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  1. Coco.V Coco.V says:

    💝FREE on iBooks today 732018💝

  2. BooksandBeyondFiftyShades BooksandBeyondFiftyShades says:

    ❀ღ✿•¨`•¸`v´¸•¨`•✿ℒℴѵℯ ✿•¨`•¸`v´¸•´¨`•✿ღ❀✰✰✰ 5 STAR REVIEW ✰✰✰Barbara Johnson is back in her hometown She had left and and didn't wanted to come back but now that she is here it will not be a pleasant visit She is there to closed down the only thing that is keeping this town a live the old factory The same factory she had sad memories thanks to her alcoholic motherShe was back and the reality settled in small town and Ryder Bishop was all around it He was the last person she wanted to interact with of course he wouldn't remember her since she was invisible back in schoolRyder Bishop knew loyalty he had stick around this small town but he was realistic that it was sinking and the rumors that the factory was closing down he knew it was a matter of time this town was over When his father tells him he was recommended to work on a project with the same person it had the town's future in her hands he was not happy but money was moneyBarbara and Ryder have this incredible chemistry but like always everything was working against them but will they be able to make it work and give Ocean Crest a bright new future?This is a great story the suspense and steamy chemistry between this two is incredible This plot is full of so many emotions it has just the perfect combination for a best sellerI loved this story and will recommend for everyone to read it too You will not be disappointedhttpswwwfacebookcomBooksandBeyo

  3. Tonya Boutwell Hauser Tonya Boutwell Hauser says:

    I was lucky and got an ARC copy Barbara Johnson Bobby Jean worked very hard to over coming being raised poor and by the town drunk She goes into companies and closes them She is sent back to her home town to close the last factory in town She hopes no one remembers herRyder Bishop is Barbara's high school crush He is still struggling in the home town Barbara hires him to fix up her house They have lots of sparks and people trying to keep them apart

  4. Michelle Sanders Michelle Sanders says:

    I received this ARC in return for an honest review I loved this story It was a real romance We get to know the characterssee this relationship grow and experience the hardships they go through The chemical between this is scorching too 5 stars

  5. Lisa White Lisa White says:

    Good story A moderate pace read Chemistry was great dealing with insurities past and the future

  6. Barbara Barbara says:

    35 stars I enjoyed the story but felt that Ryder was too hot and cold One minute he can't get enough of her and the next he's angry and says meanrude things I understand that she's insecure but I think most women would call him on his behavior And I don't believe she would really just let him leave after he completely misunderstands something she said The story was good and I liked the characters I just felt these things kept me from giving it 5 stars

  7. Kathleen Williams Kathleen Williams says:

    Great read I really liked this story about a very uiet rundown beach town due to the economy and how the try survive day to day then get news the factory that houses most the jobs being closed Which brings violent drama and romance that keeps you hooked from beginning to end

  8. Camille Camille says:

    AwesomeLoved this romance The conflict and emotions were so real that they pulled you along with them You truly feel a part of the story

