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Song of Abraham This Novel Unfolds The Tumultuous Saga Of The Father Of Both Jews And Arabs, And The Spiritual Father Of Christians Abraham, Prince Of Ur, Left Behind The Greatest Civilization Of His Day To Follow Words Of Promise With Deeds Of Faith This Richly Colorful Novel Portrays A Man Of Strength, Will, And Purpose Who Remains Unparalleled In History.

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    I loved this book Of course, it was written by my high school english teacher and published while we were in school Ellen is a true researcher, and her ability to tell a story is a gift from God This is an epic sto...

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    I am about 3 4 through and I love it Of course the details are embellished But I find itinteresting than reading the bible I did dig out my bible to read Abraham s story again and see how close the author stuck to it finished can t wait to read Moses come on and finish it cousin o

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    The second I am reading by this author Better than the first, only because it is being read in God s Perfect Providence, right now, when I too am walking down the road that Abram traveled More to add later

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    a richly imagined book about the father of judaism, christianity and islam.

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    I loved this book when I was in High School Can t remember much about it, but for awhile I considered it to be my all time favorite book.

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    I love Biblical fiction I love to read the way it could have been and then go back to the Bible and read the real account The stories really seem to come alive.

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    Great job on Characters and bringing Biblical story to life

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    Very wild and speculative,so bring the salt shaker It messes up the facts it does possess, and was a disappointing read I would not recommend this book.

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