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Secret Agents ❴Read❵ ➮ Secret Agents Author Gaylon Barrow – The little man did not see these last news flashes because he was already in the drugstore crouched at one of the telephone booths Had he not been so nervous he might have noticed the man who had come The little man did not see these last news flashes because he was already in the drugstore crouched at one of the telephone booths Had he not been so nervous he might have noticed the man who had come out of the subway kiosk behind him and who had slid into a convenient doorway while he himself hesitated at the corner Now the second man strolled casually past the drug store peered in saw the other in the telephone booth He walked by the drug store entrance disappeared down the street The thin man meanwhile had inserted his nickel in the slot and dialed the long distance operator He asked for a number in Washington D C and two minutes later he was speaking Viciously into the transmitter Thees h said cautiously ees Miguel Esprada You remember Yes a crisp voice at the other end answered Did you find out anything The thin man glanced about him furtively brought his mouth close to the instrument You 'eve promise' me that you weel pay ten thousan' dol lar No the voice at the other end broke in I promised you five thousand Come Esprada I'm very busy Have you five thousand dollars' worth of information for me ESPRADA'S eyes gleamed with avarice I 'ave senor But I am in the very great danger You mus' send two of your w'at you call operators to meet me and take me to Washington There I weel talk I can tell you w'ere is the secret 'eaduarters of the Aztecs in New York I can tell you 'ow they make the men to explode But you must be careful There is a leak in your War Department The nephew of the Secretary Vance His voice broke in a thin shriek of terror as the air in the drug store seemed suddenly to change Customers and clerks turned at the note of terror in Esprada's voice A hush suddenly descended upon the noisy interior of the store And through that hush rose Esprada's fear chilled voice The exploding death Help He started to run for the door and suddenly his panic was communicated to the throng in the store A mad stampede began toward the street Jerks hurdled counters men and women pushed each other roughly out of the way And Esprada raced faster than all But he was too late Abruptly as if a huge hand had reached out from infinity all that throng in the brilliantly lit store ceased to run staggered fought against an overwhelming power that seemed to be pushing the eyeballs out of their heads to be causing the blood to burst from their nostrils and their eardrums And then each individual in that store seemed to burst from within With a terrific series of popping explosions all those people in the store burst into torn and bloody fragments of flesh and bone and clothing as if a time bomb inside them had exploded The air was filled with blood and the stench of burned flesh with flying fragments of humanity The electric lights shattered into bits plunging the interior into darkness The plate glass windows of the store burst outwards in shards catapulting bits of human flesh into the street Not a soul was left alive in the store Outside people fled from the scene of the sudden holocaust shrieking in terror Something dreadful inexplicable had happened The corner of Times Suare and Forty second Street was transformed abruptly from a busy bustling intersection into a charnel house Police patrol cars raced toward the scene with sirens screaming Fire trucks roared through the streets Gas and electric emergency suads arrived Police reserves established a wide cordon about the corner while other bluecoats attempted to uell the near panic of persons in the subway system below who had heard the explosion.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 121 pages
  • Secret Agents
  • Gaylon Barrow
  • English
  • 10 January 2016