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Finding Audrey [Epub] ➟ Finding Audrey By Sophie Kinsella – Een angststoornis maakt het dagelijks leven van de veertienjarige Audrey behoorlijk lastig Ze heeft baat bij de gesprekken met haar psycholoog maar ze komt pas echt tot bloei wanneer ze Linus ontmoet Een angststoornis maakt het dagelijks leven van de veertienjarige Audrey behoorlijk lastig Ze heeft baat bij de gesprekken met haar psycholoog maar ze komt pas echt tot bloei wanneer ze Linus ontmoet een teamgenoot van haar oudere broer Linus snapt haar Audrey kan met hem over haar angsten praten zoals ze dat nog nooit met iemand anders heeft kunnen doen.

About the Author: Sophie Kinsella

Sophie Kinsella has sold over million copies of her books in than countries and she has been translated into over languagesSophie Kinsella first hit the UK bestseller lists in September with her first novel in the Shopaholic series – The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic also published as Confessions of a Shopaholic The book’s heroine Becky Bloomwood – a fun and feisty fin.

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  1. Emily May Emily May says:

    Sophie Kinsella used to be such a guilty pleasure author for me I haven't read one of her books in years but I always enjoyed reading about the hilarious ridiculous and unfortunate situations her shopaholic protagonist found herself inFinding Audrey though could be Kinsella's strongest work to date It's funny sweet heartwarming but also I felt an honest look at a teenage girl living with social anxiety “They talk about “body language” as if we all speak it the same But everyone has their own dialect For me right now for example swiveling my body right away and staring rigidly at the corner means “I like you” Because I didn’t run away and shut myself in the bathroom I just hope he realizes that” One of my favourite things about this book is that it's about one of those families loud crazy often torn apart by arguments but ultimately very close and loving towards one another The dynamics Kinsella creates between the members of Audrey's family make this book very funny and sometimes touching tooAudrey's mother is a neurotic Daily Mail fan who constantly tries to improve her family's lifestyle after reading articles like The Eight Signs Your Child is Addicted to Computer Games She's comical infuriating but still lovable Audrey's Dad reluctantly tries to enforce the rules his wife establishes but he really just wants to keep the peace and watch Downton Abbey Audrey's older brother Frank is obsessed with a game called LOC similar to World of Warcraft and this causes many hilarious arguments with his mum And then there's AudreyAudrey is suffering from a severe anxiety disorder She can hardly bear to leave the house and gets upset whenever Frank's gamer friends come around However she does begin to establish a way of communicating through paper notes with one of Frank's friends Linus Who by the way is so freaking adorableOne of my main concerns when I started this book was that it would turn into another love cures mental illness tale I hate that damaging and untrue message But though Linus offers support and friendship to Audrey the author doesn't allow that message to seep through Kinsella shows recovery from mental illness as a long process of two steps forward and one step back Even at the novel's close Audrey has not been miraculously curedI liked that I liked that the book was a good balance of light hearted silly humour and hard realism It was really effectiveVery enjoyable and touching bookBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store

  2. Jesse (JesseTheReader) Jesse (JesseTheReader) says:

    THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD BOOK I appreciated the fact that it was a light hearted book that still dealt with a serious topic like mental illness and did it in a respectful way BLESS YOU SOPHIE KINSELLA

