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Fool for Love ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Fool for Love Author Karen Ferry – My name is Suzy and I’m just a girl—a girl who believes in fairytales unicorns and the notion that wishing upon a shooting star really can make all my dreams come true Or at least I think I’m th My name is Suzy and I’m just a girl—a girl who believes in fairytales unicorns and the notion that wishing upon a shooting star really can make all my dreams come true Or at least I think I’m that girl Lately the world’s perception of me has left me uestioning everythingLove is love or Fool for ePUB ´ so I believed Then he barged into my lifeMy name is Garrett and I’m just a guy—a guy trying to survive in the world I’ve been cursed to roam I do not cling to the idea of happily ever after the scars of my past proof positive that I do not deserve such luxuriesLove is lost or so I thought Until she lit up my life While this is book in The Believe Series it can be read as a standalone novel Due to the sexual nature and subjects addressed it is not appropriate for readers under the age of .

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  1. Michelle Michelle says:

    Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review A Fool For Love is a story that truly captures the meaning of love understanding finding oneself and the endless possibilities of what life has to offer In Karen Ferry’s second novel Ms Ferry took a chance A chance on a different kind of love story She allowed readers to go behind the eyes of a young woman finding herself as she ventures out to a new city and discovers what truly matters in her life And just maybe this new journey allows a young woman to find the love that she was missingSuzy has always been an open book Open with her sexuality She knows who is she is She is bisexual Love her or hate her but that’s who Suzy is Her parents on the other hand have swept over their daughter’s sexuality and so when Suzy decides to move to New York City temporary Suzy begins to be comfortable in her own skin New city New beginnings And possibly new love Garrett on the other hand is a closed book He is broken with a past and so when he meets Suzy something about her openness and vivacious personality attracts him As a much older man than Suzy he tries to stay away since he doesn’t want to taint her innocence with his baggage and strong sexual desires But what Garrett doesn’t realize this young woman had awaken his dormant heart When it comes to love does love make you a fool?Karen Ferry really exploits a real love It is messy It is raw It makes you vulnerable It’s two fools falling in love And in this beautiful honest love story Ms Ferry showcases a story where love is for fools wise enough to take a chance So if you are looking for a story where depth passion growth understanding healing and new beginnings are integrated into a beautiful love story then this book is for you If Karen made you a believer in love in the first book then she will make you a fool who is wise enough to let love in Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages Ferry

  2. Mg ♥ The Bookishmedialite Mg ♥ The Bookishmedialite says:

    Before I start this review I want to say that I'm very proud of how much Ms Ferry grew as an author While MMB was a sweet reading FFL was a beautiful tale about love and forgiveness where you will find that love is love no matter whatI met suzy in MMB she was a character that intrigued me given her sexual preferences Knowing that FFL would be about her guaranteed that I'll read it I was a little nervous about how the author would manage Suzy's preferences specifically the girl girl thing but she did it amazingly sweet so I enjoyed it and also made me root for Morgan and left me hoping for her to get her own story She is a character that truly deserves a HEAUnder circumstances that are beyond their reach Suzy a bubbly funny young woman meets Garrett a troubled moody man together they make a deal that leaves them living in the same house and thus starts the emotional rollercoster that their relationship isAfter living a lifeless life for so long Garrett finds the spark he needs to start living again in Suzy In exchange for that and without his knowledge Garrett gives to Suzy what she has been looking for her whole life to belong to someone to be loved without being judgedTheir relationship was not easy relationships never are Garrett fought against his feelings for Suzy but she never gave up she wanted him so she fought his demons It was a slow paced relationship where the only way to heal was being in each other armsLove is love That's itFFL a story where it does not matter who you love as long as it's true love

  3. KceeReads KceeReads says:

    Suzy Christensen is a sweet yet very confused young woman who decided to go on an adventure in the Big Apple She's off to there with a goal in six months she has to find herself and maybe just maybe also find a love worth keeping After a few months of being in NYC she accidentally met hot as hell Garrett Thompson in her apartment which also happens to be his apartment; talk about wrong place and the wrong time He's a gorgeous alpha male with a caveman tendency and issues to still solve Suzy is searching for her Disney worthy kind of love story but what if her Prince Charming doesn't believe in happily every afters? Make Me Believe was an amazing read but I must say that Karen Ferry outdid herself on this one She's gotten so much better in Fool For Love The new characters she created her writing techniue and the plot wereall really uniue and very interesting Here's the thing I have read a bunch of series of standalones with different characters but almost the same plot In Karen Ferry's case she was able to offer her readers something fresh in FFL The characters the plot the place; they're all different from MMB I love how uniue her ideas are for each book MMB and FFL might be very different but I love them both just the same ehem I might be lying there a little because damn it Garrett Thompson happened I'm sorry for cheating on you Daniel sorry Believe me I didn't mean it Garrett and Suzy's journey to their HEA might be bumpy sometimes but I'm telling you it's so worth it having this journey with them This story might even hit some close to home Some of us might relate to the characters or know some who are like them FFL doesn't just give you an escape it also teaches you a lesson It doesn't matter who you give your heart to because love is love To Karen thank you so much for writing this beautiful book and it's really an honor to read your stories and witness your writing become greater

