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    This is one of the most beautiful children s books I have read to date The subject matter is something all of us can relate to at one time Being afraid of the dark How many times do children wake up afraid or won t go to sleep without a night light This book will help change that Ella is a spunky little girl who loves the sunshine and anything bright and colorful Her favorite color is yellow, and she is great at drawing beautiful pictures Unfortunately, Ella has a problem Come every night, when the darkness sets in she becomes very afraid Eventually, her mother figures away to help her get past her fears I love that this teaches children to look at adults to help them be comforted The mother is gentle and patient The mother doesn t belittle her daughter s feelings She then encourages her to look at the light the night brings The moon s glow, the softness of the fireflies This helps little Ella realize that the night isn t all that scary She can look forward to the calmness of the moons glow The fear is still there, but she at least can rest It didn t solve all her problems, like some magical cure It was a very reasonable ending to the story The art in this book is gorgeous This might be the most beautiful book of 2016 in my humble opinion The beautiful illustrations will keep your child entertained, and will blow you away This is a must have in any children s library I...

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    Mixed media, gouache, and ink illustrations with some digital editing highlight a story about overcoming fears Each night, Ella grows nervous about the approaching dark But after her mother encourages her to see and eventually embrace some of night s beauties, including fireflies, crickets, and the moon, she comes to see that the dark has plenty of things to recommend it, including her favorite color After her changed view, she leaves fewer lights...

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    Young Ella loves the color yellow, and the sun What she doesn t like is night and the dark Early evening finds her walking through the house turning on lights Her thoughtful mother leads her gently into a beautiful summer night, to greet that moon and see the glowing fireflies, enjoy the crickets singing Soon Ella realizes that while it s not a sunny day, there can be good things when the moon is inside My favorite line...

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    A great book for little and not so little ones with creative illustrations and coloring to drive home the concepts and address common fears children have about the dark.

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    Before they went back into the house, Ella looked up at the golden moon It s my favorite color only quieter, she said This is kind of a nice, calm picture book Ella doesn t like when the light goes away at night, but her mom shows her that the night time has her favourite colour, yellow, too Noth...

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    Adored this one from start to finish Such a sweet and clever way of explaining to kids to not be afraid of the dark I loved especially how the story uses color and demonstrates that you can t appreciate the light without the darkness and vice versa Beautiful illustrations, well written, and just wel...

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    When a little girl is afraid of the dark, her mother shows her the light of the night As much as this family loves the Moon, this book is perfect The illustrations were gorgeous and enjoyed by both kids.

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    This beautiful picture book is about a girl who confronts her fears and therefore gains a new friend, the moon The mixed media illustrations make the moon come alive and the reader is drawn to the yellow which is as comforting for us as it is for Ella.

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    Beautiful illustrations and a well told story about being okay with the dark.

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The Moon Inside EPUB The Moon Inside Author Sandra V Feder Contra Saustall.eu Yellow Is Ella S Favorite Color She Loves The Bright, Sunny Daytime But Every Night, As Darkness Falls, She Becomes Afraid When Her Mother Encourages Her To Look At The Soft Glow Of The Moon And Fireflies Dancing In The Night, And To Listen To The Chirping Of Crickets And The Gentle Rustling Of The Wind, Ella Gradually Realizes That Nighttime Can Be Something To Look Forward To Rather Than Something To Fear.