  3. Christine Riccio Christine Riccio says:


  4. C.G. Drews C.G. Drews says:

    EDIT If you don't agree with my opinions on this review you don't have to comment and tell me I'm wrong JUST SAYIN' My opinion isn't going to changeI want to be very clear about something though I didn't finish this book because of ME It's a book that makes me uncomfortable and unhappy But that's just me It's totally a case of it's you not me So YEAH I don't believe in reading books that make me awfully unhappy I DNF'd this at 100 pagesThis is a book about social anxietywritten in the most insensitive way EVER It's a joke The entire book is a joke I don't know about you but I can't do that I can't read a book that mixes something so devastatingly destroying as mental illness with funky writing As someone with social anxiety I just feel this book portrayed it as a joke It is not a jokeThis is what went really wrong for me in the 100 pages I read The mother is INSANE Like kooky har har let's all laugh at the mother insane Not okay We're mixing a real mental illness Audrey's anxiety with the mother's kookinessfor a laugh? I couldn't I JUST COULDN'T The mother has this huge vendetta against the older brother Frank's computer games No reason She just is obsessed with making him not play computer games And I don't mean off handedly worried I mean FREAKING OBSESSED To the point where the parents go out on a date and tell Frank he can't play computer gamesbut secretly the mother is like peering in the window to make sure he doesn't She falls into a rose bush Omg isn't this funny NO IT IS NOT Her obsession disturbed me so so much Audrey's weird infatuation with Linus It has a huge case of insta love I also think it misses the point that social anxiety is social Sure people with SAD Social anxiety disorder can have crushes fall in love get married everything But don't forget that your brain is attacking itself and other people are always a threat I failed to see how this can just be negated by insta love after seeing someone a few times Plus for the level of SAD Audrey appears to have I feel like a relationship would've made her worse I seriously hope the book didn't do the magic cure with a relationship But I don't know since I didn't finish it because the whole thing made me sick with it's gross misrepresentationSo as long as you know this is a COMEDY wrapped up with mental illnessyou should be okay I however am not And seriously I hate DNF'ingit makes me twitchy to have unfinished books lying around So this is a big deal for me I think this subject is just too close to home for me laugh at itIf you're looking for books that deal with anxiety in a realistic and heartbreaking and perfect way and don't mock it at all can I recommend The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B and The Rest of Us Just Live Here

  5. Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) says:

    Update I reviewedfinished this a few days ago after having read it all in one day but as I sit here and plan the review and think about it I realize it's not a 3 star read but of a 2 star read for me so I have lowered my rating accordinglyThis was okay I found it didn't really get going for a while and that sometimes the focus was so on the brother than on Audrey But overall the writing was good the characters were alright so it was just an average read Didn't love it or hate it

  6. Emma Giordano Emma Giordano says:

    I did enjoy my time with this book but I feel I did not enjoy it as much as my peers I have had Finding Audrey on my radar for an immensely long time due to it being one of the only YA books I've found to deal with social anxiety specifically and while I was pleased with the mental health rep I found the majority of the rest of the book to be lackingThe glowing element of this story is absolutely the representation for social anxiety Audrey is diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder and clinical depression As someone who has dealt with anxiety and depression for most of my life I can happily say this book contains an accurate depiction I love how true of a portrayal this novel is Social anxiety is not only being afraid to talk on phones not feeling comfortable in crowds or having trouble making new friends It affects all of your interpersonal relationships and makes daily tasks like making eye contact eating in front of others or leaving the house almost impossible As a note I've seen a few reviews suggesting Audrey also deals with agoraphobia because she does not leave her home often As we are given Audrey's official diagnosis in the beginning on the novel and the fact that the fear of leaving her home is not due to a fear of not having an escape in case of disaster but rather her fear of social interaction judgement from others I would not consider this book to have representation for agoraphobia though many who do live with this illness may find some comfort in Audrey's story regardless I liked the focus on that an event may have triggered Audrey's anxiety but it is primarily a chemical imbalance that she has always lived with it's not only tied to an incident at school Though this book perfectly displays what it is like to have social anxiety and depression Audrey is still than just her illnesses and I feel this book properly showcases the struggle that million of people go through I also loved that Audrey's treatment was a central theme of the story and although I'm always unhappy to see YA books demonize the use of medication to treat mental illness this novel left a strong enough positive message that I can accept it I've seen a lot of reviews suggest that Audrey recovers too uickly which I personally disagree with I feel this book follows her struggle her efforts to take control of her anxiety and work past her issues and ultimate progress Audrey is in no way cured by the end of this novel she is still struggling despite her improvements and I believe those improvements would be inspiring to make teens in similar situations If you're looking for a book that deals with social anxiety I can't recommend Finding Audrey enoughI liked the romance I don't feel it is anything special but I was happy to see a supportive love interest that helps the main character in their recovery yet isn't attributed to as the sole reason they begin to get better Linus was probably my second favorite character for that reason I also liked Audrey's brother Frank but I don't feel he had a huge contribution to the story I struggled very hard with Audrey's mother; She is the type of helicopter parent that believes they are doing what is best for their child while simultaneously harming them and while this is absolutely a real parental role that many teens have to live with she made the majority of the book extremely unbearable I don't feel we had enough development on Audrey's father for me to have strong feelings and apart from being the cute younger brother who acts as comic relief Felix also isn't a memorable character for meOn the other hand I didn't love many other aspects of this book The plot was really lacking other than it being the story of Audrey dealing with her illnesses not much happens in this book I found it very boring at times with a weak driving force If you are looking for a book with a well developed plot I don't believe this is the book for you I also felt there was too large of a focus on being addicted to video games At times it felt as if their mother's obsession with Frank's video game usage overtook the focus on Audrey's story It wasn't enjoyable and felt gimmicky making a large portion of the story to be very hard to get throughAdditionally the incident that mostly triggered Audrey's illnesses was never really addressed We can assume it has something to do with her past classmates and bullying It is built up to be this huge issue that the school failed to take control of yet we are never exposed to what it actually is I understand some authors choose to not include information like this as the actual event doesn't matter but it made the book extremely anti climatic and left me very unsatisfied It felt lazy and unfinished I think an actual anecdote about what happened would have strengthened the storyOverall I'm very pleased I read this book because of the mental health rep but I can't find any other notable elements of praise If you're looking for books with social anxiety I think it's worth giving a shot If you're not I'm sure you'd find enjoyment in a different read

