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  • 180 pages
  • The Twenty Dollar Bill
  • Elmore Hammes
  • English
  • 05 April 2015
  • 9780615147161

10 thoughts on “The Twenty Dollar Bill

  1. Bonnie Bonnie says:

    I absolutely loved this book I thought the premise was than creative and the stories kept me engrossed from one to the next This is the kind of book I will read again El Hammes had a very creative idea and intriguing format for The Twenty Dollar Bill The book follows a twenty dollar bill and each chapter is a glimpse into the life of the person in possession of said twenty dollar bill I like to see how the bill changed hands as much as I like to hear about the holder's story I admit that I was initially a bit wary of the premise but once I started reading I was so glad I gave it a chance because the book was brilliant I was wary because I didn't know if it was somehow going to be told from the point of view of the twenty dollar bill or if the twenty dollar bill was going to have super powers and save everyone who came to hold it Neither of these are the case which I discovered early on and realized how much I was enjoying Mr Hammes' style and format Because each chapter is a new character and new story I felt the book was a uick read There was something and someone completely different with each chapter There were often times where I wanted a follow up on the character in a chapter I wanted to know what happened after the end of the chapter or where the character wound up However I don't think this is a weakness of the book but part of the format I kind of liked not having everyone's entire story It was fun for me to decide where they wound up The description of the book from describes the book as slices of life from the people you walk by every day glimpses into how ordinary people interact how they think how they feel and how they love And that is exactly what this book shows you in a well written enjoyable journey

  2. Jimmy Mcphink Jimmy Mcphink says:

    Great book but may prove frustrating to some because it is pretty much a collection of short stories that cut off abruptlyI really enjoyed this book I liked the fact it showed small glimpses of so many lives then just cut off because the money was passed on to someone else Some might find this frustrating Did they ever fall in love? Who won the game? Where did he get that wad of cash? etc I'll give an example of what I mean This story was not in the book but it should have beenLet's start the story when a man who has the 20 bill walks into a bar orders a drink He sees the waitress thinks she is perhaps not Hollywood gorgeous but certainly next door gorgeous She reminds him in some small way of his ex fiancé' Cindy He starts thinking about the past how 6 days before their wedding she was killed in an automobile accident He then starts thinking about how many times he has been to that bridge The bridge that invites him every so often to end his suffering once for all Tonight is the night he says to no one in particular He realizes he could never love again even if she was as beautiful as the waitress He pays for his drink gives the waitress his last 20 as a tip No need in the money sitting at the bottom of a watery grave Of course he suddenly realizes what if he once again cannot summon the courage to jump Then he will not even have bus fare to get home No He must do it He exits the bar almost running toward the bridge before he changes his mindThat would be the end of that portion of the book it would start talking about the current holder of the bill the waitress which we'll name Deborah This can be frustrating because we never learn if he jumped or not So many unanswered uestions in this book but it sure is a brilliant idea One I wish I had thought of

  3. Ben Campbell Ben Campbell says:

    Short and sweet this novelette is one short epic after another as you know which follows a twenty dollar Bili as it exchanges hands A few of the stories were interesting but didn't really stand creatively from the othersDisappointing to me was that the narrative of the episodes were too similar The new owners of the twenty dollar bill all thought alike and narrated their stories basically in the collouialisms attitude and perception of the situationsIf each story had distinctive character development for examples; the taxi driver as opposed to the affluent housewife the waitress as opposed to the flower vendor the Mexican mother as opposed to the punk kids then I'd have been entertained and enthused about reviewing The Twenty Dollar BillIf you want uick short short stories because of limited time then this is for youI'm Ben Campbell the author of seven urban adventure realityfiction novels You can preview and purchase them on

  4. Hooskadooo Hooskadooo says:

    Some years ago there were a few popular web sites onto which you would track dollar bills that you had come into contact with You would go onto the site and put in some info about the bill and where you received it and where you spent it The bills were marked with the website name Sometimes next person would log it in but sometimes it would take months before you knew where it went and wonder how it got there I personally logged in one but uickly forgot about it after and did not even think about it again until coming across this book I can't even remember the name of the site I did work with some people that were always tracking their money and telling stories of where it had been and what it had purchased This is a great book for anyone who has ever wondered where the money they physically held had been and where it was going This 20 is gifted stolen bled on the list goes on and on Proves your grandma right yet again when she told you to wash your hands after handling money because you never know where it has been

