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Amaryllis Brigham ❂ [EPUB] ✺ Amaryllis Brigham By Dawn Crandall ➛ – After being unjustly expelled from the Boston Conservatory of Music Amaryllis Brigham sees her dreams of founding a music academy in her hometown of Seattle Washington disappearing before her very eye After being unjustly expelled from the Boston Conservatory of Music Amaryllis Brigham sees her dreams of founding a music academy in her hometown of Seattle Washington disappearing before her very eyes Now the only way to achieve her goal comes with high stakes for someone set on avoiding men as much as possible Marry within the year to inherit the immense fortune of her estranged grandmother Amaryllis reluctantly moves in to her aunt's Boston home and rubs shoulders with fashionable society Despite her own misgivings she soon finds herself uickly falling in love with the most unlikely of men Nathan Everstone the envy of every eligible female whose father has haunted her dreams for the decade following her mother's tragic death However Nathan turns out to be much than he seemsand everything she never knew she wanted But can she ever really trust an Everstone man.

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  1. Dawn Dawn says:

    I'm not actually trying to rate my own book here but since I spent two years writing it I can honestly say I've read it times than I can count I hope anyone who has the chance enjoys reading it I really LOVED writing it and getting to know these characters I still feel so honored to have it published by Whitaker House

  2. Aerykah Aerykah says:

    When I pick up a book by a new to me author I'm usually a little hesitant I don't know what to expect Will I like it? Will I hate it? Will it draw me in? Or will it leave me looking for a better book to spend my time with?I definitely did not hate this book but I didn't simply like it either I loved it Yes it drew me in uickly and kept my attention to the last page What did it leave me looking for? Book twoI loved the characters Some of them did annoy me sometimes but I have yet to read a book that that statement doesn't apply to The setting the time period the story line it was all great and I really enjoyed itAs for the writing style I know I've said before that I'm usually a bit reluctant to read a book written in first person For me first person narration will make or break a story In this case it definitely made it I can't tell you how much it drew me into the story so much that it made me almost feel like a part of it It really brought the story to life for meOften I read an author's debut novel and think Eh it was okay It's their debut novel though so they've got room to improve On the other hand my first thought upon reading this book was along these lines Oh my gosh This is her first book? I have a funny feeling that Dawn Crandall just might end up on my Favorite Authors list ;I can't wait to read the rest of this series D

  3. Anne Anne says:

    This book was such a fun uick easy read despite a few annoyances and a confusing beginning There were so many people introduced within the first chapters and so many places mentioned that I felt really lost and had trouble remembering who was connected to whom and how It also bothered me that the heroine who had been secluded for over a decade referred to everyone she was about to meet by their first names The story is set in the 1890's so there shouldn't be any reason for everyone to call Aunt Claudine simply Claudine Detail I know but add that to the other literary pet peeves I encountered in this novel and it was enough to drive me a bit mad ; Amaryllis Brigham love her name sees her life changing drastically when she is expelled from the music conservatory where she is studying in Boston because of a letter I never mind a little mystery and a little intrigue in my novels but I HATE IT when a situation that effects the whole of the novel is not explain until almost the end when I have totally forgotten everything about it We never know exactly what this letter says It's never properly explained We know that it comes from Bram Everstone and we know that Amaryllis detests him but her hatred isn't explained until wayyyy later and I found it extremely frustrating because Bram Everstone's son shows up and it's clear that sparks are flying between him and Amaryllis but she refuses to even get along with him because she hates his father and we are all here left wondering WHY??? Why does she hate him?? That made the romance annoying at the beginning because it didn't seem as though Amaryllis has a legitimate reason for disliking Mr Everstone who is always referred to as Bram and his son It made her seem so cocky and difficult and at twenty five and still on the shelf she should have been so pleased that the wealthiest man in all of New England was interested in her And for all the family connections she had I wonder again why has she not seen them sooner??? Everybody is apparently dying to meet her and she hasn't seen her relatives in eleven years and again it's a case of WHY?????? She's been studying music in Boston for heaven's sake not hiking icebergs somewhere in Antarctica Why hasn't she or her relatives ever made a move to see each other before now? I know right now it sounds like I didn't enjoy the book but all that ^^ happened in the beginning As the romance progressed I found myself so reluctantly enjoying it that I had trouble putting the book down Truly And I think that speaks really well for the author because not only is this her first novel but she managed to keep me interested enough to momentarily forget my annoyances and delight in the story I was so caught up in the whole middle section that I was ready to give this a 5 star rating But then the Hh started having misunderstandings and behaving like indecisive chipmunks not sure where to hide their winter stock and I lost all patience with them Really for heaven's sakes make up your mind I hate it when the heroine agrees to marry the hero and then jilts him for a personal reason that she can't explain to him because she already hurt him enough NO Speak up and be done with it Honesty Frankness Integrity GahhhI understand that what made the book less enjoyable for me were strictly personal issues and for that I still wholly recommend it to anyone who likes that genre It's well written engaging and except for the heroine who drove me batty most of the time the whole crew of characters are really engaging and I found myself eagerly anticipating book 2 The hero was really loveable and very dreamy but I had a slight preference for his best friend who comes back in the next book All in all this was a very interesting read and the gorgeous cover certainly makes a lovely addition on my Kindle shelf

