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Unconquered Countries ❮Reading❯ ➳ Unconquered Countries ➬ Author Geoff Ryman – Buyprobolan50.co.uk This lyrical insightful and moving collection by one of today's greatest writers of speculative fiction features The Unconuered Country winner of the World Fantasy Award and chosen by Modern Fantasy a This lyrical insightful and moving collection by one of today's greatest writers of speculative fiction features The Unconuered Country winner of the World Fantasy Award and chosen by Modern Fantasy as one of its best novels Ryman is the author of The Child Garden.

  • Hardcover
  • 275 pages
  • Unconquered Countries
  • Geoff Ryman
  • English
  • 19 December 2016
  • 9780312099299

About the Author: Geoff Ryman

Geoffrey Charles Ryman born is a writer of science fiction fantasy and slipstream fiction He was born in Canada and has lived most of his life in EnglandHis science fiction and fantasy works include The Warrior Who Carried Life the novella The Unconuered Country winner of the British Science Fiction Award and the World Fantasy Award and The Child Garden winner.

8 thoughts on “Unconquered Countries

  1. John John says:

    The four novellas in this collection range from hard sci fi “Fall of Angels” to Gibsonesue new media obsessions “Fan” to futuristic holocaust spec fiction “O Happy Day” to a pretty clear allegorical fantasy of wartime Cambodia “Unconuered Countries” Ryman’s strength as a writer seems to be his ability to depict the full emotionalpsychological landscape of his protagonists complete with their short comings and personal failings and he seems to do a particularly good job when his protagonists are female The best instance of this talent in these novellas was “Fan” which was in my opinion also the strongest of the collection a story that did in thirty pages what William Gibson’s Idoru couldn’t do in over 200 namely realistically show the ways people can be moved by a particular band and the lengths they role such obsessions play in one’s life For those into hard science fiction with a generous knod to star trek “Fall of Angels” can be uite a fun read I loved it but one would need to be inured somewhat to the uirks of the genre I really didn’t care for “O Happy Day” or “Unconuered Countries” both of which seemed to by trying way too hard to make their point

  2. Glen Engel-Cox Glen Engel-Cox says:

    I read this earlier in the summer and I have to admit to having forgotten most about the stories here but I remember being vaguely disappointed after finishing the collection I like Ryman a lot–his The Child Garden is one of my favorite novels and I thought that both Was and 253 were very good Maybe I just like him at longer lengths?• “A Fall of Angels” — Too much science not enough story That was my impression wanting of what was going on to be explained in a non mathematical way This story seemed to lack that sense of wonder–almost lifeless It has some interesting concepts but it is too busy to congeal into a pleasing tale• “Fan” — This was my favorite of the collection a neat look at an obsessive fan of a new pop star and what happens when you “meet” the object of your dreams It really examines the relationship between the “star” and the “fan” It is a rich vein of inuiry and Ryman taps the jugular here Both surprising and illuminating it also holds your attention throughout even though the protagonist is not very appealing• “O Happy Day” — A “what if” story about a horrible set of circumstances existing between men and women and a repeat of the horrors of the mid 20th century The situation looks grim but only if we forget to be human A well done bit of cautionary tale Enjoyable• “The Unconuered Country” — An award winner but it has never done that much for me Overly subtle?

  3. Logophile Logophile says:

    This is a collection of four novellas A Fall of Angels or On the Possibility of Life Under Extreme Conditions Fan O Happy Day and The Unconuered Country The last was published under its own cover and I read it before but the rest were new to me The Possibility of Life Under Extreme Conditions could summarize most of these novellas and indeed much of Ryman's work There is a blurb from a review by science fiction writer Eileen Gunn on the back cover and I'm going to let Ms Gunn's words speak for meRyman's books acknowledge the horrifying pain that humans inflict on one another in large and small scale all over the world and yet they encourage the reader to think that even in a concentration camp in a ward for the chronically insane in Pol Pot's Cambodia life is worth living; that death is untimely; and that the act of dying is the individual's transcendence of life rather than life's desertion of the individual His books make peace with a universe that seems senseless

  4. Mawgojzeta Mawgojzeta says:

    I found all the novellas in this collection very satisfying A Fall of Angels was my favorite It broke my heart Love it when a book does that Fan was a very satisfying tale of fixation O Happy Day was brutal The Unconuered Country had these great walking houses I would put the last tale as my second favorite All of these stories brought forth emotional response from me It is so rare that I read a collection even one this small in number of stories and close the book stating it was a win across the board Finishing this book would be one of those times

  5. Emma Emma says:

    Excellent collection of SF short stories Best in my opinion is The Fan which appears to be about Daniel O'Donnell touch of Wizard of Oz in there too Ryman writes very well indeed He has an incredible imagination plus the logic reuired to make his worlds seem possible

  6. D-day D-day says:

    Unconuered Countries is a collection of four stories The collection is named after the most famous The Unconuered Country which won the World Fantasy Award and has been published as a separate stand alone novel The other three stories are straight up Sci Fi What all four stories have in common is that they are very depressing ; The Unconuered Country is really Science Fantasy than pure Fantasy It is of an alternative world SE Asia where machines are organic and can be grown and some larger things like houses can be alive with a dim consciousness similar to cattle; where poor women can make a living giving birth to machine parts The story is good in it's way and full of imagination but mehThe first story in the collection is A Fall of Angels it was ok The next was The Fan This was the poorest story of the four not good at all The third story O Happy Day was to my mind the best in the collection It concerns a dystopian future society where woman have taken over the world and are sending men to extermination camps Gay males are allowed to live within the camp and escape extermination in return for burying the corpses and running the camp Ryman explores the psychological stresses these men live with as collaborators in a new holocaustSo one good two so so and one poor story

  7. martha martha says:

    My previous experience with Geoff Ryman can be boiled down to great concepts when I understand what the hell is going on so I worried this book of novellas might be the same Happily the stories were all way comprehensible than I'd worried and the concepts were just as originalMy favorite story was probably the last one Unconuered Country about war in a futuristic Cambodia; the worldbuilding personal story layered over cultural context layered over the scifi elements reminded me of Maureen McHugh I also really liked Fan about artificial intelligence and fannish obsession and the chilling O Happy Day futuristic holocaust spec fiction to uote another reviewerThe first story Fall of Angels is probably the most difficult to get into because it's the most hard science y but it mitigates that with gay space angels and stream of consciousness solar aliens and sociopolitical historyAll in all this made me much eager to read Ryman

  8. Melissa Melissa says:

    A mixed bag of sci fi shorts It's been awhile but the story that sticks in my mind from this collection is A Fall of Angels Ryman is a writer with a uniue voice and vision and is always worth reading even if it is just to dip in and experience some of his ideas

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