  4. C.J. Fallowfield C.J. Fallowfield says:

    45 stars for a well written and engaging love story This is my second read by Ferry and her second novel and while I gave her debut 4 stars it's clear to see how much her writing has already developed so goodness knows how much better it will continue to get as she develops We were introduced to Suzy in Make Me Believe the best friend of Emma the heroine of book one She's a likeable feisty female who is woken one morning by her landlord returning to his house early forgetting he had a tenant What follows is a charming love story between Suzy who left her homeland of Denmark when her parents reacted badly to the news that she was bi sexual and Garrett Garrett has some ghosts in his closet that have shaped him and his lifestyle for the last 15 years and he's a tough nut to crack but it's wonderful to see the way he starts to open up and let Suzy heal his damaged heart The only reason this lost half a star for me was that there were a couple of threads in the story that I thought were going to be developed to add some dramatension to the plot that kind of fizzled out and weren't fully explored I felt that I was missing some kind of drama or real tears of emotion to elevate it to a five star read but Ferry has done a great job at character development with Garrett and I was willing them to get their HEA Great epilogue to round off a beautiful love story of redemption and acceptance Looking forward to her next bookI was provided with a copy by the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review

  5. Coco.V Coco.V says:

    🎁 FREE on today 212019 🎁BlurbMy name is Suzy and I’m just a girl—a girl who believes in fairytales unicorns and the notion that wishing upon a shooting star really can make all my dreams come true Or at least I think I’m that girl Lately the world’s perception of me has left me uestioning everythingLove is love or so I believedThen he barged into my lifeMy name is Garrett and I’m just a guy—a guy trying to survive in the world I’ve been cursed to roam I do not cling to the idea of happily ever after the scars of my past proof positive that I do not deserve such luxuriesLove is lost or so I thoughtUntil she lit up my lifeWhile this is book #2 in The Believe Series it can be read as a standalone novel

  6. Beauté De Livres (Vivian Freeman) Beauté De Livres (Vivian Freeman) says:

    Fool For Love is Karen Ferry’s second novel a standalone about Suzy Christensen who readers were blessed to meet in her debut novel and book one of the Believe Series Make Me Believe Moving from Denmark to New York City Fool For Love follows Suzy’s move to the Big Apple to start fresh and find herself Exploring her sexuality and her need to find love Suzy’s story remind readers that Love is LoveTold in dual perspectives readers meet Garrett and Suzy Opposites with a fourteen year age gap a mix up of circumstances brings them together With sexual tension filling up the air around them these two broken souls gravitate towards each other; both wanting and needing As they try to deny the connection they share secrets are told and feelings explored reminding them both that meeting might be the best thing that’s sever happened to either of themRemaining true to her writing style Karen Ferry brings to life a heartwarming and memorable love story With topics that are different to her debut novel Ferry shows readers how vast and varied her creative mind is Exploring topics of sensitivity Karen Ferry’s characters are known for their need of individual soul searching Delving into grief loss and heartache Suzy and Garrett are perfect in their representation of reality Connecting well with readers their uest for happiness is one so often endured by othersAs the book goes through the highs and lows of real life the back drop the plot subplot and secondary characters all highlight Karen Ferry’s development as an author and a firm believer in the power of love Like Make Me Believe Fool For Love is inspirational and moving With stories that have the power to induce empathy I excitedly look forward to meeting of Ferry’s characters and immersing myself in the rest of the Believe Series

  7. Nance Nance says:

    POSSIBLE SPOILERS PRESENT WITHIN REVIEWSo I just finished Fool for Love and I was totally blown away with Ms Ferry’s writing The emotions I had as I was reading this gem just had me all over the place In such a good way though This was not only a romance but also a search to find out what’s out there Discover new things Really to begin again And for Suzy Christensen that entailed finding love Finding that special someone to settle down with whether it be male or female And that’s why Suzy has left Denmark for a new start in a new city – NYC She has a bad falling out with her parents because of finally telling them she is different Bi sexual It doesn’t go over well at all Horrible things are said and she just needs a change She always wanted to travel so this seems like the answer While renting an apartment for the six months that she will be in New York the owner of the apartment comes back early He catches her in a compromising position with another woman while he is drunk off his ass Realizing that there’s nowhere else for him to go they strike up a deal She can stay for the next three months but she has to be neat be considerate of her entertaining conuests and stay out of his way As Suzy gets to know Garrett there’s much much to this grumpy older man There’s pain in his eyes and she knows that there’s a story there But will he eventually let her in?There’s so much that I could say about this book but it’s best to read it blind So many secrets revealed Plus there’s the romance that is off the charts hot Ms Ferry can definitely write some amazing intimate scenes whether it be two females together or male and female You will definitely be needing a cool drink when Garrett and Suzy get together Their scenes are explosive and erotic with some BDSM mixed in Whew I loved Suzy’s character She was smart and feisty Definitely a hardass She didn’t really take st from anyone But she was also sensitive which just showed me that she was such a caring person Now Garrett he was also a much loved character Oh he was alpha alright but he had a soft side given the fact that he cared about people too He just came off a little gruff He didn’t really want to show anyone his emotional side He just was all male and Suzy loved that about him Even when he finally tells her his story she can’t help but be affected by the manThere’s so many things that I loved about this book Suzy’s flamboyant friends Garrett being a restaurant owner and chef Suzy still carrying on her friendship with her friend Emma who still lives in Denmark The fact that her mom tries to repair the damage that she verbally inflicted on her daughter The slow burn romance that finally Garrett and Suzy decide to submit to And who could forget that beautiful dog Rufus that everyone loved So many emotions running through me when I was reading this book I was so sorry when I had to turn the last page Just couldn’t get enough of Suzy and Garrett’s story Can’t wait to read the next book in the series So Ms Ferry get a move on in cranking out that next book “Have you already forgotten what I keep telling you? That life is for the living and that we shouldn’t spend the time we have on this earth consumed by the past?” Suzy Chap 33