  4. Felicia Mires Felicia Mires says:

    Often when I read a book I spend the whole time trying to ignore all the ways it should be edited better one conseuence of being an author I guess In the case of The Hesitant Heiress I never got the chance This book is well written and well paced From the first chapter we have an intriguing dilemma that begs resolve I liked the heroine I cheered for her I disliked those she disliked I was so impatient to discover who would win her heart that I read as fast as I could finishing the book in one day I particularly enjoyed the author’s way of writing scenes that had nothing to do with the romance between the heroheroine Usually those are throw away for me Unless the writing is stellar I scan non romantic scenes just to make sure I don’t miss a relevant fact This book was so well conceived that every scene was interesting and drew me into the storyline I wanted to know about everyone involved which will keep me buying books in the series I loved that the author didn’t dwell on historical phrases just to make the story sound historical All the phrasing and dialogue sounded natural not forced And the descriptions of clothingsome books go on and on ad nauseam about the different details in historical attire not so in The Hesitant Heiress where every description seemed a portrayal of what would occur naturally in real life Probably the most impressive feat was the great reveal I never saw it coming Though the author alludes to the less than stellar attributes of several characters I never suspected the villain nor that he was uite so vile Bravo Excellent debut Dawn Crandall I eagerly anticipate the following books in the series Author Felicia Mires Christian Romance for any Genre

  5. Jessica Patch Jessica Patch says:

    Dawn Crandall’s debut The Hesitant Heiress is guaranteed to please Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte fans especially While Crandall’s voice is definitely her own the feel of the story is one of a classic Detail to the time period and high society was impeccable Expect a romance that delivers long buried secrets with intriguing plot points and an engaging supportive cast to compliment Amaryllis Brigham—also a well written and complex yet sincerely sweet main characterI was given a copy of this book in return for an honest review All opinions are mine

  6. Kristen Kristen says:

    I do not usually read historical fiction but when a friend said how much she loved this book I figured I would give try something new And boy am I go a I did Fantastic read I fell in love with the characters from the very beginning and found myself not wanting to put the book down This had just enough of a mystery about it and missgin puzzle pieces to keep me reading and guessing until the end If you love historical fiction I highly recommend this book And even if you don't I encourage you to try something new You won't regret it

  7. Laura Laura says:

    I have said it before and I will say it again I love reading stories written in first person narration New to me authorDawn Crandall has entered into the world of writing with a refreshing crisp style and voice with her debut novel The Hesitant Heiress Set during the gilded age in 1890 it didn't take long before I was lost amongst the pages experiencing Boston Massachusetts and Bar Harbor Maine in all of the opulence of that time period The plot was mysterious and filled with secrets and the climax was uite suspenseful It became a book that was hard to put down I enjoyed reading about the heroine Amaryllis Brigham She was complex and fully fleshed in ways that I could relate to as a reader Nathan Everstone the hero of this story was charming and had a soft heart that made mewant to cheer him on throughout the pages There are two things that I want in a historical novel I want the story to cause me to want to know about the actual history during that time period or event and I want the story to convict or encourage me in my faith The Hesitant Heiress gets two thumbs up from me In my spare time I found myself googling about the 1890's and wanting to know about our nations's history of that time Second I enjoyed the gently woven message that spoke to my heart about understanding and accepting that all things happen for a reason by God We all make mistakes sometimes they are accidental but each mistake has its own conseuences Amaryllis carried a deep guilt and wasn't able to fully live until she was able to accept the grace and forgiveness that was so freely offered to her Sometimes I need to be reminded that God does forgive and we need to accept that grace and move on This was an engaging story with a taste of mystery and suspense charming gentlemen grandeur manors and beautifully penned settings alongside the rocky Atlantic coast It was refreshingly uniue