  9. April Symes April Symes says:

    I received an ARC copy from the author in exchange for my honest reviewThis was a very interesting story with different perspectives playing out It is told in both MC POV and that is hard to do but it came off flawless And the setting which was Ocean Crest NJ as a small town was great I felt like I was completely there and could feel the small town feel This is a small town slowly dying out and everyone into everybody’s business Barbara Johnson had lived here years ago as BJ and things were not good for her when she was living in this small town She made it her business to get out when she could Now she is back and in her line of work she comes in and makes decisions that her lot of people; she makes the hard decisions that end up hurting people Some might say she is known as the “Terminator” Now she is back in her old town of Ocean Crest and is here to do a very hard thing Nobody would put together Barbara now the beautiful voluptuous woman to the girl she was then the invisible kid who had the drunk mother and no father Nope no one would put one plus one to eual two Ryder Bishop is the town hunk and owns Speed Demon's Bike Repair He has a younger brother who left Ocean Crest as soon as he got legal but for Ryder he stayed and built his shop up He also takes care of his dad He is loyal to his dad and to his town He was a player in his younger days but now not so much When he went into the café in town he sees Barbara something about her makes him wonder how he knows her but he can’t place her He knows he wouldn’t be attracted to her voluptuousness so he writes her off but then his father refers her to him so he can do some work at her place while she is in town Then as he is around her he finds her approachableBarbara has always been attracted to Ryder years ago when she was in school and lived in town and now But she is afraid that when Ryder finds out she will be the one to close the only factory left in Ocean Crest the one his father manages she will be run out of town personally by Ryder and the easy going feeling between them will be gone She tries to put distance but it’s so hard Then there is some sabotage going on Little things Barbara notices and it happened while she tries to bring in new blood to the town in the form of a friend of hers There are twists and turns that becomes almost deadly Will Barbara lose her life? Will Ryder realize that he does have deeper feelings for her? Will they get their HEA? Oh I cant tell you only you will find out if you read this bookWhat I can tell you is the passion; the chemistry is off the wall between the MC The action is fantastic –I found myself enjoying Barbara and Ryder—they really made this book They both were spunky and passionate Barbara came from a sad background with her family and all she wanted was to be LOVED I think when she came back to Ocean Crest she finally found what she needed With Ryder he never found someone who loved him for him he was always loved for his looks or for who his father wasWith Barbara she accepted him for just him The only minor compliant on is that I would have liked to know who Barbara’s father was—that never was resolved for me I mean he paid for her mom’s house yet he left her was taxes owed and he knew when her mom died but why did he never come to her Dunno I would have liked for that to have been resolved That is something I would have liked as a reader to have known Otherwise this was such a great book I hope we get to read Hunter Ryder’s brother’s story and also Brad Barbara’s friend story My rating 45 stars

  10. Anita Byars Anita Byars says:

    I loved that this story was from both their POV They were great characters and I had a good feel for both of them from the beginning with an excellent introduction to each of them The story had good flow throughout and an excellent build with drama and intensity throughout as well Loved the chemistry and the passion that these two characters unexpectedly find with each other Ryder Bishop has lived in Ocean Crest his entire life high school sport jock that all the girls were in love with and in the popular crowd in school He now owns a motorcycle shop called Speed Demons Bike Repair but lately with shops in town closing and people moving away he will take any jobs that come his way to help pay the rent His father is the manager of Ocean Crest Factory the main employer of the people in town and as the company has slowly decreased production at the factory people have lost their jobs Barbara Johnson aka Bobby Jean grew up in Ocean Crest she always felt like she was invisible to everybody and left town to go to college and to get away from her alcoholic mother Now she is the reorganization guru for DCD subsidiaries and she has been sent back to her home town to shut the factory down and sell it Barbara still owns her mother's small jersey shore bungalow and since she is going to be in town for awhile as she closes the plant down she has decided to spruce it up When Barbara enuires at the factory about a handyman to help do things for her Ryder's father gives her Ryder's phone number Barbara keeps her real I'd entity a secret so when Ryder shows up to discuss her plans he thinks she looks familiar but can't figure out why Barbara has difficulty talking at first in Ryder's presence she is so taken by his good looks and muscular physiue Ryder is also captivated by Barbara's curves something that he has never been attracted to in other women he has dated before As these two begin to work together to spruce up her house their sizzling chemistry draws them together and although Barbara is the enemy Ryder is surprisingly attracted to her There are twists and turns that you will not expect as well as some suspense and acts of revenge that will add some intensity to this story Loved the passion and real life situations It kept me reading to the wee hours of the morning I could not put it down Will Barbara Johnson close the factory and leave? Will they get their HEA? You will have to read this to find outReceived a copy in exchange for an honest review

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Flirting with Disaster [Ebook] ➩ Flirting with Disaster By Ava Catori – An alternate cover edition can be found here We stopped pretending to dance barely swaying in rhythm too busy molding our bodies together His hard planes fit against my plentiful curves The sweetness An alternate cover edition can be found here We stopped pretending to dance barely swaying in rhythm too busy molding our bodies together His hard planes fit against my plentiful curves The Flirting with eBook ↠ sweetness of it all took my breath away Barbara Johnson dreaded going home Ocean Crest only held painful memories She didn’t want the revenge she was about to get The last thing Ryder Bishop expected was to fall for the enemy Could he claim her without betraying his own Were they both Flirting with Disaster.