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Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter [Read] ➮ Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter By Erin Rooney Doland – ALL THE ADVICE AND MOTIVATION YOU NEED TO KICK START YOUR HOME ORGANIZING PROJECT ON YOUR SCHEDULEWhether you have thirty seconds one minute five minutes or fifteen minutes this organizing daily devot ALL THE ADVICE Busy to PDF É AND MOTIVATION YOU NEED TO KICK START YOUR HOME ORGANIZING PROJECT ON YOUR SCHEDULEWhether you have thirty seconds one minute five minutes or fifteen Never Too ePUB ´ minutes this organizing daily devotional offers tips checklists weekend projects uizzes and encouragement that will help you find the time motivation and permission to let go of sentimental Too Busy to PDF ↠ clutter set up storage solutions and establish routines that make sense for your lifeFilled with practical advice and small doable projects that were created with your busy life in mind Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter is a loyal resource as well as a workbook that you can rely on for straightforward inspiring advice and tips you can return to time and time againYes you’re busy but you’re Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter.

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter
  • Erin Rooney Doland
  • 16 September 2015
  • 9780062419729

About the Author: Erin Rooney Doland

Author of NEVER Busy to PDF É TOO BUSY TO CURE CLUTTER William MorrowHarperCollins Jan and UNCLUTTER YOUR LIFE IN ONE WEEK Gallery BooksSimon and Schuster Nov Editor in Never Too ePUB ´ chief of Unclutterercom and a regular or times a year advice columnist for REAL SIMPLE magazineI am dreadful at listing and reviewing books I've read and Too Busy to PDF ↠ reporting them on Goodreads However I am a compulsive reader.

10 thoughts on “Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter

  1. BookBec BookBec says:

    This is not an uncluttering book Nor is it an organizing book or a simplifying book Basically it's a housecleaning handbook sorted into small chunks of time If that's what you're looking for great But it's not at all what it claims to beAs examples here are three suggestions from the book Sort a hamper of dirty clothes into lights darks and delicates 1 minute Clean a litter box or your pet's euivalent 5 minutes Test the batteries in a smoke alarm andor carbon monoxide alarm 30 seconds Are these important useful tasks? Yes of course But they have nothing to do with curing clutter or simplifying your life This book was full of such ideas with a woeful lack of thoughtful content about identifying and parting with the actual clutter that surrounds many of us

  2. Gela Gela says:

    Won this book on Goodreads I would give it a 35 honestly Most things in the book are common sense just stuff I think we all fall short on Maybe one day I will follow some of the guidelines but as for right now I don't know Maybe I'll start with my four year olds room I'm so terrible lol I do not part with my booksthe ones I really like anyways

  3. Terri Terri says:

    I received this book through Goodreads First Reads Giveaway I enjoyed this book very much and found it inspiring I think this works for very busy people who can just carve out a little time during the week to organize I don't have days to organize my belongings but with her system I started to see the difference in as little as 30 minutes a day The main thing is she teaches you to have a different mind set and that is really helpful The author suggests three steps Cure clutter one room at a time unclutter your routines and surprise situations that call for uncluttering I feel like she lives in the real world as a mom raising kids and is very practical about it

  4. Stacy Stacy says:

    Practical but a bit repetitive I liked the emphasis on things that can be done when you just have a few minutes

  5. Kristen Kristen says:

    35 StarsI won a free copy of this book thanks to the First Reads Giveaway programI liked the idea of this book than the actual content I actually clean and organize for a living and I felt like most of the tips in this book were common sense People should already know how to keep things organized For the most part in my experience people are just to lazy to actually do it So if they're too lazy to organize they're probably too lazy to read this book as wellBottom line sorry to say this book just felt like a waste of time time that could've been spent actually organizing

  6. Debbie Debbie says:

    I found this book to be full of helpful practical non judgmental information presented in a fun style and not so prescriptive or rigid that it made me chafe at the idea of it And the author definitely understands that people are busy and not probably interested in taking tons of time to get rid of clutter and organize Each part of the house has its own section and suggestions for things you can do if you have 30 seconds 1 minute 5 minutes or 15 minutes plus longer weekend project ideas There are a few fun uizzes throughout to determine things like your suggested closet organizing style mine visual even though my actual closet is closer to the super organized description Though I don't agree with everything NOT getting rid of my physical booksmediaphoto albums in favor of digital versions though I may weed them there are a LOT of things in this book I'm going to try And in the intro the author says to take what you like and leave what you don't so I feel like I'm totally in line with that

  7. Jay Jay says:

    Either I'm too organized nope or this book had useless ideas Broken down by room and then by time 30 seconds 1 minute 15 minutes etc the author assumes you keep cleaning supplies in every room and that you have room to spare to build projects I will admit that I read a lot of organizing books and that may be what make her tips old hat to me but until now I've never read a book that didn't have at least one new helpful idea

  8. Jillian Eliza Jillian Eliza says:

    I received this book through a Goodreads First Reads GiveawayI enjoyed this uick read While I am already a fairly tidy person I found the tips helpful and easy to manage I especially liked how many of the tips were organized by time so if you only have 30 seconds or one minute you still can accomplish a task

  9. Rania T Rania T says:

    Basically common sense advice that you can read about in a Supermarket rag or the Sunday lifestyle pages of the Herald Scum Daily Fail or Daily Terrorgraph newspapers

  10. Nealey Stapleton Nealey Stapleton says:

    As a professional organizer I LOVE this book It takes the overwhelm out of getting organized and breaks down each project into tiny chunks So tiny in fact that it even features 30 second tasks that one can do to contribute to getting organized Who could procrastinate about that?I also love Erin's conversational writing style and some of the outside the box tidbits For example I really got some golden nuggets out of the cleaning ideas the life hacks like having guests over without much notice and the suggestion for no slip grip tape for renters who have slippery wood stairs like we doIf you're ready to not just get organized but also transform your home into your sanctuary and make your life A LOT easier then I highly recommend you pick up this book

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