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  1. Petrik Petrik says:

    The Desert Spear is a totally different kind of seuel from what I expected after my experience with The Warded Man luckily still in a good wayAnyone who has read this book will know that there’s no way I’m not starting this review without talking about Jardir’s POV Brett really took a risk with his storytelling direction here Most authors—unless it’s a standalone series—almost always continue their seuels from the POV of the previous main characters; could be immediately or years after what happened in the previous book Brett instead did a polar opposite by introducing a new coming of age story for Jardir a character that was briefly seen in The Warded ManPicture Jardir in the French edition cover by Miguel CoimbraHonestly I enjoyed reading a lot of part on Jardir’s background; it provides a lot of depth to his character and most of all his eventual importance in the main story that really reuired an in depth exploration of his personality Plus his POV also expanded the world building of the series by giving detailed information on the city of Krasia’s The Desert Spear culture and its citizen’s way of living From sharusahk Krasian martial art that has the touch of aikido or judo to their Medieval Eastern inspired culture and to their faith which totally resembled extreme Muslim I found all of them uniue and intriguing to read in a high fantasy series Do note that I said uniue and intriguing to read it doesn’t mean I completely loved it because their culture is highly misogynistic; the people of Krasia treated anyone who isn’t a man or a warrior really harshly either by enslaving or raping both gender them repeatedly It’s even written in their law to follow this tradition and I found it incredibly hard to empathize with the citizens and kept on wishing for them to diePicture The warrior of Krasia vs the Demons by SassarAnother problem that I had with Jardir’s POV it’s too long seriously way too long Jardir’s POV surmounted to a total of 200 pages of the book that’s or less around 30% of the whole book without any break from the start This means that we won’t see the previous main characters POV for uite a while In my opinion there were uite a lot of parts that could be cut down to improve the uality of the pacing or even better mixed Jardir’s POV with the other characters instead of doing it in a full burstOnce Jardir’s history came to an end the rest of the book was a smooth sailing for me Brett’s characterization towards his characters remained his main strength as an author and I thoroughly love reading the developments of almost all the previous characters except Leesha which has become incredibly stupid and naïve in my opinion especially with her attitude towards forgiving rapistUnlike the previous book where we only have three POV to follow we now have eight This is a great change because it gave complexity and voices to the story Arlen’s and Renna’s POV were definitely my favorite storyline of the book Reading Arlen’s poignant contemplation on his decisions and what he has sacrificed in order to gain his power; Renna’s rise to independence—despite all the injustice that she faced—is something that I can’t get enough of Not to mention there’s a new POV from the perspective of the Demons that made the story and the upcoming seuels interestingPicture Mimic and Mind Demon by Dominik BroniekAs a reader in the books I read I’m immune to all the things I’m going to mention soon they don’t bother me However as a reviewer I must state all the trigger warnings that could be disturbing for some readers to read here it goes This book contained sodomy heavy parental abuse forced incest plenty of rape and as I mentioned before misogynistic attitudes; these are all necessary for the story Brett is trying to tell and the characters developments but I want you to know that these scenes are here when you decided to read this book In the end surprisingly I still think of The Desert Spear as a great seuel despite some of the problems I had with it There’s simply no doubt that I enjoyed reading it; this is due to Brett’s improvement in his prose which never fails to engage me even when some of the character's decision can be uite infuriating to read Although inferior compared to The Warded Man The Desert Spear is still a solid installment in the Demon Cycle series and I can’t wait to read the continuation to these characters story You can find this and the rest of my Adult EpicHigh Fantasy Sci Fi reviews at BookNest

  2. mark monday mark monday says:

    Someone at the door Knock KnockPeter V Brett Who's there?Someone at the door RapePeter V Brett Come on in Rape You know you're always welcome in my house Take a seat next to my other favorite tropes Muslim Fanatic and Incest Farmer and Slutty Bitch and of course Tragic Backstory They all love Rape too almost as much as I do ☣️pages 1 210 central character Jardir is reintroduced; he trains as a warrior undergoes many painful trials and tribulations achieves much honor after much scheming and many deaths unites his nation under his rule decides to conuer the known world in his uest to fight a holy war against demons always beset by antagonists left and right it's tough being a guy with problemspage 213 central character Leesha is reintroduced; she complains about her mom who is nagging her about turning into a spinster and then frets about a crush a boy has on her it's tough being a gal with problems ☢️OVER HALFWAY THROUGH THIS SEUEL AND NOW A THIRD MAJOR CHARACTER LOSES THEIR VIRGINITY VIA RAPE AND I'M BEGINNING TO THINK THAT THIS SERIES HAS SOME KINDA PROBLEM AND I JUST WANNA READ ABOUT A BAD ASS LOINCLOTH WEARIN FULL BODY TATTOOED GUY KILLING DEMONS THAT COME OUT AT NIGHT I MEAN IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR AND I ALREADY HAD TO DEAL WITH OVER 200 PAGES ALL ABOUT SOME SHITTY SICKENINGLY TOXIC WARRIOR CULTURE BUT I SOLDIERED ON AND THEN CAME THE CHEESY SOAP OPERATICS BUT I SWALLOWED IT WHILE GRIMACING AND I JUST NOW REALIZED I'VE BEEN READING THIS BOOK FOR OVER A MONTH WHEN I USUALLY GET THROUGH 2 BOOKS A WEEK AND ALL I WANT IS SOME DEMON FIGHTING ACTION NOT ALL THIS MIND NUMBING CRAP I MEAN I JUST WANT MY MIND NUMBED BUT IN A FUN WAY YOU KNOW ARGH I JUST WANT TO ENJOY THIS GODDAMN BOOK I JUST I JUST I JUST ⚠️okay I gotta get this yoke off my neck I give up so many cardboard characters and so many boring predictable scenes that feeling of running in place the repulsive and stereotypical depiction of Middle Eastern culture including some of the most grindingly repetitious dialogue I've ever had the displeasure of reading no depth no nuance no style the sheer bloat of it all Once Upon A Time the author wrote a sharp no frills high thrills high concept but in a good way fantasy novel and a couple short stories it had its issues mainly in its depiction of women but overall it knew what it was doing but then that author tried to focus on building his world and deepening his characters usually laudable goals unfortunately what really came into focus was his flaws and biases

  3. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    I loved it and I'm so glad There are so many mixed reviews although I'm trying to stay away from those and decide things for myself I did enjoy the back story of Jardir and Abban but I was glad to get back to the peeps I love the most; Arlen Renna etc I hope I love all of the books but we shall see Happy Reading Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

  4. Patrick Patrick says:

    Good Stuff Brett's series continues to surprise me I like books that don't go in the direction I expect them too while still providing an interesting story

  5. Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads-no-more Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads-no-more says:

    Reviewed by Rabid ReadsMINOR SPOILERSSecond Book Syndrome thy name is THE DESERT SPEARsighsI had a lot of issues with this book A lot a lotThe first third of the book is told from an entirely new POV By itself that would've made me cranky bc yeah I get that Jardir is important but I missed the old POVs The POVs who won me over in the first placeIn addition to being stuck with Jardir the section didn't keep to a timeline The chapters jump chaotically to the present from various points in Jardir's life beginning at age nine when he is tossed into warrior training early bc depleted ranks ending once again in the present Several times I didn't realize we'd jumped forward for several paragraphs not catching on until something happened to make Jardir's change in status evidentALSO the vocabulary was confusing and hard to track Too many prefixes and suffixes combined with too many and similar base words Every character could be called half a dozen namestitles Understanding who was who and in what context was a task that constantly tore my focus away from the plot and I was successful only a fraction of the time What that fraction was I'm still not sure I just plodded alongThere was also a dramatic increase in sexual violence Anytime I read fantasy especially epic fantasy with various people groups some of them inevitably barbarian I'm prepared for that which happens in war graphic violence wanton destruction of property and resources etc Different authors handle the subject matter different ways but as ugly as it is I'm usually tolerant bc raping and pillaging go hand in hand historically and I can't fault someone for being realisticBUT There is a limit Book 1 was difficult for me bc realistic or not I don't like or want to read about women as spoils of war Even without war I know that rape and sexual abuse happen everyday Doesn't mean I want to read about it for fun So book 1 was occasionally uncomfortableThis time however In the book Leesha worries about Gared's new roll as a leader The Cutters follow Gared without uestion but does he lead them in defense of the Hollow or out of love of carnage?” And I can't help but wonder the same thing about Brett Speculation aside enough is enough This went so far past realism I'm surprised I didn't just DNF it I guess I held on bc I was so impressed with THE WARDED MAN that I kept reading to get to the good partBut even after the horror and violence there was So Much DramaAll the boys love Leesha and all the girls love Arlen but Leesha and Arlen love each other but they can't be together bc reasons BUT Leesha and Arlen are also strongly attracted to at least one of their other interested parties and then the political implications of alliances with other interested parties come into play and Oh My GAWDTraditionally girls are the ones thought to be drama ueens but there are guys who could make the the biggest female drama ueen I know look rational and pragmatic and I'm beginning to suspect that this guy could give them ALL a run for their money That thing at the very end? If you've read it you know what I'm talking about Not only was it OTT drama but it felt like a huge ripoff of THE WAYFARER REDEMPTION by Sara Douglass view spoilerLeesha was Faraday Renna was Azhure and Arlen was Axis I didn't like the bait and switch the first time I encountered it and I liked it even less this time bc there wasn't even a good reason for it At least in TWR it made sense Faraday was a kind of iconized virgin healer and Axis and Azhure were helpless to fight their attraction bc reasons hide spoiler

