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Juste avant le bonheur [PDF / Epub] ☁ Juste avant le bonheur By Agnès Ledig – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Das lágrimas ao riso um romance ue nos faz regressar à essência da vidaHá muito ue Julie deixou de sonhar Caixa num supermercado mãe solteira aos 20 anos passa os seus dias num trabalho mal pago Das lágrimas ao riso um romance ue nos faz regressar à essência da vidaHá muito ue Julie deixou de sonhar Caixa num supermercado mãe solteira aos anos Juste avant PDF or passa os seus dias num trabalho mal pago à mercê de um patrão abusador Não tem escolha para dar o melhor ue pode ao filho de três anos Lulu ue é a luz dos seus olhos a caixa Julie encaixa tudo isto e mais se preciso for Mas um dia o seu destino cruza se com o de Paul um cliente sexagenário ue fala com ela se comove com a sua situação e lhe estende a mão Aos seus olhos Julie não é uma mulher invisível um robô ue debita frases e suscita indiferença ou desprezo mas uma mulher inteira interessante respeitável e respeitada É este homem ue comovido com a sua história a convida a ela e a Lulu para se juntarem a ele e ao seu filho Jérôme na sua casa de praia na Bretanha Magoada e abandonada pelo pai e por todos os homens ue passaram pela sua vida Julie desconfia de tanta generosidade Mas por Lulu para ue o seu menino veja o mar e faça castelos de areia ela acaba por aceitar Será ue a felicidade encontrou finalmente o caminho da vida de Julie Ou estará o destino apenas a preparar se para lhe puxar o tapete – outra vez.

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  1. Kaisu Kaisu says:

    EDIT I'm flabbergasted I can't believe it I just read Goodreads's summary of this book and they literally mention the huge thing that happens in the middle of the book For fuck sake who's the person that writes these summaries?? I just can't believe it Why not tell the whole story while you're at it? I'm so angry That's just outrageous Okay so folks never read Goodreads's summaries Never Juste avant le bonheur or Just Before Happiness for dummies D is a book that a lot of people have been raving about here in France Since I didn't have anything to read because Book Depository is taking wayyyyy too much time to deliver my order glares just imagine it's possible to glare at a firm ok I figured reading a little book in French wouldn't do any harm just to make sure I can still read in French as I read all of my books in English While I don't share the same enthusiasm for this book as most people seem to I understand why Juste avant le bonheur was heartbreaking I can't put it in any other way because that's exactly what it does it breaks your heart and I was particularly moved by this story knowing what the author went through One of Agnès Ledig's three children died of leukemia and she started to write after his death This particular information totally changed the way I see the story I admire the author just for having the courage to write such a story This is the story of Julie a twenty year old woman working as a cashier in a supermarket who never really had much luck in her life She's poor she hates her job and the only thing that brightens up her days is her three year old boy Ludovic aka Lulu whom she loves with all her heart and soul One day she meets Paul a man old enough to be mistaken as her father or even her grandfather and for some reason he's deeply touched by her He doesn't understand why but the only thing he knows is that he wants to help a bit like a father would Without thinking twice he offers her to come with him on holiday in Brittany Julie while wary thinks she doesn't have anything to lose after all But above all she would love to show her son the beach and watch him play in the sand because all that matters is her son's happiness And after that so many things happen In case you were wondering this book has been translated in several languages such as Italian Spanish or Russian Saddly it hasn't been translated in English yet? which surprises me a lot but it shouldn't take long

  2. Ieva Ieva says:

    Easy to read but writing style is very basic and the story uite banal and predictable Felt like I kinda lost few hours of my life for nothing

  3. Kamilla Kamilla says:

    I've read the Hungarian edition of this book There is a reason why I love French books As soon as I opened this one I fell in love with it I relaxed into it and allowed myself to be carried away on the magical mesmerising words It's beautiful warm lovely and gorgeous Beautiful words written in beautiful sentences beautiful expressions of kindness and love and sadness and hope Even the characters are all beautiful and easily lovable I adored this book Loved reading it By the time I came up for a breath I was suprised to see that 100 pages have gone by Then at around page 140 my heart broke I thought WHY? Why was this happening? What happened to my beautiful book? A very painful tearjerking heart wrenching I don't want this twist happened But there was still much of the book left I thought how on earth will this continue on? Do I want to keep reading this heart wrenching sadness? Yes I do Because it was still beautifully written It was incredibly heart breaking but there was still so much warmth and hope I have highlighted a lot of life lessons from the book because they were so beautifully expressed Although towards the end they became a bit of a clichè but they still rang true I just had to get over it I wholeheartedly recommend this book Read it and allow yourselves to get lost in its beauty It is a true remedy for the soul Not to mention that after reading it you will never look at lego blocks the same way again

  4. Dorottya Dorottya says:

    425This is a really riveting and interesting read It is playing with the reader all along and punches you when you don't expect it There is a really big plot twist in the book which does not feel at all just a tool to maintain attention and provide drama it was organic and crucial to the story and its moral messageI really liked how the author was brave enough to break a really big taboo in literature but also in any other type of entertainment outlets and how people handle something like that happeningIt was also beautifully written The romances for the most part were written in a really precious non cheesy non soap opera way They also were not predictable from the 3rd page which is always a plus for me The sexual scenes were done in such a fine and delicate mannerThe issues I had with it as beautifully written it was sometimes it dragged on too slow and it did not make itself read especially in the middle Also in the second half there were a few scenes and sentences I found way too cheesy especially one in the end that was bad Lifetime movie type of cheesy view spoiler really? the 3 women in the story being pregnant at the same time? REALLY? hide spoiler

  5. Raina Raina says:

    That which we didn't know was happiness started out as a super cozy super enjoyable read Well written and with a simple but fresh plot and with lovable characters But then BAM I turned the next page and the book became a ten bucket sob story Still well written still the same characters but it was certainly a little bit harder of a read and wasn't uite as cozy any longer

  6. Iselin Rønningsbakk Iselin Rønningsbakk says:

    This was a nice and very sad book very easy to follow I enjoyed reading it

  7. Melissa Wingard Melissa Wingard says:

    Super sad and a tad unrealistic but enjoyable

  8. Viet Nguyen Viet Nguyen says:

    A great book reminds us everything on earth happens for a reason

  9. Vasco Silva Vasco Silva says:

    This book is so good it goes beyond explanation You should definitely read it as it is very well written the story is so good that you'll fall in love with it

  10. Poli Poli says:

    I especially liked the way the author speaks about life Its moments of joy mingled with moments of sorrow only to make us realize that's what living means This ability most of us have to pick up the pieces and continue living despite it all

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