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End of Days (The Legend Of The Gate Keeper, #6) The Legend Of The Gate Keeper 6 This Book Is Intended For Mature Audiences As Your Friend, I M Warning You In Advance, Filista Is Determined To See You Fall In Her Eyes, As Well As The People S, You Are Still A Symbol Of Hope The Last Remaining Relic Of The Old Regime Once You Fall In Front Of The Eyes Of Thousands, The Memory Of Ilirra Marosia Will Die With You The Legend Of The Gate Keeper Series Reading Order The Shadow A Standalone Prequel Book 0 Land Of Shadows Book 1 Siege Of Night Book 2 Lost Empire Book 3 Reborn Book 4 The Trials Of Ashbarn Book 5 End Of Days Book 6 Final Book

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    Enjoyable seriesI liked he series, the editing was horrible Too many spelling errors and places where you could tell an idea changed Needed a better editor A few inconsistencies but I see that with many series Only real issue I have is everyone they came across was the best and greatest ever.

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    End of DaysWhat a fantastic conclusion to this series Good triumphed over evil in a spectacular battle All of the heroes survived in heroic fashion I can not wait to try this author s other series

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    An excellent conclusion to a fantastic series.This story is filled with battles, both outward and inward As the darkness looms, Eric must train and realise his full potential, but can he overcome his many distractions Does he have the strength of will Jade is thrown into a twist of emotions when she knows the truth and Jacob and Athel have to face their own demons.Some great characters, all with interesting lives, some despicable, others heroic, yet however large or small their part in the sto An excellent conclusion to a fantastic series.This...