  7. Cristina Monica Cristina Monica says:

    Sophie Kinsella did it again Earlier this week I read and disliked ELIZA AND HER MONSTERS I thought it was because the main character was lethargic which was mostly due to her social anxiety but so is Audrey She’s an observer also—very calm stays inside interacts little—and I loved the hell out of her voice Something bad happened to Audrey at her last school so now she wanders around the house aimlessly Her doctor tells her to make a video documenting her life family recovery which helps her interact with others and herself Another new key element in her life is her brother’s new friend to whom she took a liking I loved the humour I was so scared it would be similar to WHERE DID YOU GO BERNADETTE which is a tragicomedy also with an isolated protagonist who disappears But unlike the title suggests this isn’t a book about the literal definition of finding Audrey More like the metaphorical one The characters are very interesting It revolves around Audrey’s family and Audrey herself All family members are fully fleshed out from overly eager little Felix to obsessive stay at home Mom In ELIZA AND HER MONSTERS Eliza preferred to stay away from her family She thought of them as an annoyance I found that extremely irking Audrey may not necessarily approve of everything her family does—she definitely disfavours the drama—but her affection toward them is obvious to the reader nonetheless A very addictive novel with entertaining characters and sweet romance Job well done Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

  8. Natalie Monroe Natalie Monroe says:

    45 stars Life is all about climbing up slipping down and picking yourself up again And it doesn't matter if you slip down As long as you're kind of heading or less upwards That's all you can hope for More or less upward Sophie Kinsella is on my auto buy list Her books are like literary sunshine They're sweet heartwarming and never fail to coax a laugh out of meFinding Audrey is no exception—with a twist The critical reader in me hates it At the beginning of the book Audrey needs to wear sunglasses and can't leave the house because of her anxiety When a stranger walks into her room she immediately has a panic attack My chest is starting to rise in panic Tears have already started to my eyes My throat feels frozen I need to escape I need I can't But halfway through with no loved ones by her side she's able to make the 20 minute walk from her house to Starbucks Busy bustling Starbucks with its lines and irritable screenplay writers hogging seatsCan you guess how Audrey does it? Yup you guessed itMotherfucking love Because love is the answer to everything We don't need no food or money as long as we have love Love can solve mental illness because fuck realityNow I'm even mad at this book because it made me look up Justin Bieber gifsLinus the love interest feels like a Maniac Pixie Dream Boy His romantic interest in Audrey has no base They meet a handful of times in which Audrey flees from him like a startled deer and exchange a few cute notes and then he's utterly head over heels for her Let's be realistic being in a romantic relationship with a mentally ill person is a lot of work especially since Audrey's anxiety is uite severe I'm not saying it's not possible or they don't deserve happily ever afters but the way it's presented in this book makes me cringe Black Iris does a fantastic job of charting the highs and lows of falling in love with a bipolar person while Finding Audrey sugarcoats itThat aside I enjoy the overall message that anxiety is not something that can be footed in a day It takes time and hard work and often one step forward results in two steps backward Kinsella accurately demonstrates how anxiety can weigh on familial relationships which is lovelyLet's not forget the humor Dad Voice over A PARTY? Are you serious?Mom Why not? It would be fun We used to throw him some lovely parties Dad When he was EIGHT Anne do you know what teenage parties are like? What if they knife each other and have sex on the trampoline? Basically my thoughts towards Finding Audrey can be summed up in one Taylor Swift gifI know I shouldn't but I love it anywayPre review An anxiety disorder disrupts fourteen year old Audrey’s daily life Damn Kinsella foraying into YA and writing about a serious subject at the same time?

