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Orangutan Orphanage [PDF / Epub] ☉ Orangutan Orphanage ❤ Suzi Eszterhas – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Orangutan Orphanage invites readers inside the Orangutan Care Center and uarantine operated by Orangutan Foundation International in the South Pacific jungles of Borneo It explores why baby orangutans Orangutan Orphanage invites readers inside the Orangutan Care Center and uarantine operated by Orangutan Foundation International in the South Pacific jungles of Borneo It explores why baby orangutans become orphaned and the process of healing and rehabilitating them for return to the wild It also highlights the people who work at the rescue center and how they aid the animalsA portion of the royalties from this book will be donated to the Orangutan Care Center and uarantine in Borneo.

10 thoughts on “Orangutan Orphanage

  1. Brenda Kahn Brenda Kahn says:

    I've been reading photoessays by this author out of order They are concisely written accompanied by amazing color photographs and are sure to spark and hold children's interest in the animal world

  2. Lynn Lynn says:

    Clear text and heart melting photographs introduce young readers to orangutans under the care of Dr Mary Gladikas at her orangutan rescue and rehabilitation center in Borneo Eszterhas provides excellent information about orangutans their behavior endangered status and conservation effortsOutstanding full page photographs are an irresistible stand out feature Wonderful book to read to primary students Would be ideal for a classroom setting or to hand to young scientists

  3. Robin Raines-Bond Robin Raines-Bond says:

    I had no idea that there were so many orphaned orangutans in Borneo These pictures are so adorable I want to be a caregiver These sweet babies are so similar to human's because we share much of the same DNA Very informative book

  4. Vannessa Anderson Vannessa Anderson says:

    Dr Biruté Mary Galdikas is the founder and president of Orangutan Foundation International’s Orangutan Center located just outside Tanjung Putting National Park BorneoInteresting facts• Orangutans are closely related to humans and share 97% of our genes• What they are afraid of• Eating habits• How long babies stay with mom• Orphaned Orangutans have volunteer mothersThe pictures made everything look so real

  5. Lynn Davidson Lynn Davidson says:

    This is a fabulous book about orphaned baby orangutans and the rescue centre where they are cared for until they are grown Human adults take over the role of the missing orangutan mothers and nurture and teach the babies preparing them for their return to the wild Excellent information and photography So very interesting Includes information on how to help

  6. Alice Alice says:

    This book makes me all warm and fuzzy inside To a uote from the TV show Gil Girls We can't have a mouse in our inn Tell people it is a baby mouse people love babies Same here everyone loves babies and baby orangutan are AH DOOR A BLE adorable Sad that they are orphaned babies but they are super cute Nice book informative with great photography Nice book about taking care of animalsall animals

  7. Courtenay Courtenay says:

    LOVE Suzi's photos for kids' books and clear delivery of facts that help kids empathize with the plight of the animals she discusses I believe I've read every one of her books and they seem to keep getting even better Makes me want to go visit Borneo and Sumatra and adopt an orphaned orangutan myself

  8. Karen Arendt Karen Arendt says:

    Amazing photographs and great information I like the layout of the book each chapter is one two page spread with a full page photo on one side and the text on the other with photos Chapters can be read a few at a time or all in one read I would love to share some of this with kindergarten and first graders

  9. Elaine Bearden Elaine Bearden says:

    gr 1 5Awesome awesome awesome book Fantastic photography and great story about rescuing organgutans Makes you think twice about buying peanut butter with palm oil Too cute for words Wide age range because can talk about photos for younger ones I shared with first and second grade tour and shared pictures

  10. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    A heartwarming and informational book about what happens when orangutans are orphaned and how people help them to survive and feel loved and nurtured This would be a great book for children or students who are interested in learning about orangutans; specifically as the title states orangutan orphanages

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