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Een Rite Van Zwaarden (De Tovenaarsring, #7) ❰PDF❯ ✈ Een Rite Van Zwaarden (De Tovenaarsring, #7) Author Morgan Rice – In EEN RITE VAN ZWAARDEN boek #7 in de Tovenaarsring worstelt Thor met zijn nalatenschap Hij moet onder ogen zien te komen wie zijn vader is en besluiten of hij zijn geheim zal vertellen Met Mycoples In EEN RITE VAN ZWAARDEN boek in de Tovenaarsring worstelt Thor met zijn nalatenschap Hij moet onder ogen zien te komen wie zijn vader is en besluiten of hij zijn geheim zal vertellen Met Mycoples aan zijn zijde en het Zwaard van het Lot in zijn handen is Thor vastberaden om wraak te nemen op Andronicus’ leger Een Rite PDF or en zijn thuisland te bevrijden—en eindelijk Gwen ten huwelijk te vragen Maar hij komt erachter dat er nog sterkere machten dan hij in het spel zijn Gwendolyn keert terug om de heerseres te worden die ze voorbestemd is om te zijn haar wijsheid te gebruiken om de troepen te verenigen en Andronicus voorgoed weg te drijven Herenigd met Thor en haar broers is ze dankbaar voor de kans om hun vrijheid te vieren Maar de zaken veranderen snel—te snel—en voor ze het weet ligt haar leven weer overhoop Ze raakt verwikkelt in de rivaliteit met haar oudere zuster Luanda Ondertussen arriveert MacGils broer met zijn eigen leger eveneens vastberaden om de macht over te nemen Er lijken overal spionnen en huurmoordenaars te zijn en Gwen leert dat het allesbehalve veilig is om Koningin te zijn Reece zijn liefde voor Selese krijgt eindelijk een kans om op te bloeien Maar dan verschijnt zijn oude liefde en hij wordt verscheurd door twijfels Al snel worden de rustige tijden verstoord door oorlog Reece Elden O’Connor Conven Kendrick en zelfs Godfrey moeten gezamenlijk ten strijde trekken als ze willen overleven Het wordt een race tegen de klonk om Andronicus te verslaan en de Ring te redden van complete verwoesting Terwijl de troepen strijden voor de macht over de Ring realiseert Gwen dat ze moet doen wat ze kan om Argon te vinden en hem terug te halen In een schokkende plotwending leert Thor dat hoewel zijn krachten superieur zijn hij ook een verborgen zwakte heeft—één die hem wel eens het leven zou kunnen kosten Zullen Thor en de anderen er in slagen om de Ring te bevrijden en Andronicus te verslaan Zal Gwen de koningin worden die haar volk nodig heeft Wat zal er terecht komen van het Zwaard van het Lot van Erec Kendrick Reece en Godfrey En wat is het geheim dat Alistair verbergt EEN RITE VAN ZWAARDEN is een episch verhaal van vrienden en geliefden rivalen en minnaars ridders en draken intriges en politieke machinaties van volwassen worden van gebroken harten van bedrog ambitie en verraad Het is een verhaal van eer en moed van lotsbestemming en tovenarij Het is een fantasie die ons meeneemt naar een wereld die we nooit zullen vergeten en die alle leeftijden zal aanspreken.

10 thoughts on “Een Rite Van Zwaarden (De Tovenaarsring, #7)

