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O is for Orca ➡ [Epub] ➛ O is for Orca By Andrea Helman ➫ – O is for orca and P is for puffin With beautiful photographs by acclaimed nature photographer Art Wolfe this book brings the alphabet to life for toddlers through colorful animals and landscapes Wildl O is for Orca and P is for puffin With beautiful photographs by O is PDF or acclaimed nature photographer Art Wolfe this book brings the alphabet to life for toddlers through colorful animals and landscapes Wildlife in the book includes auklets bears coyotes deer eagles lynx salmon urchins and.

  • Board Book
  • 20 pages
  • O is for Orca
  • Andrea Helman
  • 21 September 2015
  • 9781632170330

6 thoughts on “O is for Orca

  1. Alexandria Alexandria says:

    This book can be read two ways The first option is to read the letters by themselves O is for Orca S is for Salmon and leave out the facts that are written under each letteranimal pairing Or if the child is a little bit older the facts can be included As odd as it may sound this is actually why I only rated the book with 3 stars It is a board book which implies that it is for very young children Most children who regularly read board books are going to be too young to appreciate or want to sit through the additional facts under each pairing Slightly older children around three or four might find the facts interesting but most have moved on to other book formats If a caregiver has a child that is too young for the facts the letteranimal pairings alone are fine And if they have a slightly older child willing to read through the facts there are so many learning opportunities to be had It's just a weird combination of format and style that makes it a little less appealing than other similar board books

  2. Chinook Chinook says:

    The photography kept bother the three year old and the one year old engaged Interesting selection of animalsplantsenvironments

  3. Ansel MacCready Ansel MacCready says:

    So many good examples of uniue animals and interesting aspects of nature but such a terrible ending

  4. Katie Fitzgerald Katie Fitzgerald says:

    This combined review of 1 2 3 Moose An Animal Counting Book and O is for Orca A Nature Alphabet Book also appears on my blog Read at Home Mom123 Moose ISBN 9781632170323 and O is for Orca ISBN 9781632170330 are nature themed concept books illustrated with photographs While neither is especially memorable for me O is for Orca has made an impression on Little Bo Peep At a recent playdate she sat in her car seat in a room full of wild toddlers happily turning the book over and over and occasionally even flipping open a page This was her first time really handling a book on her own and I was pleased to note that she had not yet figured out how to eat it and that she seemed genuinely interested in engaging with the book because it was a book and not just because it was a random object A friend also grabbed the book and read it to her toddler during this same playdate and she was impressed by the variety of animals but not as thrilled with the ending where she said I guess they just gave up when they got to the end of the alphabet

  5. Kellee Moye Kellee Moye says:

    Full review with teaching tools often books for toddlers talk down to them and are too simplistic I really love books that are real and teach toddlers in a way that respects the intelligent human beings they are These books teach the reader about so much of the Northeast US wildlife while also working on ABCs and counting I really enjoyed how not only does it say “O is for Orca” but the author also describes the nature photographs that accompany the letternumber ex “Swimming by mama’s side is where orca calves love to be” And speaking of the photographs they are beautiful Wolfe is a very talented nature photographer whose eye brings the nature to us

  6. Heidi Heidi says:

    O is for Orca provides a fun and beautiful introduction to nature for the littlest readers Most of the letters are represented by animals with a few land features thrown in although X and Y are skipped I'm assuming because of space limitations in the board book format Since the focus here is on animals of the Pacific Northwest with some land features mixed in it limited the words the author could use Despite this the book is beautiful with a basic fact included with a beautiful photograph for each letter except X and Y

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