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  1. Emily May Emily May says:

    The first thing you’re going to want to know about me is Am I a boy or am I a girl? I'm glad this book exists I really am Unlike What We Left Behind which completely misrepresents gender fluidity Symptoms of Being Human provides plenty of information about being gender fluid reminds us that there are many ways to be gender fluid and will probably make gender fluid teens feel less aloneBUT I am a real believer in the power of fiction In my life I have taken from powerful stories than I have from any reference book encyclopaedia or biography I truly believe that a tale about someone going through the same experiences is so much meaningful than reading up on the facts And I think that's where this book loses somethingSymptoms of Being Human is very informative told by a charismatic narrator called Riley Riley is a sympathetic character and the bullying they endure will surely speak to readers But it still feels like a lot of information and no story arc Riley explains over and over what gender fluidity means how it makes them feel every day what it was like being a child in a gendered toy store The plot however is virtually non existent This information kind of hangs around without direction and there is no sense that the book is ever going anywhere What are we reading towards? There is nothing to discover No sense that Riley is waiting to come out or anything like that It's an exploration of everyday thoughts and personally I thought it wasn't enoughIt's almost good Perhaps it would have made a better short story rather than a full length novel Perhaps it will work for readers who have never heard of gender fluidity and are prepared to read lots of information For those already open minded and somewhat informed it's a little boringI think a much powerful LGBT book though about being transgender not gender fluid is George That book is subtle with the information weaved into a story that is heartbreaking without feeling manipulative I really wish Symptoms of Being Human had delivered something eually powerfulHowever I appreciate that Riley's biological sex is never revealed I'm sure many readers will see that as a mystery to be solved but that misses the point of the whole book I'm glad we never know what's in Riley's pants You know why? Because it's none of our damn business Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

  2. Cristina Monica Cristina Monica says:

    As always I’m going to be honest with you I had never heard of ‘‘gender fluidity’’ before Symptoms of Being Human came along and held my hand through the process of my discovering this psychologyThis book is informative and realistically illustrates what a gender fluid adolescent’s life and thoughts can look like However I do hope that not every gender fluid person has to go through everything Riley does because Riley doesn’t have it easy in schoolIt’s hard for Riley to be in the closet around the latter's own family and friends and to constantly be harassed at school because of the way our protagonist dresses and acts around people Sometimes Riley feels like a boy and other times like a girlI have to say this to me this is very fascinatingAnd to my surprise I connected with Riley’s character than I thought I would I’m not saying I’m gender fluid or anything of the like but Riley made me realize how people do expect things when they see youI remember this one time – it was the day before the beginning of high school many years ago – I prepared a girly outfit for my first day but then the next morning I was just ‘‘not feeling’’ like wearing pretty and tight clothes which I would normally wear I really wanted to just put on some joggings and a large t shirt but then I thought I can’t do that It would be too much of a contradiction if the next day I decided to wear elegant clothes People won’t know in what box to place me – the sporty one or the girly girl typeAs I grew older I started gaining confidence and stopped trying to fulfill others’ expectations but for people like Riley who constantly feel society’s pressure it’s harderYou may have noticed that I didn’t use any pronoun when mentioning Riley That’s because we never do learn the main character's gender I do have my theories but they’re not solid since the narration will not give you any clues Sometimes it feels like a guy is telling the story other times a girl – and that’s okay I never read a book in which the narrator’s gender is not specified so it was an interesting reading experience for meBut I think that if someone who doesn’t have Riley’s charming personality had narrated the story in Riley’s place I would have been uickly bored You see this book IS instructive and eye opening but it’s not very entertaining The author stated in his author’s note page that he knew he needed to write this book when he gave a sample of the story to some acuaintances and they asked him if being gender fluid is something that exists And it feels that way in the story I DO feel like this was written for those who have no prior knowledge of gender fluidity or are gender fluid themselvesAnd that too is okay You just have to know what you want before diving into this book Do you want informative and moving? Because that’s what this book has to offerBlog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google

  3. ♛Tash ♛Tash says:

    Symptoms of Being Human is an illuminating novel on gender fluidity and LGBTA in general for that matter It chronicles a particularly poignant point in the life of our main character Riley Cavanaugh who is gender fluid The first thing you’re going to want to know about me is Am I a boy or am I a girl? Riley's gender has always been a subject of speculation by everyone heshe meets This kind of attention causes significant distress to Riley as heshe just wants to be left alone to feel and become a boy some days and a girl on someThe human impulse to categorize is strong We'd poke and we'd prod until we figure it out It's easier to categorize in black and white man and woman good and evil but we all know it's always complicated than that In between black and white is a whole spectrum of colorsWe see that impulse here in Symptoms of Being Human the attempts to figure out what's between Riley's legs from ignorantly invasive uestions to outright violence The book kept true its essence by keeping this info a complete mystery all throughoutThe extent of Garvin's research is admirably comprehensive I learned a lot about the non binary and often than not unfortunately the stigma that comes with it According to this book 64% of transgender and non binary people in the US experience sexual violence in their life—12% before they graduate high school 41% will attempt suicide As staggering as those figures arethe book still presented a hopeful picture for the gender fluid As hard as Riley had it there was no dearth of understanding and support I appreciate the message it conveys especially to the young and conflicted that not everybody they meet will be a prejudiced prick and that they're not aloneJeff Garvin writes about gender fluidity beautifully let me share a few uotes The world isn’t binary Everything isn’t black or white yes or no Sometimes it’s not a switch it’s a dial And it’s not even a dial you can get your hands on; it turns without your permission or approval Gender identity is not external It isn’t dictated by your anatomy It’s internal It’s something you feel not something you see—and it can be way complicated than just male or female Some people like me slide on a continuum between the two like I have a compass in my chest but instead of North and South the needle moves between masculine and feminine But why the 3 stars?However compelling the message is story wise it's a bit of a disappointment We follow Riley's daily struggles even then there's a meandering uality to the narrative as if it's not entirely sure of that path it's going to take Sure I was enraged with Riley's plight but I did not feel the visceral connection I expected to feel when reading books about heavy issues perhaps because of the underdeveloped plotOverall though Symptoms of Being Human is an important read for gender fluidity awarenessarc provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

  4. Max Max says:

    view spoilerI'm so tired of cis people writing stories where trans people are sexually assaultedI know it happens I know this is part of many trans people's stories especially if they're trans women andor people of colour I know the statistics; they've been burned into my brain I know how unsafe it is to be trans But when you compare trans stories written by trans people with trans stories written by cis people you invariably come up with patterns One of those patterns is that when cis people write our stories they almost inevitably follow the trajectory of closeted struggles coming out or being outed sexual assault struggles optional happily ever after That's true to some trans people's stories for sure but there is so much to our lives than coming out and violence and it seems that only other trans people ever want to tell those truths hide spoiler

  5. Rachel Reads Ravenously Rachel Reads Ravenously says:

    35 stars Gender fluid a gender identity which refers to a gender which varies over time A gender fluid person may at any time identify as male female neutrois or any other non binary identity or some combination of identities Their gender can also vary at random or vary in response to different circumstances Source gender wikiThis is an incredibly interesting book and I learned a lot of new terms and subjects as well as it changed the way I think about other people This is the story of Riley a gender fluid individual who is struggling to cope with anxiety and other issues such as starting at a new school When Riley's therapist suggests starting an anonymous blog Riley is shocked when it becomes popular But then someone discovers that Riley runs the blog and everything just sort of explodes from there “The world isn't binary Everything isn't black or white yes or no Sometimes it's not a switch it's a dial And it's not even a dial you can get your hands on; it turns without your permission or approval I think this is an important book like I said earlier I learned a lot from it and think others will too My issue with it was it was information strong than plot strong I learned all of these things but I don't feel there was much of a story The side characters were there only to enhance Riley and there were a few personal tidbits thrown in but they didn't feel real to me Just there to supplement Riley's issues I also felt for a teen struggling with issues of gender fluidity that Riley was very in touch with hisher thoughts and had way insight than a struggling teen would have this is just my opinion everyone I can already feel people ready to argue with me Plus the story always had perfectly timed issues where something would happen and I found myself thinking wow that's convenient timingI sound like a grump I did like this book but sitting down after reading it I found way too many head scratching moments to really love it The surface of the story was scatched but I felt it could have gone much deeper I wish for with the parents of a development of Bec and Solo heck even Vickers BUT many teens will love this and I hope the right teens read it and it changes the way they think I know I found myself wanting to know Riley's gender at the beginning before thinking later that it didn't matter And I will do my best not to put people into categories “I can't blame you for trying to categorize me It's a human instinct It's why scientists are to this day completely flabbergasted by the duck billed platypus it's furry like a mammal but lays eggs like a bird It defies conventional classification I AM THE PLATYPUS Coo coo ka choo”