  5. Sarah Sammis Sarah Sammis says:

    I first heard of The Twenty Dollar Bill by El Hammes on Breeni Books back in February Shortly after adding it to my wishlist the author was kind enough to offer me a review copyThe novel follows the two week travels of a twenty dollar bill from the time Claire gives her last twenty to a homeless man on her way to work The bill changes hands forty two times and even travels as far south as Mexico before coming full circleAlthough the twenty dollar bill is the main character Hammes creates uniue voices for all his characters It is easy to forget that the story is about what twenty dollars can mean to a person and the ways in which a single bill can travel when the individual stories are so compelling even the ones that only take a page or twoSuffice it to say I loved the book I hope whomever wins the contest will also love it

  6. Donna Donna says:

    I've always thought if I had a super power maybe I'd like to be able to read people's minds On the other hand that would probably be really scary But I got the opportunity in this uniue novel which follows a 20 bill as it is passed from person to person and lets us glimpse their impression of the exchange as well as a snippet of their life with it's hopes and fears What I found most intriguing were the different inner reactions of people to the same situation It really got me to thinking about how we all impress people for good or bad in a million little ways each day and we'll most likely never know it or how easy it is to make assumptions based only on what we see on the outside Well written thought provoking little book I enjoyed it

  7. Neil Blaiberg Neil Blaiberg says:

    Very unusual read this novel tracks the life of a 20 bill hence the title as it passes from one person to anotherIn doing so you get a fascinating albeit brief look at the lives of the people the note touchesIt's a well written novel my only complaint being I'd love to know what happens to the people once they have passed the note on some of the stories are left on a cliff hanger and I'd love to know what happened to them but I guess that is not the point of the bookIt's not the longest book but given the subject matter it's feel about the right length Well worth a read over a lazy weekend

  8. Gina Gina says:

    I love this book both for the original subject the life of a 20 bills as it travels from person to person but also for the slices of human life portrayed without any trace of judgement on the author's part What I find particularly effective is how each story intersects the next in the moment when the 20 passes hands a moment that is described from the point of view of two different people so that we see each character both from the outside through someone else's eyes and from the inside through the character's own thoughts A brilliant techniue that naturally resulted in the perfect circularity of the story's structureI uick read I'd definitely recommend

  9. ˗ˏˋ erica ˎˊ˗ ˗ˏˋ erica ˎˊ˗ says:

    The Twenty Dollar Bill was a clever idea for a book and I think it was executed wonderfully in this uick read with diverse subplots It was interesting to see to who and how the money would exchange hands Sometimes I made stereotypical judgement on characters based on how they were presented to me sometimes my assumption about the type of people they were correct and other times I was terribly wrong This book made me uestion my knee jerk reactions about people I really liked this book especially the adorable ending I have nothing bad to say about this book

  10. Patricia Patricia says:

    Got this book on a bargain and thought the concept was rather interesting The book is divided into chapters told in the first person by each person who handles a single twenty dollar bill It follows the bill through making change buying items thefts tips The chapters are short making it a uick easy read Not much thinking involved no plot really Just following the path of the twenty dollars It is though interesting and entertaining A good read for when you don't want anything heavy that will make you think too much

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The Twenty Dollar Bill[PDF] ❤ The Twenty Dollar Bill By Elmore Hammes – Follow the path of a twenty dollar bill as it is stolen given spent or otherwise passed from person to person traveling from place to place No bombastic explosions steamy sex scenes political intrigue Follow the path of a twenty dollar bill as it is stolen given spent or otherwise passed from person to person traveling from place to place No bombastic explosions steamy sex scenes The Twenty ePUB ´ political intrigue or cosmic encounters Just slices of life from the people you walk by every day glimpses into how ordinary people interact how they think how they feel and how they love A contemporary novel exploring every day interactions and relationships.