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  • Tethered Bond (Holly Woods Files, #3)
  • Emma Hart
  • 01 September 2019

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    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Detective Drake Nash and Noelle Bond are back once again.and this time Emma Hart has us all twisted, tangled, and tethered to the craziness that only this duo can pull off If you thought Tangled Bond, got us all tangled up with Drake and Noelle, Ms Hart will once again have her readers entangled and tethered to a whole new fun, sexy, and dangerously romantic suspense in Tethered Bond Detective Nash and Noelle may be the perfect duo to solve crimes but their story couldn t be complete without Noelle s crazy family, her feisty and meddlesome Nonna, and of course why not toss in a cantankerous British parrot named Gio into the mix And oh yeah, we can t forget the cupcakes So what can go wrong when you have Detective Nash to help protect the people of Holly Wood , Texas Well, for one they didn t take into account Noelle Bond Tethered Bond was downright fun, sexy, intriguing, and delectably sweet I loved that Ms Hart can weave romance, humor, suspense, mystery, and family craziness all into this story The writing as always was engaging, witty, smart and outrageously fun Ms Hart never fails to deliver a story that will have you grinning from ear to ear and begging for I love reading her books because she can make her stories playful and at the same time incorporate some serious elements into the story line as truths and secrets are unraveled.And of course, readers will be entertained with the playful and sexy banter of Noelle and Drake So if you are ready to fall in love, laugh out loud, and be riveted in this chock full of entertainment filled with suspense, danger, romance and cupcakes then be prepared to get twisted, tangled, and tethered to the Holly Wood Files Series. Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages Hart

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    I absolutely love this series When these books pop up on my kindle, I dive right in and don t come up for air unless I have to Drake and Noelle are back again and there s another killer on the loose in Holly Woods Their relationship is put to the test as they are working together again on this case With a serial killer out there, an annoying ex, a crazy parrot, and an equally crazy Nonna, will Drake and Noelle come out of it all with their relationship still intact Drake and Noelle give me all the feels I love their banter, their constant fighting, and their inability to stay away from each other I can t wait to read the next book in this series I love the mystery and the romance of these books They keep me guessing as to who the killer is while Drake and Noelle steam up the pages Leah, 5 stars OMG, I couldn t wait to crack open the latest craziness of Noelle and Drake s story And Emma Hart did NOT disappoint The lazy little town of Holly Woods, Texas has doubled in size since the annual summer fair vendors and crowds started to arrive This annual event brings out the people and the crazy and the crazy people Yes, that includes Nonna.Noelle and Drake find themselves in unknown territory a relationship A boyfriend girlfriend, you re mine, I m yours relationship And God help anyone who tries to come between them or tries to insinuate that it s something right now Come Hell or Well, actually, it could be considered Hell dealing with Noelle s family Especially once the bodies start showing up Noelle and Drake are embroiled in yet another trail of dead bodies, but this time it s not necessarily random This time there s a method to the killings and no one is safe, especially not Noelle I loved everything about this book Every Thing Noelle and Drake are so real in their reactions to their circumstances Noelle and her independence but trying to be a little softer, a little loving, a little less argumentative And she tries so hard even self medicating through sugar And she s pretty damn successful until Drake opens his mouth Poor Drake he s just trying to be a good guy, a good boyfriend, and a good cop He wants everyone in his world to be safe, protected But, man he really fucks it up sometimes with Noelle But their make up scenes are sure fun Speaking of fun and crazy Nonna Now with a parrot that speaks Italian and pirate Good God When is Tied Bond releasing Missy, 5 stars Hot wench Hot wench Fucking hilarious I can t tell you the last time I laughed this hard, this loud and this often I could sit and just quote my favorite funnies from this book and you d laugh so hard you d pee your pants, change them and then do it again My current living situation means my laugh echoes and so then I laugh even My abs still hurt Thank you, Emma Hart Noelle Bond loves cupcakes Gigi s Cupcakes to be specific and so do I She also loves being in charge, sky high heels, and telling all the men in her life what to do Noelle, I think we can be BFF s You can have the Champagne cupcakes and I get the Raspberry ones Deal Deal It s hard to be a cupcake loving, treadmill hating woman these days DAMN Straight Thank you, Noelle, for setting the record straight I have a love hate hate relationship with my treadmill, but a love love love relationship with Gigi s Cupcakes Um hum In Tethered Bond, Nonna takes on a whole new role Holy guacamole I d both love her and want to strangle her and Gio Hot wench Per usual, Noelle is after a killer We all know she doesn t work well with Drake, but she can t work without him in Holly Woods, Texas so learning to get along is half the battle, right Her sassy, alpha woman, comedic attitude is super fly Drake can t help but worship her and her Jimmy Choo s, or whatever she s wearing that day But when Noelle has to find out who is wreaking havoc on her town, it takes shoes, Gigi s Cupcakes, loads of coffee, Beks and Brody, Trent, Dev and Drake to all help with this investigation And don t we all know this chick And she needs to go have sex with a cactus She s so prickly she wouldn t feel a thing AMEN Sister I can t wait to share this one with my girlfriends Just wait Emma This is going to be quoted all over Texas and beyond If by now, you haven t realized that this book is slap your mama funny, you just may not get it Grab a cupcake, a glass of vino, or even some spaghetti and meatballs and Tethered Bond You ll be glad you did Heather, 5 stars