  6. Kelly (and the Book Boar) Kelly (and the Book Boar) says:

    Find all of my reviews at “The first thing you’re going to want to know about me is Am I a boy or am I a girl?” And that’s one thing you’ll never find out so it’s better to go in knowing it Riley Cavanaugh’s story is one you probably haven’t read before – that of a gender fluid teenager As the book says regarding gender “Honestly there’s so much information out there and a lot of it contradicts itself The pronouns and the terminology it’s very complex” It is and that’s why it’s so important that MANY stories like this get written For Riley gender identification works as “a dial not a switch” Sometimes Riley feels feminine some days masculine However Riley always remains “gender neutral” due to the fact that heshe has not yet come out to the parental units or anyone else for that matter You’re probably wondering why the lowish rating if I thought this was such an important book huh? Well the problem for me dear trolls really think a second about coming to any reviews on a book about treating others with respect and then commencing to disrespect the reviewer was with the execution Riley was not a very likeable character for me throughout the majority of the story Heshe was uick to take offense at nearly everything and everyone while being super uick to place labels on others immediately without giving it second thought And while Riley did end up experiencing horrible things that no one should ever have to the words of one of the characters early in the story really rang true “High school sucks for everyone” Okay maybe not everyone but for a lot of people You just have to seek out the ones who will accept you for you Another issue I had with the story was the parents It was refreshing to actually have parents in a YA novel but these two were pretty terrible To begin with there are only 535 people in Congress period Of those there are even fewer of breeding age so seriously with the “can’t come out because my dad is running for reelection” storyline It’s hard enough to come out if your parents are Average Joes so there was no need for Riley’s father to be anything other than that Speaking of coming out It’s effing 2016 Riley’s parents obviously loved himher and were simply not sure of what was going on with regard to Riley’s gendersexuality The idea that parents like that would never bother asking uestions or offer support was not realistic to me at all Speaking as a straight old lady we may not always understand everything but parents like Riley’s were the type who would listen and accept without judgmentFinally the message itself It was wonderful but it was repeated sooooooo many times that it became almost preachy This book could have easily been cut by 50 100 pages to eliminate the repetitivenessBottom line is this was a good addition to the world of LGBTIA young adult literature and will hopefully help to finally get the message to sink in that “Maybe blending in is overrated” Parental warning This book deals with heavy subject matter such as bullying suicide and rape While no graphic details are included this is a book I would encourage you to read with your child so you can answer any uestions

  7. Laurie Flynn Laurie Flynn says:

    Sometimes after turning page after page of a truly great book you think with total conviction this book could change someone’s life That’s how I felt than once while reading SYMPTOMS OF BEING HUMAN But not only that—I also had another thought This book could save someone’s life The protagonist in SYMPTOMS OF BEING HUMAN Riley Cavanaugh is gender fluid and identifies as both a boy and a girl depending on the day Some mornings Riley wakes up and feels girl; others Riley’s compass is pointing toward boy Although Riley’s parents don’t know the truth Riley starts a blog anonymously under the name “Alix” to share what it’s like to be a gender fluid teenager As Alix Riley is open and honest and real and begins to realize the number of gender fluid and LGBT people looking for someone who understands—but Riley is still waiting for the right time to come out in real life To add to this Riley has just transferred schools and struck up a friendship—and maybe — with enigmatic Bec who has secrets of her own Riley’s voice is everything I could ever want in a YA narrator Snarky whip smart thoughtful brave and authentically teen And I can honestly say that seeing the world through Riley’s eyes opened mine I loved that Riley wasn’t perfect and at times made the same judgments or assumptions about other people that people make about gender fluid or trans individuals There are so many brilliant lines in this book so many powerful truths But this is my favorite one “People are complicated And messy Seems too convenient that we’d all fit inside some multiple choice uestion”Nobody should be confined to identifying as male or female if that doesn’t match how they feel inside Why do we need to know whether Riley is a boy or a girl? What does that label matter and what does it mean anyway? Being a boy or girl isn’t the body you were born with It’s what is inside you and if you’re gender fluid it can be a spectrum that changes from day to day As I read I started thinking about all the people who don’t have access to the Internet who may not have access to books like this who don’t know the support is there who might need it most The violence and hatred toward gender fluid and LGBT individuals breaks my heart and makes me both overwhelmingly sad and completely enraged I’m confident that this book—this smart sensitive wonderful courageous book—will open up a dialogue that needs to be had will open doors for people that were previously closed I hope this book reaches every single person who needs it teens and adults alike because I think it has the power to change lives And save them

  8. Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss “The first thing you’re going to want to know about me is Am I a boy or am I a girl?” This was an interesting book about a gender fluid teen and her struggles to cope with her gender issuesRiley was an interesting character and I felt like we got a feel for herhim even though we never found out what gender heshe was I’m just going to use feminine pronouns for now Her troubles seemed genuine though and dysphoria that she went through seemed pretty awful not to mention the bullyingThe storyline in this was about Riley’s struggle to understand herself as well as her struggles with how she presented herself to other people and her indecision over what to tell her parents about herself There was a tiny bit of romance in this but not a lotThe ending to this was okay although the mystery of what gender Riley actually was was never solved65 out of 10

