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Blood and Beasts (The Life and Trials of Persephone Black #1) ✯ [PDF] ❤ Blood and Beasts (The Life and Trials of Persephone Black #1) By L.M. Miller ✼ – Turning sixteen Seph learns that true friends can handle accidental dragons blood chugging contests and virgin sacrificing cults Seph thought she was the average teenager She was raised in a foster ho Turning sixteen Seph learns that true friends can handle accidental dragons blood chugging contests and virgin sacrificing cults Seph thought she was the average teenager She was raised Blood and eBook » in a foster home She had a half brother and half sister She had a few best friends Then she turns sixteen and she makes out with her best friend bites him and nearly kills him Becoming a vampire isn’t easy Now filled with an insatiable urge for blood she finds herself shipped to Monster Academy which is filled with the rest of the freaks of nature like her Befriending a couple of witches a wizard and a few werewolves this vampire with an identity crisis finds out that she’s not the only one with problems As much as she may think she is a monster she learns that what you are on the inside is what makes you a monster or not She finds herself immersed in a world of fairy colonies backstabbing brethren and teenage romance but in this whole new world of hers a blood crazed monster like herself might be just what it needs.

  • Paperback
  • 412 pages
  • Blood and Beasts (The Life and Trials of Persephone Black #1)
  • L.M. Miller
  • English
  • 08 September 2016
  • 9781507794852

About the Author: L.M. Miller

LM Miller is a Texas girl born and bred The Life and Trials of Persephone Black is her first series to be published with Kindle and includes Blood Blood and eBook » and Beasts as well as Fangs and Fur She graduated from Texas AM University with her bachelor's and Sam Houston State University with her master's Her play Chartreuse won the International Thespian Playwrighting Competition in When.

10 thoughts on “Blood and Beasts (The Life and Trials of Persephone Black #1)

  1. S.A. Carter S.A. Carter says:

    I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest reviewBlood and Beasts is a story that centres around the main character Persephone Black brilliant nameShe awakens on her sixteenth birthday hungry and sensitive to light After drinking her foster brothers blood she realises she's a vampire or at least she thinks she is After being caught near her brothers body she runs from her home after being shot by her foster father?? She heads into the woods and finds her best friend has also turned into a werewolf??They are tracked by other supernatural beings with powers taken to a school for kids with powers Zephyr Hall and then the rest of the story is about Persephone and her friends figuring out who they are what they can do and the story goes on from thereI think this story has a lot of potential but I have to say that I found it lacking in areas check ?? above these parts there were many throughout the book made little sense to me and I felt annoyed at the lack of realism in these scenes Maybe this is just me but I like to know why someone reacts the way they do otherwise the story can appear disjointed which is what I feel happened throughout this bookI would have really liked to see scene development with greater care taken to the characters themselves rather than surface layer description but the story got lost in the mainstream x men type school for the different I suppose I kept waiting for something to happen and I felt like it never really hit the markSome really good ualities to the story that with work could be great but as a reader I wanted from this novel

  2. Amanda B Gillespie Amanda B Gillespie says:

    I received this book free in return for my honest opinion and review Thank you for the opportunity OMG I loved this book It was a very fast paced book and I finished it in one day At first it was reminiscent of P C Cast's House of Night series which I love but uickly became it's own entity I felt all of the characters were well thought out and jumped out as if i were right there with them They flowed well together and they all became main characters in their own right I am excited to see how the love interests will play out for Seph and Phinn and RichardThe only issue I had was the ending I know this is a series and will play out in other books but it felt like an overly abrupt ending I personally dislike books especially series too have the end as the final words It puts the feel of an amateur writer I still give this a five star rating

  3. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    45 StarsI received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review The book starts and gets right to the point and I loved that there is a lot of action and discovery in the first few chapters and it really drew me in and the uick and easy pace kept me going usually much longer than I should have proving how fun it really isI very much enjoyed the large and loveable cast of characters but on the other hand it did take me a while to get some of them straight and to be honest there are still a few that still make me pause for a second to recall who they are but I guess that is to be expected when a boarding school of magical creatures is involved and their pasts are all very deeply explored giving you a ton of info Speaking of the characters and their in depth pasts I really loved how so much of this book focused on their dark truths and how they all came together to heal it was neat to see the union of vampires werewolves and witches and how they helped each other cope no matter their past or mistakes My favorite part about this book was the freindships and how they grew with the charactersI must confess that the fact that the focus was the issues these characters faced while trying to adjust to a new life of the magical world the large threat that they faced at the end seemed rushed and sort of just thrown in there but it was also very action packed and it set up what I imagine will be a great seuel without being to cliff hanger like I really really liked this book and anyone who enjoys a good paranormal read with a lot of emotion then I would highly recommend this one for youI am excited for book two and I hope it is as full of action and friendship as this one was I will even enjoy a little heartbreak just to spend some time in this world

  4. Ana Torres Ana Torres says:

    Going into this book I had some expectations of what it would be like with other books with same topic out there but this was different and a bit confusing at first once I got to know all the characters It read well was an easy read but I had to go back to read some parts again so I was sure it was about a monster school for the supernatural It did say it was and read like it but the characeters were a bit here and there it is what threw me off I did enjoy the book very much and I look forward to read the next book so it will come together in whole not as in part But reading this book blood and beast of Persephone Black how she changed from a normal sixteen your old to a being a vampire It was crazy what the teen years held for her with a uniue name she had a uniue changes in her life she had to get use to Finding out there were many out there like her and different So she was not alone Teenagers already goes through changes in real life it was good to see this read well after I got the who was the wolf the witch and so on A bond of unlikely friends at first but it all works out the same They may not be human but they are very much teenages with same problems as human teenagers goes through but their's stories goes deeper Would be interested to read the story on all of them how they came to be where they came from and so onI got this book free in exchange for my honest review I love paranormal books young and adult it was a good change to read and relive how I was as a teen The love and jealously boy I know how that felt like Recommend for the paranormal lover in you No spoilers read the book to find them LM Miller did an awesome job with this series 4 stars