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    He keeps me upright I shake in his embrace, his touch the thing that I never wanted because it grounds me, yet it s everything I ve craved because it has the power to keep me safe And safety is all I want right now Emma Hart has done it again She has once again delivered a truly exciting read I honestly can not get enough of Noelle and Drake The two of them together have the most explosive chemistry I love that both of them have their own alpha tendencies and how well they challenge each other Watching the two of them is like watching your favorite reality show You never know what they are going to say or do next And you can t stop watching, or reading in this case, no matter what else is going on around you.For all the Nonna fans out there, she does not disappoint She is as crazy and as entertaining as ever I can always count on her for a good laugh and for her to put a smile on my face She is always one of my favorite parts of the story What can I say about Tethered Bond Tethered Bond is exciting and captivating It is well written and entertaining The characters are a lot of fun and there certainly is never a dull moment Tethered Bond has the perfect mix of drama, laughs, romance, danger and suspense I m always excited to see what new case Noelle will be apart of and what kind of danger she will find herself in next.Tethered Bond is an excellent addition to the Holly Woods Files series It was a great read from start to finish I can not wait to get my hands on the next book and see what exciting new adventures cases are in store for these characters next I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review

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    I love Noelle and Drake This series is so much fun and has great storylines But I have to admit that I am getting a teeny bit bored now I love the progression wth their relationship and how much these books make me laugh, but Noelle is starting to annoy me I get wanting to be independent and not have others tell you how to live your life, but there comes a point when it s just stubborn stupidity When there s a killer on the loose looking for Catholic women which she is to abduct, poison, rape and murder, ignoring your boyfriends will to keep you safe is just stupid Going out alone to prove a point isn t brave She s reckless and makes awful decisions Also, no one ever seems to solve a case Even the FBI was in on this one and they still just accidentally stumble across the killer at the very last minute This has happened every time so far I enjoyed it overall, but I m finding each book a little repetitive now I will absolutely be finishing the series though as they are a ton of fun If my phone is silent, I can be all, Oh, I m sorry I didn t hear it Because it didn t ring, because you re an asshole I couldn t keep you safe His voice cracks, and he covers his eyes with his hand I tried, Noelle I tried so fucking hard, but you made it impossible because you re so damn independent I love you, Noelle You need your head tested, I croak I already have an appointment for next week He smiles, brushing his thumb across my cheek My lips twitch, but they re weak I m scared to love you, I whisper Good, he whispers right back Because I m petrified of the fact that I love you

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    You re right, honey The devil s real, except he is a she, and she is called Noelle Bond, motherfucker.

