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A Touch of Stardust [Download] ➾ A Touch of Stardust By Kate Alcott – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Julie Crawford left Fort Wayne Indiana with dreams of being a Hollywood screenwriter Unfortunately her new life is off to a rocky start Fired by the notoriously demanding director of Gone With the Win Julie Crawford left Fort Wayne Indiana with dreams of being a Hollywood screenwriter Unfortunately her new life is off to a rocky start Fired by the notoriously demanding director of Gone With the A Touch PDF/EPUB or Wind she’s lucky to be rescued by Carole Lombard whose scandalous affair with the still married Clark Gable is just heating up As Carole’s assistant Julie suddenly has a front row seat to two of the world’s greatest love affairs And while Rhett and Scarlett—and Lombard and Gable—make movie history Julie is caught up in a whirlwind of outsized personalities and overheated behind the scenes drama not to mention a budding romance of her own.

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  1. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    To this day Gone with the Wind remains one of my favorite books and the movie one of only three that I have watched than once It was extremely thrilling to find myself once again lost in the wonderful world of that movie this time having a back seat to its making and some of its stars Carole Lombard Clark Gable and a young Vivian Leigh along with the perfectionist David Selznick So very interestingTrying to enter this rarified world is a young Julie Crawford from Fort Wayne Indiana who wants to be script writer Carole Lombard will take this young woman under her wing and Julie will fall in love with a young Jewish man Andy Selznick's assistant Yet everything is not sweetness and light because Hitler is in power and war will soon be declared The author did a great job contrasting the glitter and glamour of Hollywood where things were often make believe and larger than life with the horror of what was happening overseas Using Andy whose grandparents have disappeared from Germany the darkness of reality threatens the make believe atmosphere of making movies and the relationship between Andy and Julie Julie will change and grow throughout this novel often with Carole's wise words and become a force of her ownA joy to read a book that reads light but with a deeper underlying message The author afterwards does a wonderful job of updating the reader on the success of Gone with the Wind as well as it's key players There is even a brief appearance by Margaret MitchellARC from publisher

  2. Erin Erin says:

    Find this and other reviews at 've such mixed feelings about Kate Alcott's A Touch of Stardust that I hardly know where to begin There are things I loved about it but there are things I disliked in eual measure I suppose I should make it clear that I think Alcott had a good idea here several of them in fact Problem is they don't make a remotely cohesive story when packed like sardines in a single narrative I'm sorry but someone needed to take a pair of scissors to this piece and break it down into two or three separate novels Fleshed out and streamlined I'd have easily given every one of Alcott's ideas four stars if not and I'm one of the stingiest reviewers I know I'm not exaggerating when I say Gone With the Wind is one of my favorite movies so it should come as no surprise that I think Alcott was onto something in fictionalizing the details of its filming I enjoyed the scenes Alcott created but I couldn't help wondering why Julie spent so much time on set Julie doesn't work for Vivien Leigh Clark Gable Leslie Howard Olivia de Havilland Hattie McDaniel or Butterfly Mcueen I hate to point out the obvious but Julie spends the bulk of the novel attached to Carole Lombard so her almost constant presence makes little sense in the grand scheme of things especially as her employer is so often elsewhere Speaking of Lombard I felt the actress a vivid and colorful addition to Julie's world That said however I didn't find her role in the story even slightly convincing Carole has the glamour and personality but her friendship with Julie lacked validity and her position as mentor seemed preposterous when Alcott's starry eyed would be writer has access to Academy Award winner Frances Marion I understand the author's fascination with Lombard but if she wanted to write about Mrs Gable she should have let the actress take center stage Marion plucking Ms Crawford from an obscure secretarial existence would have been a better angle believable and within the realm of Julie's ambitionHow Andy's story line failed to make the jacket description is beyond my comprehension His personal ties to the conflict in Europe the anti Semitism he faces in Hollywood and his frustration with an industry that refuses to acknowledge the Nazi threat was solid gold Alcott could have played that for days Julie and Andy working on a script with the support of Lombard and Howard battling to have their voices heard I get excited just thinking about such a setup but as it stands Alcott doesn't use the material to its best advantage and sadly regulates it to minor plot points that ultimately lack purpose or resolution This review is turning into a novel in and of itself but if you're still with me please understand my concerns aren't limited to the story's construction Alcott's narrative depends on an overwhelming amount of implausible coincidence and that bothered me to no end Julie's first job in Hollywood just happens to be with David O Selznick the day he begins filming Gone With the Wind? She gets fired hardly three pages in and just happens to bump into Carole Lombard who is so smitten with Julie's gumption that she immediately shelters the floundering Mary Sue under her protective wing? Excuse my impertinence but gag me The situation is impossibly far fetched and even if it weren't it bears far too much similarity to Tess Collins landing a position with Lucile Duff Gordon the very day Titanic sets sail in the opening scenes of Alcott's The Dressmaker It's the same scenario in different trimmings and I was no impressed this go round than I was the lastI've other uibbles but I think I've made my point well enough As a novel A Touch of Stardust has much to recommend it but I can't ignore the poor structure of the story or its overabundance of plot I don't mean to be harsh but I think this one could have been much effective if it had been executed with a tad care and discretion

