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    Beta reading this and I LOVE IT You lot will not be disappointed

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    Yara a naive sheltered teenager is shunned and bullied by almost everyone in town. almost until Gabriel meets her and they start a friendship a really lovely story unfolds and I loved Yara she was impossible not to like A few twists and turns along the way and really enjoyable.

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    It was the weirdest crap I have every made myself read Never again

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    Beckie Stevenson does it again an amazing book Can t recommend Beckie Stevenson books enough this was amazing funny crazy and I couldn t put it down

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    Third book from this author, and I can still confidently say Noah Me is my favorite among them all But, Chasing Butterflies has become a strong rival for it In some ways, I saw the similarity between Noah Ariel with Cole Evie But Gabriel Yara are entirely different characters for me, and maybe that s why I enjoyed them a whole lot.Gabriel is a typical guy whose heart has been broken a bit This is where the typical set up is changed because normally we have a guy with tons of issues, but Gabriel is actually as normal as he can be Then there s Yara, and she couldn t be any different Her childlike quality makes her seem innocent and naive than she should be, and it somehow adds fuel to the fire of people bullying her So she s different, does that necessarily make her harmful Definitely not In fact, I agree with her that normal is relative.By works of fate, they come together and forge a bond that makes them see beyond the stereotype that people have constructed for them Yara isn t crazy, she just had a very troubled childhood Gabriel isn t the same as before, and people can t expect him to be so One thing that I truly like about the way Beckie Stevenson writes, is that she never ceases ...

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    I adore this author s work This book was another great surprise from her I started thinking it would be just a YA or NA story about the main characters falling in love, but it was deeper than that It s amazing how this author can bring subjects up that I ve have never read in other books It s refreshing The book is about Yara, a sixteen years old girl that suffers Bully from everyone in the city People won t look her in the eyes, or talk to her, or will just say and do mean things to her because everyone believe she is crazy, that she killed her mother, and that she can curse people.Well, obviously, none of this is true, but WHY people think that, and why the reader will even question that is what makes this book so special and different You ll be hooked from the beggining You ll want to know why Yara acts the way she does, why nobody understand her, why her grandmother hates her so freaking much I hate that woman btw and all...

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    Sweet storyI really liked Yara, she s just a misunderstood girl that has been taught all the wrong things in life Nobody ever bothered to try to help and that part really bothers me The poor girl was bullied by everyone and not one person tried to stop it before Gabriel I loved the cha...

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    Loved it What a great read Yes, it was a harrowing story at times what these kids went through, especially Yara but they got through it I have to say that I prefer to read books about an older couple, but I love Beckie Stevenson s stories an...

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Chasing Butterflies I Was Born Crazy, And I Ve Been Pissing People Off And Making A Nuisance Of Myself Ever Since Being Crazy Is All That I Know It S Who I Am How I M Made And It S The Only Way I Can Make Any Sense Of Anything.For Me, Life Has Been Hard Something I Was Forced Into And Then Prevented From Leaving, Even When I Ached To Escape Life Was A Promise Of Something Beautiful Magical Even But That Only Led To Heart Breaking Misery And Devastating Disappointment When It Failed To Deliver And I Was Desperate To Run Away From It All To Bolt, To Flutter Away, And Never Look Back.Then, One Miserable, Crappy Monday When I Was Sixteen, My Life Morphed Into A Living, Scorching, Suffocating Hell And I Got Burned Badly I Did Something Unforgivable I Shattered Promises And Fractured Truths I Broke Another Family Into So Many Tiny Little Pieces That It Could Never Be Put Back Together Again But I Didn T Mean To.Life Ended Nightmares Began And I Knew I D Never Be The Same Again None Of Us Would.But Then Along Came Gabriel If My Life Was A Nightmare, He Was The Dream That I Never Wanted To Wake Up From He Was The Boy With The Ability To Calm Me In A Way That No Pill Ever Had The Boy I Wanted To Be Sane For, The Boy I Wanted To Live For, The Boy Who Filled The Cracks In My Heart He Taught Me That Life Is For Living And Loving, And That Sometimes It S Okay To Feel Like You Don T Fit The Mold.What He Didn T Tell Me Was That Life Is A Bitch, And She Has An Uncanny Way Of Coming Back To Bite You In The Ass.