  9. Kurt Dinan Kurt Dinan says:

    The world is a better place because this book exists It will make readers compassionate and empathetic I can't think of a stronger endorsement than that

  10. Sierra Sierra says:

    There are no words for how much I had loved this book I thought that the story was beautifully written and had a powerful message behind it I loved every single thing about this book From the characters to the plot line and to the message that was being given Every relationship that Riley had made I absolutely loved I absolutely loved the relationships he had made with Bec and Solo that we so understanding on what Riley was going through and supported him no matter what Tears may or may not have welled up in my eyes a few times I had a hard time not trying to look like a idiot while reading this book I wanted to smile laugh out loud and cry many times but I was surrounded by peopleSome uotes that I Loved or Thought Had an Important Message To Them 1 “We’re all taught from a young age that there are only two choices pink or blue Bratz or Power Rangers cheer leading or football We see gender in two dimensions because that’s what society has taught us from birth But are you ready for a shocking revelation?SOCIETY NEEDS TO CHANGE” 2 “The world isn't binary Everything isn't black or white yes or no Sometimes it's not a switch it's a dial And it's not even a dial you can get your hands on; it turns without your permission or approval Riley” 3 “I can't blame you for trying to categorize me It's a human instinct It's why scientists are to this day completely flabbergasted by the duck billed platypus it's furry like a mammal but lays eggs like a bird It defies conventional classification I AM THE PLATYPUS Coo coo ka choo” 4 “People do judge books by their covers; it’s human nature They react to the way you look before they hear a single word that comes out of your mouth” 5 “At some point during my research I came across the term gender fluid Reading those words was a revelation It was like someone tore a layer of gauze off the mirror and I could see myself clearly for the first time There was a name for what I was It was a thing Gender fluid Sitting there in front of my computer like I am right now I knew I would never be the same I could never go back to seeing it the old way; I could never go back to not knowing what I wasBut did that glorious moment of revelation really change anything? I don't know Sometimes I don't think so I may have a name for what I am now but I'm just as confused and out of place as I was before And if today is any indication I'm still playing out that scene in the toy store trying to pick the thing that will cause the least amount of drama And not having much success” 6 “I think you assume everyone is going to be your enemy And by doing that you sort of make it come true” 7 “That’s none of your business” I say “And while I’m flattered by your interest you’re really not my type” 8 “Look I don't expect you to spill your guts to me Your business is your business Dress how you want to dress Let people wonder Fuck 'emI smileSolo raised a finger But you've got to stop looking for a fight every time someone makes a comment High school sucks for everyoneI feel my smile fade and I sit back in the chair It kind of feels like you're defending those guysSolo shrugs There will always be guys like Jim Vickers But I'm not going to let them stop me from doing what I want And neither should you”9 It means me and the rest of the guys on the team have your back Anybody tries to fck with you they'll wish they were safe in prisonI gape at Solo at the sudden ferocity in his eyesHe glanes over at me What?I've just never seen you go all papa bear like that It's kind of hotSolo's cheeks redden and he adjusts his grip on the steering wheel10 When she gets out of the car she glances at me and then does a double takeWow she says You lookextremely hotI blush with the fire of five thousand suns

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Symptoms of Being Human ➧ [Ebook] ➢ Symptoms of Being Human By Jeff Garvin ➲ – A sharply honest and moving debut perfect for fans of The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Ask the PassengersRiley Cavanaugh is many things Punk rock Snarky Rebellious And gender fluid Some days Riley A sharply honest and moving debut perfect for fans of The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Ask the PassengersRiley Cavanaugh is many things Punk rock Snarky Rebellious And gender fluid Some days Riley identifies as a boy and others as a girl But Riley isn't exactly out yet And between starting a new school and having a congressman father running for reelection in über conservative Orange County the pressure—media and otherwise—is building up in Riley's lifeOn the advice of a therapist Riley starts an anonymous blog to vent those pent up feelings and tell the truth Symptoms of Epub / of what it's really like to be a gender fluid teenager But just as Riley's starting to settle in at school—even developing feelings for a mysterious outcast—the blog goes viral and an unnamed commenter discovers Riley's real identity threatening exposure And Riley must make a choice walk away from what the blog has created—a lifeline new friends a cause to believe in—or stand up come out and risk everythingFrom debut author Jeff Garvin comes a powerful and uplifting portrait of a modern teen struggling with high school relationships and what it means to be a person.