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Oh, Brother! [PDF / Epub] ✎ Oh, Brother! ☂ Nikki Grimes – Buyprobolan50.co.uk It's bad enough that Xavier's new stepbrother Chris has moved into Xavier's room but now it looks like he's also trying to steal Mami by being the perfect kidChris's Mr Perfect act may fool grown ups It's bad enough that Xavier's new stepbrother Chris has moved into Xavier's room but now it looks like he's also trying to steal Mami by being the perfect kidChris's Mr Perfect act may fool grown ups but Xavier can see straight through itHe promises himself that he'll never become real brothers with such a fakeNo brothers allowedEver rightIn twenty powerful poems two strangers learn to become brothers Nikki Grimes captures the struggles—and eventual sweetness—of bringing together a family.

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Oh, Brother!
  • Nikki Grimes
  • English
  • 11 February 2016
  • 9780688172947

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  1. Katie Fitzgerald Katie Fitzgerald says:

    Oh Brother is a picture book in verse about the blending of two families The poems are written in the first person from the point of view of Xavier a Latino boy whose mother has just gotten remarried Mami remarriedand won me a brother the first line of the book reads and the rest of the poems explore Xavier's feelings about his new family and the eventual realization of brotherhood between Xavier and his new stepbrother ChrisHere are just some examples of the wonderful poetry in this bookIn the poem entitled Steps Xavier reflects that everyone in his household is a step nowHe says In my mindI turn them into stepsI can climbAnd when I reachthe topI ruleThe accompanying illustrations shows Xavier's mother and stepfather and Chris as stony mountains similar to Mount Rush and Xavier scales their surfaces approaching the peakIn another poem toward the end of the book entitled Lights Out Xavier describes the way he and his brother sometimes play and joke before bedChris and Itrade jokesand line the wallswith laughterFinally as the family begins to expand yet again after a surprising turn of events at the end of the book Xavier learns the important lesson the book has been working up to all alongOur familyis a song we singand we can add new notesanytime we likeThere is so much subtly beautiful language in this book and so many wonderful threads come together to tell this family's full story Xavier is frustrated not just with the extra people now crowding his household but also with the fact that his own father is miles away and his new brother can't spell his name Chris's efforts to be 100% perfect and lovable also annoy Xavier until he learns that Chris is afraid his father will leave him as his mother didThis is a book so many kids can relate to and it makes such positive statements about brothers and families but without cheapening the real anger jealousy resentment and fear kids can experience when their family lives go through major changes I finished the book with a little lump in my throat and immediately picked it up to read a second time

  2. N_kellie N_kellie says:

    A well known poet mentioned in our textbook wrote Oh Brother Nikki Grimes has successfully written this picture book in poetic form In this text Xavier’s has a new stepbrother Chris and he is not too pleased about it Told in the first person this collection of twenty poems starts with the narrator telling that his mom remarried and won him a brother The problem is Xavier thinks he doesn’t need a brother and his mother doesn’t seem to care In the first few poems he complains about all of the things he doesn’t like about his new brother and how Chris makes him look bad When Xavier confronts Chris about being so perfect and tells him it better stop Chris begins to cry and says he can’t because he’s afraid his dad will leave just like his mom did He says she left because normal wasn’t good enough After this turning point in the collection of poems the boys have a new friendship They have pillow fights play baseball and wrestle At the end of the story the brother’s parents come to them with news of a new baby The final poem is titled “Pact” in which they decide they are brothers no matter what This story is beautifully illustrated with painted pictures that accompany the poems perfectly The reader will notice that this new family appear to be interracial Chris and his father appear black and Xavier and his mother appear Latino Xavier even interjects several Spanish words into his poems like Hijo dios Papi pero hermano and mijos to help him express his feelings With themes of blended families race rejection and love this book includes it all I think it would be an appropriate book for K 5th graders and would be useful in showing young readers and writers that books can be written in poetic form I love how powerful the short poems are and think this would be a great mentor text to help students create poems of their own It would also fit well with the first grade unit about families

  3. N_maryellen Rosenblum N_maryellen Rosenblum says:

    This was a delightful book which could have multiple uses in the classroom It could be used for children dealing with divorce stepbrothers or sisters or any other significant life change We find Xavier dealing uite happily with his Mami's new boyfriend who is very attentive Then enters Chris his soon to be stepbrother who does everything perfectly He not only does his chores but Xavier's as well Chris doesn't even spell Xavier's name right and he appears to be making his way into Mami's heart Xavier finally confronts Chris in a poem entitled 'Showdown' and finds out that Xavier fears that if he isn't 'perfect' his father will leave as his mother had done Xavier finally sees Chris for who he truly is a scared young boy like he is Chris starts to see the similarities they share rather than the anger that has clouded his eyes when he looks at his new stepbrotherAt the end of the book the boys become big brothers to a beautiful being with 'eyes like the ocean' and 'skin like silk'' named MelodyeThe boys make a pact that no matter what they are brothers and 'nobody leaves'What a powerful book of poems The illustrations are enormous and the characters' eyes look as if they allow you access to their very souls The artwork only adds to the beauty of the author's words and makes us feel what the characters are going through This book of verse would be a wonderful mentor text for students to use as they try their own hand at poetry