  1. Kacey Kacey says:

    So for now this is the furthest I'm getting in the book I do really enjoy the story I think it's a brilliant idea and the characters and story line have tons of promiseHOWEVER I'm so dog tired of hearing the same recycled lines that I just don't want to read the next one How many times can the same group of people look onto a person with 'a new respect' 'admiration' and 'awe'? How many times is a death blow going to be inevitable and the character going to close their eyes for the receiving blow just to have it countered at the last mili second by a friend? How often is everyone going to be indebted to another person? Won't be long before they're indebted for handing them a damn spoon And so on and on It seems these people cross the entire length of the Ring within a day on horse back which makes me think the ring is really small It was almost conuered completely by the Empire in just a few days This is book 8 and outside of the time spent training out of the Ring for T everything has happened in like a year as of now It seems ridiculous This boy is now barely 15 a hardened warrior expectant father and too chicken to ask his love to marry him he barely started training for the League and although it usually takes until each person is 21 to graduate T has managed it already Gwen got pregnant a few books ago and still only a small handful of months has come since then yet T has gone far far away to fetch the sword come home on a dragon and taken out half of the Empire soldiers since then and Gwen is maybe 15 16 weeks pregnant not showing and only feeling the baby from inside yes as a mother I do pay attention to her pregnancy advancementSometimes the battle scenes are just way too over done T and his 6 friends against HUNDREDS of hardened 'seasoned' warriors and how often have they been the toughest warriors he's ever laid eyes on despite training and battling against the toughest creaturesbreeds of people during his training time? and they always come out victorious with maybe a death or two of someone NOT close to T Eric as much as I like him often gets the same over indulged victoriously outnumbered battle scenesLike I said it has plenty of good material but the writing is lacking severely It could have been an amazing series absolutely mind blowing if characters personalities were delved into deeper and less repetition was made in the writing

  2. Peggy J. Fleming Peggy J. Fleming says:

    Another installment of the poorly written series It is becoming a game to find all the inconsistencies and laugh at them In an earlier volume the King was buried in a grave on the top of a hill Thor and Gwen even visited it to mourn him with full description of the fresh mound of dirt etc In this volume someone hides in the family crypt and throws himself weeping on the King's sarcophagus Wait a minute when did they dig him up make him a sarcophagus and put him in there? No wonder his children keep seeing him everywhere the poor man is roaming around waiting for the sarcophagus maker I did a little research and found that there are 17 books in the series Yikes all written in a 2 year period That explains a lot This is the most ridiculous series I have ever read Rice could have forgone all of the foolishness and just told the tale in three well written books I am done

  3. Tim Mercer Tim Mercer says:

    Ok this is the weakest of the series so far The first half of the book is the good guys running around either slaughtering or toasting the bad guys The worst to happen was Thorgrin got a hangnail but unfortunately that was edited out of the published version I think the first 100 pages could have been covered in a chapter However the second half gets back on track with the story picking up I will read the next it was a close call but the last thing that happened with Thor seemed to be truncated as I don't feel it was explaineddescribed properly

  4. Julie Powell Julie Powell says:

    I am enjoying this series despite the errors I have the bundle 7 8 9 but wanted to give book #7 a short reviewI like Thor's dragon and how we are further drawn into her thoughts and feelings I like the suspense and world building and I like the imaginative creatures and ideasThere is too much repetition and too many errors but then I am still engaged with the characters plot and fantasy realmThere is much mystery to solve especially surrounding Thor and I hope the Druid part comes soon that seems intriguingRecommended

  5. Katie Brohard Katie Brohard says:

    I got interested because the book seemed to combine elements from all my favorite fantasyhero stories a hero named Thor a world with 2 suns a sword tied to kingship epic uests etc It was a pretty interesting storyworld but the poor writing and editing are completely unacceptable not to mention frustrating The ineptitude seems to get worse as I move through the series Morgan Rice needs to invest in a thesaurus or just read her completed sentences out loud to herself Is English her second language? That might excuse some of it on her part but not on the part of the editors There is no excuse for them I am currently on book #8 I never start a series until it's almost over because I HATE waiting for the next book to come out and I've also noticed she changes things For example King McGill was buried on a cliff in a grave but suddenly in Book #7 he is buried in a mausoleumcrypt? And the Star Wars rip offs are getting a little too numerous There were a few things along this line that I noticed but that's the one that comes to mind most readily Anyway I have invested so much time in this that I will definitely finish reading it but I will probably not recommend anyone I know to undergo this hassle ONe thing for Morgan Rice she has created characters that I am invested in and I do care enough to see what happens to them all But if my library didn't have them for free I would NOT care enough to pay to read this mess

