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Why Cant I Meditate? ➛ [KINDLE] ❅ Why Cant I Meditate? By Nigel Wellings ➥ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk An accessible guide from an expert on Mindfulness on how to get the most out of meditation and make the practice a permanent part of your daily lifeMeditation is supposed to be a practice that's relax An accessible guide from an expert on Mindfulness on how to get the most out of meditation and make the practice a permanent part of your daily lifeMeditation is supposed to be a Why Cant PDF/EPUB ² practice that's relaxing and beneficialso why is it so hard to commit to While many people have taken workshops in meditation a significant number don't maintain their practice for long after the class is finished Mindfulness can help us relax and is great for coming to grips with thoughts that make us  depressed or anxious but it can also bring us into a intimate relationship with ourselves a prospect that can make some feel uncomfortable Yes lots of good things come out of meditation practice but keeping it up is challenging This is where Why Can't I Meditate comes in Full of practical ways to help our mindfulness practice flourish it also features guidance from a wide spectrum of secular and Buddhist mindfulness teachers and personal accounts by new meditators on what they find difficult and what helps them overcome those blocks It takes what is boring painful or downright scary about meditating and shows how these struggles can become an invaluable part of our path If you have been considering meditating but doubted your ability if you are having a hard time continuing or if you've reluctantly stopped Why Can't I Meditate will help you get your mindfulness practice back on track.

  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Why Cant I Meditate?
  • Nigel Wellings
  • 21 December 2015
  • 9781101983270

10 thoughts on “Why Cant I Meditate?

  1. Edward Watson Edward Watson says:

    I liked this and will keep it lying around to come back to Why can't I meditate? turned into I can meditate after reading not because I had become objectively better but in that I realised that my constant drone of 'Am I doing this right? Am I thinking too much?' was counterproductive and that I should just go with it The most useful piece of advice was that having to return to a self aware present state was an important part of meditation and you shouldn't scold yourself for needing to do so You set yourself up to fail if you begin meditation with the expectation of staying perfectly in the present at all times

  2. Lauren Lauren says:

    This book was slow going for me but the information in it incredibly helpful for someone who has meditated before but hasn't kept up a regular practice and wants to

  3. Jessica Lutz Jessica Lutz says:

    I've needed this book in a very real way Absolutely just what I needed One of those rare books I need to OWN to keep coming back to

  4. Anita Anita says:

    I liked this book and found it extremely helpful to start a daily meditation habit I’ve kept up for a couple of months now I highly recommend if you also want to start a daily meditation habit

  5. Jane Jane says:

    In spite of the odd title this is one of the best books on mindfulness meditation I've read It combines psychology with mindfulness based stress reduction practices and gives an extensive explanation of the benefits of meditation as well as the reasons that many of us resist continuing a daily practice

  6. J.T.K. Gibbs J.T.K. Gibbs says:

    I will read and reread this book a few times Even bought a hard copy of it for references and practice

  7. Ajay Palekar Ajay Palekar says:

    This was not a book for me This is a book for anyone who is thinking about meditating who wants to meditate but is finding it hard to start and continue or who has started but has stopped again It presumes that reader is interested in trying meditation and for whatever motivation to have a better life or find spiritual progress wants to pursue it Perhaps to someone like that this might be a useful guide promising to share practical tips to actually dedicate yourself to the practice But as a skeptic who has learned meditation and rejected it This book doesn't actually speak much about those core motivations natures and harder uestions

  8. Nathan Nathan says:

    I was struggling with this one for a while Each chapter has a lot of information and it can be overwhelming That being said I think it's a really great read for people who are interested in meditating or who have had issues doing so One of my favorite parts talks about how people have difficulty with love and kindness mediation That many people can get turned off by some of the traditional Buddhist practices and how it can adjust to your needs It provides context and better coping methods so that we can be understanding of our meditation struggles

  9. Kelly Jones Kelly Jones says:

    A uick read that relies heavily on situational examples rather than direct applications and suggestions for increasing meditationmindfulness I was expecting of a how to but still enjoyed the book and feel that I got some info out of it that'll be useful as I continue on my uest to become mellow

  10. catherine newman catherine newman says:

    Good supportGood sound advice for establishing a meditation practice Working with the ideas presented has provided me with additional information to carry me through a plateau I was experiencing in my own practice

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