  8. Beth Beth says:

    I was really curious when I read in a blog post that Dawn Crandall chooses specifically to write in first person narration my favorite so I decided to enter the giveaway for her debut The Hesitant Heiress a romantic historical which also happens to be my favorite genre My curiosity certainly paid off because what I found was an engaging main character a plot laced with mystery and a delicious romanceAmaryllis Brigham’s life is thrown off track when she is forced to leave the prestigious Boston Conservatory The desire of her heart is to open a music academy but now the funds to do so are tied up with her fortune – a fortune that is only hers if she marries Add into this the twisted mystery of her past and the run ins with enigmatic Nathan Everstone – a man whose father is behind her dismissal from the Conservatory – this is one absorbing readI know this is a short review I’m so behind on reviewing these days but I wanted to at least write a little something about such an enjoyable book It reminded me a lot of Jessica Dotta’s style except for the first person narration I’m really looking forward to book two in the Everstone Chronicles

  9. Staci Staci says:

    I've been wanting to read The Hesitant Heiress for some time now so was glad to finally obtain the book and read itWhat I enjoyed about the book the time period the location United States the small bit of mystery and the uotes leading into each chapter In addition this was a very easy to read book and I read it rather uicklyThe romance between the two main characters never seemed real for me I enjoyed the banter between them It was the continual roller coaster of attraction and shoving away that made me a bit crazy I'm glad to have read this novel and do look forward to reading the next book of the series

  10. Seema Khan Seema Khan says:

    Review on author reuest against a copy of the book and on my unbounded excitement and eagerness to gorge The Everstone ChroniclesWithout ceasing I make mention of you always in my prayers For I long to see youNathan Wow AmaryllisAmaryllis Huh Wow His eyes drools his smile sighNathan Yay Amaryllis clapsAmaryllis Duh wow he's so charmingNathan Be my friend AmaryllisAmaryllis Who do you think you are? sigh Why is he not looking at me??Nathan Bye Huh I won't think of herAmaryllis Good riddance Where is Nathan??Nathan Oh I want to see her Runs backAmaryllis So he's back? yay he's backclapsNathan Oh I love her soAmaryllis Why do I keep thinking of him??Nathan Amaryllis trust meAmaryllis Huh over my dead body oh I do trust himNathan I love you AmaryllisAmaryllis LiarNathan I do love youAmaryllis Huh pretenceNathan Why can't I have her??Amaryllis Oh I love him soNathan I want to marry youAmaryllis Liar oh I wish you wouldNathan I love youAmaryllis I love you tooxoxoxoxoxoNathan Let's elopeAmaryllis I can't marry you Go awayNathan Big mistakeAmaryllis Huge mistakeNathan Oh but I still love youAmaryllis Oh I love you tooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoThis in short is the gist of the storySplendid in a wordAbsolutely truly and positively loved loved and just loved the book and the characters I was sad when it finally ended which is enough to prove it's an outstanding bookBrilliant debut novel My congratulations to the author for achieving such a story You Dawn Crandall are undoubtedly an exceptional and original writer Very intelligent writing Hats off to your effortA splendid combination of romance mystery suspense intrigue drama and humour The conversations are superlative in uality very witty enjoyable and feeling Read such a good one after so long The historical fiction these days are just a bag of utter amorous nonsense and the Hesitant heiress was such a refreshing changeFurther I must add that it is captivating I can't seem to stop singing it's praises A story which actually felt like a story of true love What romance What pure love And what a roller coaster ride I was on the edge most of the time Many times I felt like I was reading a Fanny Burney novel with its many ups and downs and turns and twists What a journey for Amaryllis and Nathan To be honest I must confess I was a bit exasperated with Amaryllis for some time because Nathan was being honest and he was genuine while she was presumptuous prejudiced and stubborn enough to remain that way with her preconceived notions She comes to her own conclusions and though is intelligent enough to stand on her own she doesn't use her brain in thinking about the possibility of another side to the story But having said all of this I must say she is a very likeable heroine Her actions are actually justified because of her past experiences having had them as a child and then the same experiences forming the basis of her judgments She is kind loving ambitious talented charming obedient and very much suiting Nathan EverstoneSpeaking of whom I must say I found a new entrant to my favourite hero's list He is fabulous and fascinating and enigmatic and charming and just so full of undeterred and pure undying love He is a Hero The best thing about him along with his perseverance for me as I found was his faith and belief in God And he is so very misunderstood by everyone Nathan and Amaryllis make a charming pair They are so similar which Nathan does realise very early in his acuaintance with Amaryllis but she takes a lot of time to come to the grip of it Their love for a humble unpretentious life is again beautiful I just can't get over themA remarkable element of the book is the usage of beautiful and and wonderfully suitable uotations like the one I have mentioned above from the Bible Very meaningful and catchy Some very touchingThe secondary characters too are very likeable and though form important threads through the story they do not steal the lead pair's thunder The focus throughout has been very well managed More so since this book is from a first person POV And again Dawn Crandall has I think a remarkable talent for thatI believe I can go on and on about the book tirelessly but the best thing would be for you to grab a copy and savour it It's absolutely worth the time

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