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    A review copy was provided by the author for the Blog Tour 5 Suspenseful Stars Wow What an amazing ride this book was I have to be honest.I truly think this just might be my favorite Emma Hart book and it even beats out Twisted Bond book 1 in the series.Emma Hart has done it again Tethered Bond is the Third book in her Holly Woods Files Series and this book is the reason I fell in love with this series It had everything mystery, suspense, intrigue, romance, Nonna and a crazy Parrot My heart was racing through most of this book I couldn t turn the pages fast enough to find out how this story unfolded.I am going to warn you this review is going to be short and vague, because I can t talk about the storyline hardly at all because everything would be a spoiler and this is a story you want to unravel yourself This book had me guessing and on the edge of my seat all the way through I found this storyline interesting because I haven t read a mystery suspense story with a religion based storyline I thought this was a unique and intriguing story and very well written I also loved that Emma focused on the mystery of the story and threw in just enough romance between Noelle and Drake to keep her readers happy I mean what would a book in this series be without the sassy and smart mouthed banter between Drake and Noelle.Tethered Bond is not a stand alone book Just like Twisted Bond book 1 and Tangled Bond book 2 Tethered Bond is a complete story and the mystery is solved by the end, but what makes these books NOT stand alones, is the on going story between Drake and Noelle Each of these books follows their journey and how they handle being in a relationship together This book will test their bond Will they come out unscathed or will their job threaten their happiness together You ll just have to read the book to find out What I loved about this book was we got some background on Drake and Noelle We find out why Drake doesn t like Messina and we also find out exactly happened with Noelle in her past in Dallas I enjoyed watching these two continue to open up to each other and continue to learn how to trust and love one another There are many times these two characters had me laughing out loud I absolutely love their dynamic and when you throw in her family, Nonna and a crazy talking Parrot, you can t help but laugh So if you are a fan of Emma Hart, you don t want to miss this book I would also recommend this book series to anyone who is a fan of a romantic suspense story If you like a book that is full of twists and turns, mystery, and intrigue..then PICK this book up, you won t be sorry Follow Us at Book Bitches Blog Facebook Twitter

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    3.5 stars One of the reasons I like this series so much is the wacky heroine She smart and sassy, with a hint of neurosis This book gives us a little insight into the reason why I enjoyed the interplay between the heroine and hero I would definitely say this is a heroine centric book Maybe too much so My biggest problem with this story is that it is a little over the top for me There is too much emphasis on cupcakes, shoes, and insecurities, even her beloved family started to get on my nerves a little The mystery is also not as tight as the previous books It is crime is interesting, but not that complex and the ending was a little disappointing.

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    It was enjoyable BUT there were stages that I thought the author tried too hard to make the inner dialogue snarky and funny It was borderline irritating Hoping the next book shakes off that possibility.

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    I can hardly even see straight after having my mind so completely immersed in Emma Hart s Tethered Bonds Book 3 in the Holly Woods series Gah Seriously, the talent with which Ms Hart writes humor and suspense is unmatched This particular plot had the wicked religious twist, and I so love a good religious theme Especially when it s done as well as this one If you can t tell, I m still reeling a little bit It s one of those books that you most definitely will not forget I m finding through reading Emma Hart, that her mysteries, written with intense love and incredible wit, will steal a piece of your heart that you don t want given back.

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Tethered Bond (Holly Woods Files, #3) Detective Drake Nash Hot, Alpha, Bossy, And Mine.Now, If Someone Could Tell His Ex That I Don T Care If The Summer Fayre Is Coming To Holly Woods And She S On The Planning Committee What I Do Care About Is Sugar Filled Food, Bright Lights, Late Nights And Danger The Type That Won T Come In The Form Of Nonna S New Cantankerous British Parrot, Gio Please See The Damage Done To Mom S New Curtains Unfortunately, When The Danger Comes, It Comes In The Form Of Something Holly Woods Has Never Seen The Town Is Rocked To Its Core, And Once Again, I M In Danger Only This Time, It Isn T Because Of My Clients This Time, I M In Danger Because Of Who I Am Because Of My Heritage.And Despite The HWPD S Best Efforts, The Bodies Keep On Piling Up.Drake S Determined To Protect Me I M Determined That I Can Do It Myself.Danger Mystery Darkness Malice.It Ll Be A Miracle If Any Of Us Make It Out Of This With Guns Unfired, Cupcakes Still Frosted, And Hearts Intact

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