  9. Warda Warda says:

    So I think my feelings have slightly changed towards this book The initial fondness or attachment I had isn’t there any But it was hilarious it was messy the parents were irritating beyond belief but I adored them The social anxiety rep was okay I did want focus on it but I appreciated that we also got to see Audrey in her own messy element with her family and challenging her social anxiety ————————45 This was amaaaazing I wasn't expecting to actually love it Just like it or less But I couldn't help but actually fall in love with this book In true Kinsella style it was hilarious Throughout the whole book I was actually laughing out loud to myself Way too many times I loved the family They were genuine real supportive and a mess The main character suffers from social anxiety and it follows her journey of trying to overcome it I loved the overall message the writing and in general the whole story We get to see the protagonist progress but also suffer from a few setbacks and learning to deal with her situation I wish there was More development to the anxiety Audrey deals with the story and the characters but it does make for a lighthearted read with a message Definitely recommend this

  10. Ryan Ryan says:

    The trouble is depression doesn't come with handy symptoms like spots and a temperature so you don't realize it at first You keep saying I'm fine to people when you're not fine You think you should be fine You keep saying to yourself Why aren't I fine? This is going to be one long ass review everyoneLet me just preface this by saying one reason why I love this book so much is because of how personal the topic is to me Some of this review will be a ramble y description of my experiences with anxiety which I will put in a spoiler tag at the very end To put you out of your misery here's the full diagnosis Social Anxiety Disorder General Anxiety Disorder and Depressive EpisodesEpisodes Like depression is a sitcom with a fun punch line each time Or a TV box set loaded with cliffhangers The only cliffhanger in my life is Will I ever get rid of this shit? and believe me it gets pretty monotonousFinding Audrey is a book that I didn't expect to love as much as I did I was expecting a typical mental illness contemporary where the MC has something wrong with them meets some love interest is miraculously cured and then goes to make out or have sex or whatever the fuck with their insta lover This was nothing like that This was a humourous hard hitting story about the realities of living with a mental illness Not the romanticized bullshit versions authors keep putting out Can we just take a moment to appreciate the accurate portrayal of anxiety and mental illness here? Like Eye contact is a big deal It's the biggest deal Just the thought makes me sick right down to my coreI know in my rational head that that eyes are not frightening They're tiny little harmless blobs of jelly They're like a minuscule fraction of our whole body area We all have them So why should they bother me? But I've had a lot of time to think about this and if you ask me most people underestimate eyes For a start they're powerfulThey're like vortexes too They're infinite You look someone straight in the eye and your whole soul can be sucked out in a nanosecond That's what it feels like Other people's eyes are limitless and that's what scares me And It's all my fault my stupid stupid faultMy thoughts are speeding up and my pace is speeding up too and I'm pulling at my arms pulling at the flesh of my forearms trying toI don't know I don't understand it I glance in the mirror and flinch at my own wild stare I can feel a weird sparking all over my body like I'm alive than I should be like my body is over loaded with life force Can you have too much life stuffed into one body? Because that's what this feels like And everything's too fast My heart my thoughts my feet my clawing armsI applaud you Sophie Kinsella I'll do anything I'll stack the dishwasher I'll phone Grandma every night I'll He casts wildly about I'll read to deaf peopleRead to deaf people? Can he actually hear what he's saying? Even though this book deals with such a heavy topic it is still incredibly funny I'm a fairly easy person to make laugh so I don't know how credible my word is but I found this book nothing short of hilarious Parents have this way of asking really dumb obvious uestionsAre you going out in that skirt? No I'm planning to take it off as soon as I get out of the front doorDo you think that's a good idea? No I think it's a terrible idea that's why I'm doing itAre you listening to me? Your voice is a hundred decibels I can hardly avoid itAudrey's family is another thing I loved Her anti video game mom her lovably naive little brother her clueless father and her video game obsessed brother were absolutely wonderful Not only in their endless support of Audrey but in their dynamic They seemed like a real family Hell they kind of seemed like my family and in ways than one I've gone up a level That's the only way I can describe it Yes I've had one bad episode but I didn't sink uite as low Things weren't uite as dark Linus and Audrey fangirls They're so fucking cute I loved how Linus wasn't the cure all end all to Audrey's anxiety Sure he helped a bit but meeting him didn't save her life She helped herself with the aid of her family and therapist Even in the end Audrey's not 100% fine and that's okay No one's fine really if you think about it After all