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Hardball: A Season in the Projects In The Heart Of Cabrini Green, Chicago S Most Notorious Housing Project, A Group Of Kids And Their White Collar Coaches Triumph Over The Odds Through Little League Baseball A Narrative Tour De Force That Reveals Not Only A Deeply Troubling Image Of The Way Things Are, But Also A Glimpse Of The Way They Might Be.

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    Surprisingly amazed with how the book turned out to be As an unknowing reader, I ended up feeling living in the same neighborhood That s how engaged it got me.

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    I enjoyed reading this book.

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    I m kind of shocked to see how many people liked this book I m the perfect audience for this book I m a baseball fan, I live in Chicago and I m interested in youth programs that deal with inner city kids But god damn, Hardball A Season in the Projects just didn t do it for me.First of all, it was aggravatingly overwritten Coyle added plenty of details, I assume in an attempt to paint a full and vivid picture What resulted were paragraphs of overly flowery, dull and pointless prose that did nothing to further the story As he tried to add dialouge and mimic the street kids language, he just sounded like every other uptight white guy who s awfully proud of himself for spending time in the projects I was a little embarrassed for him.The pages and pages of play by play baseball business were pointless As I said, I m a huge baseball fan But reading chapter after chapter of moment by moment commentary on a strike out is boring no matter how much you like baseball Yes, I cared how the kids did and yes I wanted to know who was struggling and how their games turned out, but I didn t need this much detail.Writing aside, I had some issues with the author s clear bias against Al, the man who actually founded the league Al was from the projects and was an African American man Initially he was portra...

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    If you need a baseball fix this winter, I heartily recommend Hardball I found this gem on the discard shelf of my library, and picked it up for ten cents It chronicles a Little League team in Chicago s notorious Cabrini Green housing projects during the summer of 1992 It s about than just baseball, however Author Daniel Coyle does an excellent job of weaving the personal lives with the baseball personas of the individual players You get to know each player, his home life and personality, and how and why he came to join the team, the Kikuyus The field is the players escape from the reality of the projects gang wars, murder, teen pregnancy, and broken families.The book also discusses the politics that seep into the league, and the tension that arises between the original founder of the league who is African American and from Cabrini Green , and the white coaches who volunteer their time to try and teach the kids baseball, as well as win their trust and friendship.This is an old book, published in 1993 An excellent journalist, Coyle has since gone on to write a novel, and a book about Lance Armstrong, Lance Armstrong s War You don t have to be a baseball fan to like Hardball It s about society, and opportunity, and community Pick it up A side note to Mr Coyle It s been nearly 15 years since you wrote this book I d love to see a follow up, even if it s an article and not a full length b...

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    Giving this book 4 stars because I am not a baseball fan, it just doesn t exist in the part of the world Lagos, Nigeria where I come from but then the concept of the housing project, little league, mentoring scheme are nice concepts that could be looked into in any cosmop...

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    This was heartbreaking and lovely Reminded me a lot in tone of Darcy Frey s

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    I was interested in the life of the boys in Cabrini Green than I was in the paragraphs on their baseball games.