed of power broker who pioneered the age of “big money” in Washington; Rahm Emanuelthe Democratic Strategist whose aggressive fundraising and crisis room campaign enabled the Democrats to retake Congress in ; Debbie Wasserman Schultz the Rising Star a first term Democratic representative from Florida whose meteoric ascent in the House has earned her influential allies as well as critics; Hilary Rosen the Advocate a former entertainment industry lobbyist who skillfully reframed the debate about same sex marriage; and Inspiring and wonderfully written Pennsylvania Avenue takes us inside America’s center of influence to show how our government really functions and the insiders who make things happenThrough a series of sharp vignettes and character sketches the authors of Pennsylvania Avenue John Harwood and Gerald F Seib take the reader behind some of the imposing facades along the refurbished road introducing the famous and not so famous and explaining how business gets done in the new Washington Though they accept the common view that the old rules have changed their analysis is fresh and stimulating The New York Times.

About the Author: John Harwood

John Harwood is an American journalist Profiles in ePUB ✓ who is an editor at large for CNBC He was the chief Washington Correspondent for CNBC and a contributor for The New York Times He wrote a weekly column entitled The Caucus that appeared Pennsylvania Avenue: PDF/EPUB ² on Monday about Washington politics and policy Before joining the Times he wrote for The Wall Street Journal.