  6. Dana Ilie Dana Ilie says:

    Surprisingly I think I'm the only one that loved The Desert Spear than The Warded Man if that it's possibleIt would have been easy for the author to continue the second novel on the heels of the first and continue the narrative intercut between his point of view characters as he did the first Arlen Rojer and Leesha provide three interesting and different perspectives However redounding to his credit Brett decides to expand the field by “promoting” a couple of characters to full point of view status primarily Jardir of Kresia In contrast to the back and forth cutting between Arlen Rojer and Leesha in the first novel seeing how they rise to adulthood and prominence but The Desert Spear takes a very different approach with JardirA good third of the early part of the novel is a single shot look at Jardir bringing him from youth to his current position and rank I loved the backstory of Jardir and discovered him with another eyes Not coincidentally this also allows us to get a view of Krasia culture and society from the inside and we get a much rounded view of it and some of the characters we briefly glimpsed in Arlen’s visit there in The Warded Man In particular Inevera who becomes Jardir’s first and primary wife leaps off of the page as an interesting person One unusual innovation in the novel though is getting a POV from the enemy and I so love this kind of POV's We get into the mind as it were of a Demon Prince who is extremely curious as to what Arlen has been doing what he has learned and his efforts against the Coreling forces This point of view gives us a new window into the conflict We also get to see new kinds and new subvarieties of corelings Overall shows that Brett is not a one trick pony and is willing to try new things and develop and grow as a writer rather than rewriting books in the same way every time This suggests good things in store for readers of the subseuent novels in the Demon Cycle

  7. Anton Anton says:

    The Warded Man was a pretty good debut but this seuel just didn't live up to my expectations and left a bad taste in my mouth To be honest the story is pretty good and could be developed uite well However the negatives for me far outweighed the positives1 The structure was just off I almost stopped reading after the first 100 pages Brett spends a uarter of the book presenting Jardir's backstory It just feels out of place and unnecessary 2 Sex sex and sex Everyone is doing it or talks about doing it in every other paragraph slipping into some strange ren fair esue jargon when they mention anything about female anatomy and sex There is also some strange preoccupation with rape and incest It seems like every other character gets raped I understand he wants to create a picture of a very grim back to medieval times world but it's just too much3 A number of reviewers mentioned this last point and I have to agree The women are pretty much all horrible They all either sleep with everybody in order to gain control or they blame other women for getting raped or seem to lose their mind and moon over the nearest 'handsome' guy By all means write some evil female characters but they can't all be manipulating hussies