  8. Angela Hudson Angela Hudson says:

    I have to say first off that I don't normally read this kind of romance And please don't read like I said it as in This kind of 'romance' Ha ha ha I simply mean that I'm not one for reading anything with a lot of sex in it I like my sex scenes with the 'fade to black' effect not to say that I can't enjoy those kinds of reads I actually liked the first book of 50 Shades Also I am not really into guys with long hair or the strong alpha male type So safe to say this really isn't my type of book I am a super duper picky reader and I find it really hard to get invested in most books I know right? I'm not human I actually found it hard to read Harry Potter HoweverI found myself eagerly turning pages to learn about Suzy and Garrett and intrigued by how different these characters are to the 'typical' trend these days By midway through the book my opinion was very much changed on what kinds of men I like to read about and I think maybe Mrs Ferry has converted me Ha ha ha I love that Suzy isn't your conventional Mary Sue kinda girl She has a taste for the same sex and I found that very refreshing And a bit sexy As I first started reading I was hooked in following Suzy's story and when we met Garrett and I realised what was coming I was slightly nervous that I might not like this book But I truly fell in love with these characters and with Mrs Ferry's beautifully descriptive and flowing style If you love your romance with a bit of hot stuff in it this is DEFINITELY the book for you And if you're a reading snob like me I know stone me please I am terrible you will fall just as hard for this book and these characters and for Karen Ferry's word mastery The most valuable asset a plot can offer a reader is a good story beneath it and this story was worth every second of reading Five golden stars for Karen Ferry's Fool For Love

  9. Mandy Desay Mandy Desay says:

    Wow I loved this book so much I love when a book sucks you in from the start and this book did just that When Suzy discovers everything she thought her life was is a lie she makes the journey to New York from her hometown in Denmark in the hope of discovering herself again and find her Prince Charming When the owner of the apartment she is renting returns unexpectedly Suzy is forced to share the space with Garrett Garrett is a dominant man with a tortured soul who is not a hearts and flowers kind of guy Can these two souls bring out the best in each other and discover that life is for living and that maybe there is a Happy ever after for them both? At first I wasn't sure how I felt about Suzy but as the book went on and we discover a little about Suzy she melted my heart She is a hopeless romantic but a feisty one and definitely knows how to stick up for herself and all she wants is to find 'The One' and get her HEA that everyone else gets Garrett was a tortured man who believed that because of his demons he was unworthy of love this made me fall in love with him from the start As the book went on and we discover just what demons he is hiding it was a heartbreaking and gut wrenching discovery This is the 2nd book in a week that has touched every emotion in me its a book of self discovery exploring sexuality that also touches on some sensitive issues Karen writes and deals with them with such beauty delicacy and sweetness that makes it such a brilliant read it's a book that will leave you emotional but in a good way and I can honestly say that this is another book that will stay with me for a very long time I am definitely #TeamGarrett Karen you are truly a wonderful author and you deserve every success with your books This will definitely be going on 'My Favourites' bookshelf

  10. Malene Malene says:

    Fool For Love was such a beautiful story about love growth and acceptance This was my first book by Karen Ferry and I really enjoyed it What really blew me away and made me notice how rare this book was was its honesty and the topic Karen Ferry chose as her main focusSuzy was a fresh and almost real person to me Her struggles with others acceptance of her sexuality was a very interesting topic and I was pulled in by her story immediately How she chose to look at herself and others was awe inspiring She was so strong in her openness of her sexuality and never shied away from who she were and her needs in that regardGarrett on the other hand was a very closed book but he had his reasons and they will be revealed He was a very sexual and secretive man but Suzy had her ways to open Garrett And believe me she did When he wanted something or someone in this case Suzy he made it known and showed itI really enjoyed their relationship and the age difference only worked in their favor They both brought out new sides and needs in one another It was exciting to follow their journey and how they slowly came to terms with the truth of what they both really wanted They had their baggage to be dealt with but how they tried to make their relationship work was what made this storyThis was a beautiful story and one everyone can relate to in one way or another Karen Ferry wrote an honest love story and the epilogue was just spot on and tied everything together perfectly4 BadAssDirtyWaifStarsArc generously provided by the author for an honest review

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