  5. Carrie Carrie says:

    I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest reviewBlood and Beasts starts out with the 16th birthday of the main character Persephone Black affectionately known as Seph by all The 16th birthday seems to have a common theme of change among YA authors and this was no different We find out that Seph has suddenly developed a sensitivity to light and a desire for blood Basically she finds out she is a vampire cause yes they exist along with other mythical creatures I found the first few chapters seemed to be very detailed in a superficial way The author used a lot of adjectives to describe Seph and her foster family without really making me feel like I knew the characters I did notice that the I read the I grew to learn about some of these people though they were only mildly touched upon I do think the plot moved along nicely and it was a uick read for me which usually means I am into the book I did like the approach to the vampire theme it was similar to the Vampire Academy books in that once the child finds out shehe is magical they are then enrolled into a special school to learn about themselves their powers and how to control them Once Seph was enrolled in the school she seems to feel like she fits in with her peers which was something that she appeared to struggle with in her foster home I truly did enjoy this book even though it was a little cheesy in the beginning you could see a growth in the author's writing as the book progressed and it did leave me wanting to know what was going to happen with Seph her foster family and her friends without making me feel like it had a cliff hanger Overall I found this book to be enjoyable and look forward to reading the next book in the series

  6. Wendi Wilson Wendi Wilson says:

    I was given a copy of this book through the We 3 YA Books group on Goodreads in exchange for an honest reviewThe story is that of a young girl finding out she's a vampire and being sent to a school for the supernatural I really like the concept as it's reminiscent of House of Night one of my favorite series Steph has to struggle to fit in find herself and control her unusually strong powers Set in a world of witches and wizards werewolves vampires and even fairies Seph has to fins a way to cope with the loss of her foster family and the world as she'd known it for the first 16 years of her lifeI liked the story and the characters were all interesting and entertaining I did have some problems with confusion though as there were a lot of extra characters introduced that were not necessary to the plot and I had a hard time keeping track of them Sometimes the description would switch from one person to another mid paragraph and I would have to reread it to figure out who the author was talking about Those were my only negative issues with the storyI really liked the way the story ended leaving it open for the next book without a true cliffhanger It makes the reader want to continue on to the next book in the series Overall it was good and I would recommend it to lovers of the paranormal

  7. Thomas Thomas says:

    Blood and beasts reviewWell written book Kept me interested the whole way through Can't wait for the next installment in the series Great job

  8. Bree Bree says:

    What attracted me to this book was the premise f a new vampire attending a monster academy with other different types of monsters However I was too distracted by the writing style to actually enjoy anythingI could not get past the narrator It's told in 3rd person POV but I kept getting the feeling that maybe it was the subconscious of the characters speaking in third person to themselves 1 Near the beginning the narrator seems to be acting as the main character's thoughts though still narrating in 3rd person for when there are uestions about who these guys are these vampires that found her one of the vamp guys ends up reading her mind the thoughts that are of the narrator Am I making any sense? It's sorta hard to explain because it's sorta confusing to read as well2 When Seph MC is on her 1st day of classes she almost calls her teacher Sir Guthrie by a nickname that upperclassman call him This is how the narration happened after her slip up Guth Man? The older students called him that So the new student already knew some of the big kids? She must think she was so tough picking on the class bully talking with the older students oh she was a vampireAgain maybe the characters think in third person However there should be some sort of indication that lets the reader know that this is a part of a thought and not the narration It was awkward and very confusing Also it just switched to a different POV for a moment but the POV seems to be 3rd person limited see the example that follows3 The narrator is also too casual and not at all smart? Many times does the narrator have to recall information from prior events Had she just felt what Nate was feeling? Phin had mentioned something about that what had he said?There is also too many uses of the words that's interesting and had she had remembered; he had said; when they had went; etc and double punctuation ? There was also an overuse of ellipses I get that they can be used for suspense or to show a though or sentence going unfinishedinterrupted However they sometimes seemed misplaced or not necessary at allThere were also a lot of characters to keep track of And whenever Seph met a new person she ran down a laundry list of what the looked liked This could just be a personal annoyanceI can't say that I enjoyed Seph as a character as I was confused as to what her personality was I'm not sure if she was changing because of her new vampirism but when she is first introduced she seems sort of childish and naive she doesn't understand what is happening when she turns into a vampire and maybe even sweet However when she's in school she's a completely different person She's shoving people and claiming chairs and back talking the teachers and has a snarky remark for the things people are thinking about herShe's just so angry and uick tempered Again this could be because she's a vampire now but that change was unexpected and I did not like itOverall I did not enjoy this book at all I think with some editing like checking for consistencies and grammar and cutting scenes because this book is too long IMO that it could be an enjoyable book Many others adored it so I would suggest reading other reviews to get a feel of what they liked about it

  9. Carol Luecker Carol Luecker says:

    OkayStarted out good Got lost along the way To much teenage feelings not enough substance Think you need to start over You have a good platform just need to refine

  10. Paul Paul says:

    Fun and fantastic storyI thought this was a great story and really enjoyed the characters Seph was the best heroine and Alistair a good villain

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