  6. Melanie Melanie says:

    Okay yeah I totally get how some people wouldn't like these books I don't love them but at the same time I can't stop reading them They just keep drawing me in Yeah the editing is poor and there are tons of inconsistencies Like when one man is facing an army of a hundred that morphs to three hundred the next page or how the eighth MacGil king later is proclaimed the 7th I also can't stop freaking out about Thor and Gwen Because I get that ohmygoshtheyaresoinloveanditstru elovebecauseloveatfirstsightisth eonlylovethatisallowedtoexistint hisland However THOR IS ONLY 14 and he's wants to propose to this girl I don't think soAnyway setting all those things aside I look for things to enjoy about books not things to hate about them For everything else I except them and move on or change them in my head Like instead of letting Thor be 14 I'm going to pretend he's 18 at least in the parts where Gwen is involved So I gave this book 5 stars instead of the 3 I gave all the previous ones because this one had a fabulous ending and I loved every minute of it Even Bronson's part despite the fact that in book 2 his name was Devon I don't let editing errors prevent me from having a good time I can't wait to see what Morgan Rice throws at me next with these books So many things are going wrong

  7. Jen Jen says:

    Being generous I give three stars because obviously something keeps me coming back for of this series But there are things that really have me rolling my eyes SPOILER ALERTLuanda going to Andronicus' camp to broker a peace treaty supposedly succeeding and sending poor Bronson back to tell Gwen really? They all believed that? Knowing what a conniving power hungry bitch she is? Also no one authorized her to do that so why did they not suspect SOMETHING?Letting Titus I think that's his name from the other McGils stay on to lead his men? Come on Bad idea and I'm not even a ueen or a general Gwen looking at Thor in horror and disgust after he tells her who his father is and a few hours later mobilizing an entire army to go save himIt's things like this that continue to really bother me about this series Yet I come back for because the plot is interesting and I do find myself invested in the characters So the author is doing something right but I wish there was attention to detail in order to make things seem realistic

  8. Erth Erth says:

    I read this book and had to get the other 16 in the series I just could not put it down Some days i read for 8 hours straight What a great fantasy ride So much is happening in these books but the author writes it so it is easy to follow like several little stories happening in one book The characters I found to visualize like and or dislike uickly Descriptions were intense and in depth enough to make me feel as I were there in the story as a character myselfIf you like action romance fantasy magic castles knights battles of good and evil and valor then you will love this series There is gruesome killing but the author does not go into a deep description and make it gory There is great love and romance but nothing even pg rated Lots of fantasy but not to extravagant It amazes me how creative this author is and I constantly wondered what in the world will happen next?To me a perfect story a perfect read and i think it would make a great movie Reminded me a bit of the Lord of the Rings I would highly recommend this series and this author to anyone that even considers these mixed genres

  9. Russell Easley Russell Easley says:

    I foolishly went ahead and got the whole series for my e reader because I'm embarrassed to say the cover art was great and intriguing I so wish I had sampled it first Somewhere an editor has done this author a great disservice by not doing his her job This was a fine first draft of a series that should've been half the number of volumes that eventually came out But honestly it read like a school project All the previous criticisms are absolutely spot on at this point I had originally added a whole host of my own examples of bad plotting description and vocabulary but deleted it But I will keep this one little thing There is way too much strutting in this book good guys bad guys ueens princesses; everyone strutted down the hall strutted into the room etc It's much too descriptive a word to overuse as much as this author does I will finish the series since I paid for it but now it's just scanning to get through the whole thing I'm not expecting any surprises

  10. Iris Bekker Iris Bekker says:

    I remain curious to know where this story will end which is part of the reason why I persevere I do find it annoying at times that these books are often so badly written I especially find the repetition of bad phrases very difficult to digest This makes me wonder if the author lacks support of a good editor who surely should advise on such matters Having said that I will continue to struggle through the series even if only to know what happens to the characters

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