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Coq Rouge ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Coq Rouge Author Jan Guillou – Buyprobolan50.co.uk I mitten av 80 talet gjorde Carl Gustaf Gilbert Hamilton entré på den politiska arenan Han klev in som agent Co Rouge i en tid som präglades av det kalla krigets slut Sovjetunionens sammanbrott och I mitten av talet gjorde Carl Gustaf Gilbert Hamilton entré på den politiska arenan Han klev in som agent Co Rouge i en tid som präglades av det kalla krigets slut Sovjetunionens sammanbrott och kapitalismens seger Ett skede på gränsen mellan det Sverige som var och det Sverige som sedan vuxit framDen svenska underrättelsetjänsten fick med den högt specialutbildade löjtnanten Hamilton tillgång till ett hemligt vapenNär en hög Säpotjänsteman blir skjuten i Stockholm kommer Carls unika kunskaper och talanger väl till pass Under den utredning som följer riktas misstankarna mot vissa palestinska terrorgrupper och Carl får rikligt med tillfällen att visa vad han går för.

  • Coq Rouge
  • Jan Guillou
  • 28 June 2016
  • 9783492233705

About the Author: Jan Guillou

Jan Oscar Sverre Lucien Henri Guillou born January is a Swedish author and journalist Among his books are a series of spy fiction novels about a spy named Carl Hamilton and a trilogy of historical fiction novels about a Knight Templar Arn Magnusson He is the owner of one of the largest publishing companies in Sweden Piratförlaget together with Liza Marklund and his common law wife.

10 thoughts on “Coq Rouge

  1. Manny Manny says:

    Basically if James Bond were Swedish He's like sensitive and caring and his politics are left leaning but in an intelligent informed way and when he kills bad guys in the line of duty he needs therapy afterwards to take care of the PTSD that kind of thing Believe it or not it's done straight I know it sounds satirical but it isn'tThe series is immensely popular in Sweden and the first few aren't bad at all I see that they appear to be available in English translation There are also a couple of movies where Secret Agent Carl Hamilton is played by the ever popular Stellan Skarsgård who recently co starred in Mamma Mia as possible father #3 The one with the boat They're uite good too

  2. Ash Gawain Ash Gawain says:

    1985 A Swedish Counter intelligence officer is found murdered in Stockholm Palestinian activits are suspected and a witch hunt is launched against themFortunately for them one officer in the counter intelligence department is not a real cop he is a spy a leftist spyCarl Hamilton is tall strong blond and has blue eyes Moreover he is a nobility a Count and he is indecently rich Not his fault a friend of him invested his inherited little fortune in the IT industry in the late 1970s and he became a multi millionaire seven years later He is a former frogman in the Swedish Navy and has trained five years as a US Navy Seal in San Diego Even though Sweden is not part of NATO there is a secret agreement between the little Scandinavian country and the USA to train a new species of Swedish spy the OP5But even though Carl Hamilton is tall handsome rich and noble he is a leftist and will prove that the real terrorists are not PalestiniansUnfortunately not available in English

  3. Erik Smith Erik Smith says:

    Co Rouge is than an interesting funny or good novel The symbolism used throughout makes it uniue in its genre which I will call Intelligence mystery One symbolic thread is the outlier In the novel someone is always deviating from their group to get something done that could not be achieved otherwise That leads to the second thread reversals Characters and people consistently reverse their convictions or directions to get something accomplished Hamilton for instance is a registered Communist now working for Swedish Secret Intelligence who must break orders and visit Israel to solve a murder supposedly committed by Palestinians which was allowed to happen because the Swedish officer victim insisted on keeping the code of secrecy about what he was working on Only by breaking the code of secrecy himself can Hamilton find the real murderers and prevent planned murders which the Israeli Officer could but won't tell him about because of her own code of secrecy even though the officer has deviated from her groupThus Co Rouge goes way beyond James Bond funny or witty It shows us among other things how all groups are pretty much alike in both their corruption their principles and their mediaI translated the novel to English for a class Erik L Smith

  4. Björn Söderström Björn Söderström says:

    I really enjoyed the book I read it the first time as a teenager and it is very much a document of its time The swedish narrator a famous actor did a great job with the rather dry and to the point text As an adult with ten plus years of working in the social services I could read the book on another level comparec to my youth Feeling for the tired cynical police officers who are held back from doing their jobb by a heavy handed political organisation rather than the real hero That than anything felt realistic It was also believable and interesting how the security police created their own reality like any organisation It was also very nice to read a book in swedish and Hamilton felt very swedish compared to many other heroes of other books I am not sure I will read every book in the long series but I will visit Co Rouge again

  5. Martin DH Martin DH says:

    First book in Jan Guillou's big spy series with Sweden i the middle of the 80's as scenery I think it was really well written like a lot of the known Swedish crime novels The difference from the standard crime fiction is that the Hamilton suite conserns itself with the politics of its time since the plot circles around national security and the spycraft between countries instead of being a standard copdetective story I haven't read many 007 stories but Co Rogue felt better than the 007 stories since it wasn't as boyishly hardboiled It also have a socialistic position not surprised since Guillou is the author It's still a bit boyish so I understand that others wouldn't find it as interesting as I did though

  6. Robert Knutsen Robert Knutsen says:

    I spent a long time reading this book in Norwegian Most of the reason for this is the endless amount of typos yes that’s right typos The book can’t have been proofread at all the typos are everywhereWith that said Carl Hamilton is a fantastic character but I find this first book a tough read mostly because of a ”heavy” language and a very slowly building story with the action taking place over the last 20 pages or so But I will continue reading this series because I love the character of Hamilton

  7. Stefan Lind Stefan Lind says:

    So interesting to have a Swedish 'James Bond'

  8. Johanna Johanna says:

    This tragicomic reflection of the Swedish collective self perception during the Cold War through the actions of incompetent politicians and one of the world's greatest military operatives is one of the absolutely funniest things I've ever readHamilton is a well developed uite strange but very real character mostly because of all his internal conflicts He is a member of the nobility yet a staunch supporter of communism educated in the US but sympathetic to the PLO and the list goes on Trained by the US Navy SEALS Hamilton is now working for one of the most incompetent branches of Swedish security aptly nicknamed 'the monkeys of Kungsholmen' While his boss in particular is set up as an utter fool whose schemes collapse as inevitably as Hamilton cruises through his actions to eventually save the day Guillou creates a novel which is absolutely unputdownable for its sheer flair and witOh and in case it wasn't clear officially this book would probably be categorized as a 'thriller' which is true but even so not uite true

  9. Per Jennische Per Jennische says:

    Jan Guillou is currently one of my favorite Swedish authors With his journalistic background he is very thorough in his research which though fiction still makes them very believable Co Rouge is the first book in the very popular series about Swedish special secret service agent Carl Hamilton The book takes place in the Cold War 1980s the time when I was a child and only have vague memories of the geopolitical chess game that played out between the east and the west at the time In Co Rouge a Swedish secret service agent is murdered cold blood in his car and the almost invisible trail points to the Middle East and young special agent Carl Hamilton is thrown into the action for the first time It's a well written story and a very interesting journey back to the geopolitical tensions of the Cold War 1980s

  10. Hanna Juhl Hanna Juhl says:

    A good interesting crime novel I love Guillou's characters and that it is obvious who he likes and sgrees with and who he doesn't

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