I'm not okay you're not okay and that's okay Elisabeth Kubler Ross I guess Mum was right about the jagged graphs thing We're all on one Even Frank Even Mum Even Felix I think what I've realized is life is all about climbing up slipping down and picking yourself up again And it doesn't matter if you slip down As long as you're kind of heading or less upwards That's all that you can hope for More or less upwards view spoilerThis could possibly be very soppy and cliche but what else would you expect from me?My experience with anxiety This is probably the easiest and hardest thing I've ever had to write Easy I know exactly what I want to write Hard because what I want to write involves sharing a very personal part of my life with hundreds of strangers on the Internet So Here goes nothingWhen I was very little I was one of the shyest kids out there I wouldn't talk much to new people I was the kid sitting uietly on the swings book in hand while the other kids my age ran around the playground screaming and yelling at the top of their lungs It wasn't until I started Preschool that I was able to break out of my shell From that day on I was the one of the loud kids I was friends with everyone I preformed in my city's theatre program I dreamed of one day becoming a singer and auditioning for America's Got Talent I wanted to do everything see everythingBut despite all of that I was a very anxious kid Overly anxious No one really noticed then I didn't even notice myself But I can remember all of my irrational fears how long it would take me to calm down once I was scared and how the smallest most insignificant things would affect me greatlyThis never really became a problem until I was 13 Things happened to me Not horrid awful things but things that impacted me enough to make me revert back to my old ways My grandpa died My dad moved out My grades started slipping People that I thought were my friends uickly turned on me I remember my first panic attack like most would remember their first kiss I couldn't breathe I couldn't think I couldn't speak All I could do was sit there shaking as tears streamed down my face and my heart pounded in my ears and my breath came in shallow gasps I didn't know what was happening to me I though I was dying But then again every time I felt even remotely under the weather I thought I was dying Somehow it passed I tried to move on but I couldn't get that day out of my mind Slowly after a while I began to experience these things often I retreated from the world and I had started to go out less and less I developed a fear of cameras airplanes social media spiders germs the ocean people you name a fear and chances are I probably had it I started to cover all of my cameras with tape I couldn't look people in the eyes when I spoke to them I didn't leave the house for weeks sometimes months on end Panic attacks became a regular thing and it wasn't uncommon for me to have one once twice maybe even three times a week I was seeing a therapist but that wasn't doing much I didn't want to get better I wanted to hide Sometimes on very bad days I thought the world would be better off without me During all of this reading was my only solace Books weren't judgmental Books didn't turn on you They contained whole worlds for me to run toI continued living like this for years until only recently when I stumbled upon this little site called Goodreads A social media platform for people who loved books This sounded like an actual paradise to me I had to join The only problem was that involved starting an account A social media account Something I had avoided like the plague for years Just the thought made my heart beat faster and my breath catch But I was tired of living like this scared of everything and everyone I clicked sign up At first I vowed to only use my account to find new books I wouldn't comment anything I wouldn't follow anyone And I sure as hell wasn't going to friend anyoneThat worked for maybe two weeks One day out of the blue I got two friend reuests I was so taken aback I shut off my laptop and had a mini panic attack in the corner of my room But my therapist was always telling me to take small risks and to broaden my horizons So I accepted the friend reuests I started commenting things I started reviewing books This progress wasn't just limited to my online life I started going out I started talking to new people I had some bad episodes yes and I had some minor setbacks but I wasn't going to let that stop me Just recently I uncovered my phone's back camera Then the front camera And holy shit did it scare me But it thrilled me too I did it I looked a camera in the eye and said I'm not afraid of youEven now with all the progress I've made I'm not fully cured I still have trouble maintaining eye contact My laptop camera is still covered I still haven't really gone out out A week ago I had one of the worst panic attacks I've had in months But afterwards I didn't feel so bad I got back up I'm on a jagged graph myself just like AudreyI owe a lot to the first two people who friend reuested me I can't even remember their names and honestly I feel terrible about it Even though they didn't know it they gave me that little push I needed to start againIf any of you are in the same or similar boat as me do not be afraid to message me I know it's scary talking to a complete stranger about your problems But it may make you feel better It did for me hide spoiler

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