  3. Heidi The Reader Heidi The Reader says:

    A girl from Indiana goes to Hollywood and ends up taking care of Hollywood royalty in A Touch of StardustThe reader gets a behind the scenes look at the making of Gone With the Wind and the private slightly dysfunctional lives of Carol Lombard and Clarke GableIt was fun learning about what went into the creation of Gone With the Wind Those parts of the book sort of read like a Hollywood fan magazine but better writtenThe dialogue in this book is snappy and smart like a Bogie and Bacall filmI loved the heroine and how she pulled herself up by the bootstraps to make it in Hollywood at a time when very few women didOverall it's a great story I absolutely loved this book up until the ending which I hatedWe discussed this read in my book club and some folks liked the ambiguous feel of the ending I was not one of thoseRecommended for readers who can handle an ending that might make them say Huh? or No

  4. Barbara Barbara says:

    Julie Crawford's conservative parents in Fort Wayne Indiana expect her to come home and get married as soon as she graduates from Smith College Instead Julie takes off for Hollywood hoping to become a screen writer Julie gets a room in a boarding house and lands a 'gofer' job at Selznick International Pictures the studio where producer David O Selznick is making 'Gone With the Wind' GWTW one of the most famous movies of all time While working at the film studio Julie meets Selznick's assistant producer Andy Weinstein who introduces her to the famous screwball comedy actress Carole Lombard Julie is soon dating Andy and working as Carole's personal assistant From this vantage point Julie is a witness to the romance between Carole Lombard and Clark Cable She's also an occasional observer on the set of GWTW in which Clark is playing Rhett Butler Carole Lombard and Clark GableAll this might be ideal except that Clark is having trouble wrangling a divorce from his estranged wife; the Nazis are waging war in Europe and Andy who's Jewish is worried about his grandparents in Berlin; and Julie's parents would be appalled by her dating a JewThe story is largely about Julie's thorny relationship with Andy and the formidable challenges of making GWTW In the beginning Julie is immature and insecure wanting to know about Andy's past than he's willing to share Julie's huffiness about Andy's reticence and an incident involving anti Semitic drunks puts a crimp in the romancebut they carry on Working in Hollywood gives Julie the opportunity to meet Frances Marion a screenwriter who's willing to give other women a leg up Encouraged by both Frances and Carole Julie starts writing a movie script This leads to some job opportunitiesas well as a run in with the 'casting couch' mentality of a powerful man in the industry Meanwhile the studio is in a constant uproar about GWTW Selznick is always firing and hiring people; Vivian Leigh who plays Scarlet O'Hara is tetchy about her breasts being taped together to give her 'cleavage'; there's disagreement about the movie's ending; and so on Vivian Leigh as Scarlet O'HaraEven worse racism towards the black actors results in Clark threatening to uitand the film's black stars are not welcome at the premiere in Atlanta As all this is going on the Nazis are storming across Europe forcing Jews from their homes and putting them in concentration camps Nevertheless Hollywood bigwigs who distribute movies in Germany willfully 'see no evil' and refuse to criticize the Führer or the war This theme runs through the book and drives the behavior of some of the characters I liked the relationship between Carole and Clarke who call each other 'Ma' and 'Pa' and share an irreverent attitude to life When they move to a ranch Carole decides she needs 50 horses a tractor and lots of animalsthough she has no idea what to do with any of them As for Julie and Andy I don't feel like they're a credible couple Aside from the lust that accompanies new love affairs they don't seem to be on the same wavelength I may be completely alone in this opinion 😎 Overall I enjoyed the book and thought it made good points about 'old' Hollywood's treatment of black people and its profit at all costs attitudeI'd recommend the book to readers who like romances andor historic fiction about the movie industryYou can follow my reviews at