  4. Leslie Leslie says:

    While the story is told in poems and illustrations from Xavier’s point of view there is still space made available for the other characters to develop personalities and motivations of their own And even with the relatively few pages and brevity of most of the poems Grimes and Benny are able to accomplish the transition from suspicion and resentment to brotherly support and oath makingThe spatial relationships are remarked upon territory and occasions but Grimes also focuses a great deal on names as identity; as forms of ownership and relationship She completes a narrative in the twenty poems not only through linearity but through thematic threadsThe illustrations contribute significantly to narrative coherence while also imagining that which a poem would evoke The style is real and the composition features the boys primarily large on the page Their close ups place them in an intimate range of the reader and allude to the subjectivity of the narratorI really dig the presence of Mami and her mad skills at baseball The portrayal of a family coming together is not without its struggles but is also unapologetically exciting and wonderful Grimes is not gushy nor is Benny cute Oh Brother is neither sappy nor coy but a frank and clever way to handle its subject matterL omphaloskepsis

  5. Angela Angela says:

    Genre Picture Book PoetryGrades K 5Awards XThe book is a touching collection of twenty poems that create a story about the struggle to accept a new step brother The first person poems are written from the point of view of Xavier He has problems adjusting to his new stepbrother Chris Xavier feels that Chris is trying to steal Mami his mother from him He feels that Chris is too perfect and makes him look bad After an argument Xavier realizes that Chris is afraid that if he is not perfect his father will leave him the way his mother did Xavier understands because he misses his father The brothers begin to enjoy each others company and they truly become brothers In one scene Chris is practicing writing Xavier’s name Xavier tells Chris that he spelled it wrong and his name is hermano which meaning brother in Spanish The family grows even closer after the arrival of a new baby The book is a great example of modern family life Many homes are blended andor multiculturalActivities1Students will Speculate The students will discuss what will happen in the future for the brothers and their family 2Students create Magnetic Poetry The teacher will take poems from the book enlarge the text and make copies of them Then he or she will cut out the words The students will create their own poems with the words

  6. Jessica Jessica says:

    This narrative is a beautiful compilation of twenty poems that tell a story of bringing two families together In the beginning the narrator Xavier hates that his Mami’s marriage to his step dad means that Chris will be his new step brother ex “no way will I ever call him brother“ The author Nikki Grimes walks us through Xavier’s emotions as he eventually comes to accept and love his step brother ex “no matter what we’re brothers” Not only is this text a realistic and honest portrayal of a young boy’s feelings towards his new step brother but it also reflects the blending of families from different cultural backgrounds As a teacher I would use this text to teach descriptive language and to demonstrate rhyme in poetry ex “Its eyes are oceans It smells like milk slides like and eel feels like silk” This would also be a great text for children to make story predictions based on Mike Benny’s lovely illustrations I appreciate that the author herself comes from a divorced family in which her mother remarried; this makes Xavier’s perspective that much authentic Grimes’s words and Benny’s illustrations come together like magic in this text to share an exceptional story of two families becoming one

  7. Quentishia Quentishia says:

    Oh Brother by Nikki Grimes is a fun and interesting poetry book that brings two cultures together to ultimately form the perfect family Xavier narrates how he gains a stepdad and stepbrother when his Hispanic mother dates an African American man to start a new family Throughout the story Xavier has a hard time accepting his stepbrother Chris and them sharing a house together Xavier ridicules Chris and picks out all the features that he does not like; including the fact that he believes Chris is trying to take his mom away from him After the two start to see common ground they realize that they both have a parent that they miss Chris is without his mother and Xavier is without his father Welcoming a new child into the picture from both parents that they now share excites the two boys and they make a pact that they will always be brothers I absolutely thought the book was a great read I thought this book was an easy read for students; and I think the way in which the author told Xavier experience in the form of a poem made it interesting to read The illustrations are awesome and I believe students will enjoy the book especially kids who can relate to gaining new members to their family

  8. Dina Dina says:

    So glad I checked out this book from my public library I like this book because I can see students enjoying this book as a read aloud It address stepfamilies and their dynamics I love the ending Our family is a song we sing and we can add new notes anytime we like A beautiful way to sum up this book about relationships

  9. Noni Wurzweiler Noni Wurzweiler says:

    Oh Brother is a book comprised of twenty poems about a boy named Xavier who has a new stepbrother named Chris Chris has moved into Xavier's room and seems to have stolen Xavier's mother's attention He is not happy about having a new brother but eventually Xavier accepts Chris and ultimately they become friends and true brothersI would definitely add this book to my multicultural list First off the book has characters of color I believe Chris and his father are black and Xavier and Mami are Hispanic since they use some Spanish vocabulary This book could be related to children who are from families of divorce or even kids who come from mixed race households I think this book can also relate to kids that have step siblings and how they try to cope with the change and newness of having someone come live in their house This book sends a good message of acceptance and brotherhood which I love

  10. Madison Madison says:

    Oh Brother written by Nikki Grimes and illustrated by Mike Benny is an amazing book of poems that tell the story of one boy and his journey of gaining a step brother His mom remarries and there are two new people in the house At first they dislike each other and the poems describe feelings of distrust conflict foreignness and unease By the end of the book will the brothers learn to love each other or keep their distance? Oh Brother can be a great read for children with parents going through a remarriage or children who don't have that going on If they are I'm sure they will find meaningful poems that might help describe how they're feeling The book would make for a great shared reading experience for children aged 5 10

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