  8. Nataliya Nataliya says:

    Unexpected From page one this book has sped up in the direction so very different from what I anticipated after finishing The Warded Man Result WHIPLASH Which is fun by the way From Peter Brett's site the gorgeous illustrations for the Polish edition of this book Absolutely beautifulWe get a full 180 degrees turn on the atmosphere of this world Suddenly the corelings go from being the overwhelming menace of the night to little than a nuisance WHIPLASH Well at least until we get a better taste of the Coreling Prince but at this point that's of a faint promise of the future threat Instead this book focuses on the people And this change of direction works Jardir suddenly goes from the evil backstabbing bastard to a Unifier per Coreling Prince with a strong feeling of honor and purpose and his evil is not as much evil as a very different belief system from that of Arlen WHIPLASH Is he a likeable villain or a misjudged good guy? Still not sure Oh and nice insight into Krasia and Krasians good backpedaling from borderline xenophobia of the first book I respect them uite a bit even if I don't uite love them “Don’t hate the Krasians” Arlen said and then paused “Not all of them anyway But their way of life making slaves of everyone who ent a man and a warrior it ent right ’Specially not forced on Thesans at the end of a spear” I missed Arlen of the first novel In this book he is way brooding and self hating and yeah he has his reasons for that But hopefully Renna will help him get over the depressive period Speaking of Renna oh hi Renna waving happily We missed you for several hundred pages I love what you are becoming but you're getting there so fast and kinda out of nowhere that all I can say is WHIPLASHLeesha Did I mention how much I adore Leesha? Leesha goes from a capable leader and awesome healer to TRIPLE BADASS with skills that almost rival those of Arlen All in a super short time Sorta whiplash But I love Leesha and so that's cool Mr BrettOverall Desert Spear is an enjoyable book that takes a sharp turn from its predecessor and delivers an interesting story full of great characters It sets up the stage for future confrontation between the Core and two potential Deliverers very well and I am sure that nothing will play out the way I expect it Desert Spear has its drawbacks but it delivers such fun reading experience that I am gladly willing to overlook its flaws And so the wait for The Daylight War begins

  9. Kyle Kyle says:

    Not as good as the first book in the series but I still enjoyed it In The Warded Man the first book in the series the plot revolves mostly around Arlen who eventually becomes the Warded Man or in the second book the Painted Man I really found myself relating to th

  10. Gavin Gavin says:

    This is a super tough book to review because I still managed to enjoy it despite the fact that I hated a lot of things about it The biggest plus for this series is Brett's writing style I just find it super engaging It is easy to get caught up in the happenings even when they are driving you mad The worst bit of this second Demon Cycle instalment was that the first third of the book was told from an entirely new POV That was a problem as the new POV character Jardir is super unlikeable After the events at the end of The Warded Man Jardir has proclaimed himself the Deliverer and has united the Krasians and sets about the Daylight War He seeks to subjugate all of humanity before he turns the combined force on the demons A lot of his story was actually flashbacks to his life as a child and his rise to the position he found himself in when Arlen met him in The Warded Man I found this a real struggle early on as Jardir and the Krasians are total scum I need someone to root for in a story like this I did eventually get sucked into Jardir's tale but my early lack of enthusiasm for it has definitely cost this book a star in the ratings Luckily the last two thirds of the book bounced between character POV's and was a lot enjoyable We got some Krasians like Jardir and Abban but we also got the stars of the first book Arlen Rojer and Leesha Then we got a few new POV's like Rena and a new demon Pretty much all the characters had interesting and engaging story arcs but the only characters I really felt had good books were Arlen Leesha and Rena and even they had their annoying moments No wonder this series reminds me of a dark WoT so much My biggest moan about The Desert Spear is the fact that I felt like Brett was trying to make the reader sympathize with Jardir and the Krasians in general The whole lot of them are bigoted murderous rapists The only thing I'm hoping for when they are around is that everyone gets cored by the demonsMy second biggest moan is the the general misogyny that taints the series Any scene involving sex or Brett's version of romance is totally cringeworthy If it is not the books main POV character lamenting the fact that some annoying religious law forbids him from beating and raping his main wife whenever the mood takes him it is another character blaming herself for nearly being raped and then thinking about giving the rapist a second chance Unfortunately that stuff is just the tip of the iceberg That said despite all my moaning I did still enjoy this one Brett has an engaging writing style and it is easy to get caught up in the story I know this instalment is titled the Desert Spear but I shall forever think of it as All the Guys Love LeeshaRating 4 stars Audio Note Pete Bradbury does a good job with the audio

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