  5. Angela M Angela M says:

    I felt like I was reading a Hollywood gossip magazine or just there snooping around behind the scenes on a Hollywood set and I have to admit it was fun It felt like a bit of a guilty pleasure an easy read with not much depth although the war in Europe and the fate of the grandparents of one of the characters loomed in the backgroundI love Gone With the Wind both the book and the movie and was taken with Clark Gable The main character Julia Crawford an aspiring screen writer wasn't a character I could really connect with for some reason It was Carole Lombard who stole this show and it was mainly her presence in the story that made this an entertaining read This is for anyone in love with old Hollywood or Gone With the Wind Thanks to Doubleday Books and NetGalley

  6. ☮Karen ☮Karen says:

    I have read some other works of fiction that delve into the making of the movie Gone With the Wind and always enjoy them a great deal This is no different maybe a bit better It describes the auditions for the role of Scarlet when practically every actress in Hollywood tried out I love watching old clips of those tryouts and really no one came close to Vivian LeighThe fly on the wall watching all this is Julie from Fort Wayne IN there to try to land a screenwriter job; but first she gets hired as Carole Lombard's personal assistant Ms Lombard also from Fort Wayne is Clark Gable's latest love and she's uite a character my favorite in the book Certainly kept things interesting so than bland Julie who just wasn't fleshed out very well The book goes from casting to It's a wrap to the premier in Atlanta The war in Europe before Pearl Harbor provided a background and the reason why the film was so important as a diversion for the American publicThe audiobook is read by Cassandra Campbell and is not her best effort Every time Julie opened her mouth she came across as a ditzy bimbo This might have contributed to my dislike of Julie but looking at reviews of others Julie may have just been a ditz 35 stars

  7. Connie G Connie G says:

    A Touch of Stardust takes us to the Hollywood sets of the spectacular movie Gone with the Wind A fictional character Julie is hoping to break into screenwriting She gets a behind the scenes look at movie making when actress Carole Lombard hires her as an assistant The lively outspoken Carole is romantically involved with actor Clark Gable who plays the unforgettable Rhett ButlerProducer David O Selznick keeps tight control over the production of Gone with the Wind and Julie's boyfriend Andy works long hours for the demanding producer Meanwhile war is brewing in 1939 Europe and Americans are worried that the United States will be pulled into the battle Andy fears for his Jewish family members living in Europe One sees the contrast between the glamour of Hollywood and the reality of prejudice and warThe book was a bit unrealistic in portraying Julie spending so much time on the Gone with the Wind sets when she was supposed to be first working for Carole Lombard and later writing screenplays The making of the movie was fascinating from the scenes of the burning of Atlanta to the meeting with Margaret Mitchell the author of the famous book at the movie's premier showing The romances of Scarlett and Rhett on screen and Carole Lombard and Clark Gable in real life are legendary I found this to be a light enjoyable book which brought back good memories of reading Gone with the Wind and watching the movie years ago 35 stars

  8. Jenne Jenne says:

    SoI was a little bit drunk when I started reading this so I got involved with the story which is charming before I noticed the writing which is not the greatest None of the made up characters are especially interesting either but the whole thing is saved by the gloriousness that is Carole Lombard Carole Lombard Why did you have to tragically die in a plane crash instead of being I don't know my awesome honorary great aunt or something? It could totally have happened my grandparents lived in LA and everything

  9. Holly Holly says:

    I would say if you aren't a Gone With the Wind fan it might be hard to find enjoyment with this book Parts I liked behind the scenes of GWTW Gable Lombard the few scenes with Vivian Leigh Julie was ok but nothing memorable about her or her story I've tried to read another Alcott book last year couldn't get into it I think if this hadn't been GWTW inspired I probably wouldn't have finished this either I love the movie so that kept me reading Now I need to find the time to watch the greatest movie of all time again

  10. Heidi Heidi says:

    Review to follow

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