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Travels With Ritalin ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Travels With Ritalin By David Ellis Dickerson ❤ – In the summer of 2005 in the middle of a spiritual crisis This American Life's David Ellis Dickerson took a break from grad school and drove the entire length of I 10 to see what he could learn on the In the summer of in the middle of a spiritual crisis This American Life's David Ellis Dickerson took a break from grad school and drove the entire length of I to see what he could learn on the road from Jacksonville to Santa Monica He steals a lot of books gets three conflicting psychic readings in New Orleans visits the th Roswell UFO Festival and interviews burlesue performers roller derby girls religious mavericks scientists and some outright crazy peopleall while facing a series of catastrophes that puts the whole Travels With PDF \ trip in jeopardy And he discovers along the way who his people are and what his future might be Come along It's a fun trip.

  • Kindle Edition
  • Travels With Ritalin
  • David Ellis Dickerson
  • English
  • 09 February 2014

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  1. Brian Reeves Brian Reeves says:

    Go West Young ManDave Dickerson faced with a summer free from grad school demands and some money in his bank account decides to take a road trip along I 10 starting in Jacksonville and ending in Los Angeles More than just a time killer this trip is the experience upon which hangs A his desire to understand his religious inner conflicts he's an atheist who was raised a fundamentalist Christian and finds himself both fascinated and repulsed by religion yet oddly yearns for the community and comfort religion provides; B his bad luck with dating he's coming out of a dating dry spell and finds himself attracted to rebellious and highly feminist women; and C his pressing need to make progress on his doctoral dissertation years in a PhD program have not forced him to produce in the way he expected it would and he's unsatisfied with his current material Toss into this mix a love for books where Dave decides to find read and review a dusty old tome being ignobly used as decoration in every town he visits and where he spends the road trip catching up on as many books on tape as possible This is Travels With Ritalin a solo road trip into sexual and religious uncertainty with some weird encounters and wacky characters to meet along the wayThings are a little slow to start There's a lot of forethought that goes into the trip as you can see from above and Dave knows we need to understand the stakes before the journey can begin But the early pages give us important insight into the mind of the man we'll be traveling with Once he gets rolling in his car named Ritalin hence the title starting off by taking an easterly jog from his home in Tallahassee where he attends Florida State University to St Augustine by way of Jacksonville he immediately encounters the first in a series of strange exploits Unafraid to approach strangers Dave finds himself time and again caught up in conversations with colorful characters Some provide little beside entertainment value but from time to time he has an encounter that helps him explore the dominant themes and enduring uestions in his life guilt free and female empowering sexuality how to suare atheism with an implacable desire for spiritual understanding and finding a place and peer group in which he feels he truly belongs Travels With Ritalin feels perceptive than Dave's other major book length work of nonfiction House of Cards which told of his years working as a greeting card writer at Hallmark During that time he was faced with similar uestions as he began the process of apostasy from his fundamentalist faith struggled with sexual desire that flew in the face of his former beliefs and grappled with feeling out of place in career and social circles Just as in that work Dave Dickerson is unafraid to be honest with the reader baring his inner self Though the situations in which he finds himself are not as awkward as in House of Cards Dave's westward and inward exploration is no less poignant

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