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  1. Jennifer Wardrip Jennifer Wardrip says:

    Reviewed by Jaglvr for

    Darby hates her life. Her father had a mid-life crisis and quit his job on Wall Street to move the family to Coconut Grove, Florida, to run the Seabreeze Hotel. His family always vacationed there, and when he wanted a change, he convinced the owners that he wanted to keep it the way it was, and sold it to him. Now Darby spends her senior year with only one new friend, Kate, and having to work a couple of nights a week in the hotel's restaurant.

    On New Year's Eve, she feigns an illness and returns to her room on the top floor of the hotel. She has a secret spot on the roof she escapes to when she wants to be undisturbed. While on the roof, she notices a lone surfer on the water. She is transfixed, and is startled to find out it is Zach Miller. Zach is a local boy who works at the hotel, as well. As he walks by, he sees her on the roof and waves Hi as he leaves the beach.

    From that moment on, Darby is smitten. Kate encourages her to pursue Zach. But Darby receives mixed signals along the way. He offers to show Darby the wonders of Coconut Beach, but asks her younger brother to come along. The two travel to pick up lobster for her dad and she's convinced Zach is going to kiss her, but the moment passes. Finally, he asks her out on a real date. And it is wonderful!

    Darby starts to accept her new life in Florida, seeing Coconut Grove as a resident rather than an outsider. It's only when she and the Spirit Club are working on their Valentine's Day float does everything begin to go awry. Her boyfriend from New York City arrives unannounced. The problem is, she and Brendan never officially broke up. She just moved away and then they stopped communication after awhile. With her blossoming romance with Zach on the line, Darby has to do everything she can to keep her new life going in the direction she wants it to go.

    I loved SEA OF LOVE. It's a perfect romantic story for the upcoming Valentine season. Darby has her ups and downs, but as with all the books in the Romantic Comedies series, you know it's going to have a sweet ending, one way or another!

  2. Natalie Natalie says:

    A cute Valentine’s Day read. I liked Darby and her friendship with Kate. Zach was really cute and they had many cute moments together.

    I really liked both Darby and Zach’s parents. They were present and interested in her life which is a nice change from all the familial dysfunction so often found in YA.

  3. Sara ♥ Sara ♥ says:

    That was super cute! Darby is a Senior from New York City whose parents just bought a hotel in some small Florida coastal city and she's pretty NOT OKAY with them having done that. She's like, NYC this! NYC that! She's got ONE friend at school (who also works at the hotel) who does her best to help her get used to and ENJOY Florida. Plus, there's this super cute guy (who works at the hotel, too) who has certainly peaked her interest.....

    Anyway, it was SUPER DUPER cute! I thought the ending was a bit abrupt... (view spoiler)[I mean, she's on the roof crying at Zach and everything.... and then he sorta shows up and voila! Kissing ensues. (hide spoiler)]

  4. Kayla Plutzer Kayla Plutzer says:

    This was super cute and fun! I really loved this!

  5. Ash R. Ash R. says:

    This book is about a girl who falls in love just like everyone else. She goes through a lot with all her friends and also with the boy she loves she is crazy and falls deeply in love. Thats how they got the name sea of love. She is blinded by his imperfections and also loves him for who he is, but in the end its just all about her and him not her surrowndings.

    I can make a text to world connection because right when you staret to like someone you have that feeling where you can never leave them and how you are so madly in love with them. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt but I'm sure we can all relate to that someone who made you feel that kind of compasion.

    I would rate this book a 4 because it was really good and the thing that got me was that many people can relate to this in real life and can understand what the character is feeling. It makes you want to think if you should of shouldnt have done what she did. I couldnt put the book down, I think it is an awesome book!

  6. Amanda Yeargin Amanda Yeargin says:

    I choose to Sea of Love as an independent reading book. This book is about a girl named Darby and she moved from New York to Florida. Her father quit her job and sold there house and used it to run a hotel. Meanwhile she meets a boy that seems to know nothing about love. To find out more read the book. She has a internal conflict which she is trying to figure out if she should stay wit him.
    I have a text-to-World connection. Thsi relates to the world because girls can do some crazy things for a just one boy. A lot of times this happens and they can over exaggerate. This connection is for real and a bit crazy.
    I give this book **** stars. I gave this book 4 stars because it gave enough drama to get 4 stars. There was so much drama it was crazy. The details made it even more crazy. I suggest this book to some one who like comedies and if they like drama.

  7. Shanyn (Chick Loves Lit) Shanyn (Chick Loves Lit) says:

    Sea of Love is a cute Simon Pulse RomCom. Darby's parents move her family to Florida for her senior year of high school, and for the first six months she hates living there because she's a New York City girl. On New Years Eve, Darby spies a surfer boy, and wonders if she might like him.

    Darby starts to be more open minded about living in Florida, all awhile trying to interpret the signals coming from the surfer she saw on New Years.

    Sea of Love wasn't one of my favorites that I've read so far, but still really enjoyable and was great to read in bed while it stormed outside. I found myself smiling at a few of the cute things that happened, and overall enjoyed myself!

  8. Kate H Kate H says:

    Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies are always a fun read. These books are not necessarily the best written novels but the stories are always fun and you know you will get a happy ending. I think some adult romances could take a note from these books b/c they are characterized well which is much of the battle in writing any novel since you want your characters, for the most part, to be endearing and relatable.

  9. Bails Christopherson Bails Christopherson says:

    I though In the Stars was really cute! I really liked Darby's charactor because of how much she changed and embraced the beach life. I live in the middle of Canada, so I really like that the story took place by the beach. There were a few parts that I cringed at because of how cheesy it was, but it's deffinately one of my favorite romantic comedies!! :D

  10. Tiffany Chiu Tiffany Chiu says:

    i think that this book is really good. it was about a girl who has to leave her boyfriend soon and move, but then she has to help decorate for a party and then she meets a guy from the beach. she starts falling for him and doesnt know who to tell her boyfriend now. i thought this book was really good and it moves at a really good pace.

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Sea of Love (Simon Romantic Comedies) ❤ Sea of Love (Simon Romantic Comedies) pdf ⚣ Author Jamie Ponti – When it comes to love, sometimes it's sink or swim

As if it's not bad enough that Darby had to leave NYC and her BF to move to Florida, where her family's started running a hotel, now she has When it comes to love, sometimes it's sink or swimAs if it's not bad enough that Darby had to leave NYC and her BF to move to Florida, where her family's started running a hotel, now she has to help with the hotel's annual Valentine's Day Cupid's Ball Things start looking up when local beach hottie Zach takes Sea of PDF \ Darby surfing and shows her around Beach life actually starts to grow on this fish out of waterThensurprise! A week before the ball, Darby's NYC ex decides to pay her a visit Darby's kneedeep in guilt because she realizes she's fallen for Zach! This Valentine's Day, is Darby ready to dive into a new relationship with the guy who's captured her heart?.

  • Paperback
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  • Sea of Love (Simon Romantic Comedies)
  • Jamie Ponti
  • English
  • 22 May 2019
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