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Noose PDF Noose Philip MacDonald This Detective Story Club Classic Includes An Introduction By H R F Keating, Which First Appeared In The Crime Club S 1985 Disappearing Detectives Series.Colonel Anthony Gethryn Is Recalled From A Holiday In Spain To Solve A Murder In The November Fogs Of London He Finds That His Wife Is Sheltering Mrs Bronson, Whose Husband Is In Prison Awaiting Execution For The Murder Of A Gamekeeper Six Months Before A Petition For Reprieve Has Been Rejected And Bronson Will Shortly Hang For Someone Else S Crime Convinced By Mrs Bronson Of Her Husband S Innocence, Gethryn Embarks On A Seemingly Hopeless Race Against Time To Overthrow The Guilty Verdict And Find The Real Murderer And He Has Only Ten Days Before Bronson S Date With The Hangman S Noose.The Noose Saw The Return Of Philip MacDonald S Gentleman Detective Anthony Ruthven Gethryn, Whose Debut In The Rasp Six Years Earlier Had Been A Big Success Judged To Be His Best Book Yet, The Noose Had The Distinction Of Being Chosen As The First Book To Be Published In Collins Crime Club In May 1930, Helping To Immortalise It As One Of The Seminal Books Of The Crime Genre.

About the Author: Philip MacDonald

George MacDonald and son of the author Ronald MacDonald and the actress Constance Robertson During World War I he served with the British cavalry in Mesopotamia, later trained horses for the army, and was a show jumper He also raised Great Danes After marrying the writer F Ruth Howard, he moved to Hollywood in 1931 He was one of the most popular mystery writers of the 1930s, and between 1931 and 1963 wrote many screenplays along with a few radio and television scripts.His detective novels, particularly those featuring his series detective Anthony Gethryn, are primarily whodunnits with the occasional locked room mystery His first detective novel was The Rasp 1924 , in which he introduced his character Anthony Gethryn In later years MacDonald wrote television scripts for Alfred Hitchcock Presents Malice Domestic , 1957 and Perry Mason The Case of the Terrified Typist , 1958.He twice received an Edgar Award for Best Short Story in 1953, for Something to Hide , and in 1956, for Dream No More Indeed many critics felt that his short story writing was superior to his novels and they did win five second prizes in the annual contests held by Ellery Queen s Mystery Magazine.He also wrote under the pseudonyms Oliver Fleming, Anthony Lawless, Martin Porlock, W.J Stuart and Warren Stuart.

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    Okay, I found this overall an interesting read, and I was really impressed with the ending and the surprise of who the murderer was which I definitely didn t guess However, a lot of the book seemed to drag for me and I found it was mostly fill...

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    I found this decidedly inferior to Warrant for X and even to Murder Gone Mad Bogged down by irrelevant details and devoid of the suspense I have looked forward to in Colonel Gethryn s chase for the villain Just a classic run of the mill mystery.

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    Two women believe in Bronson s innocence but he is going to be hanged for murder in five days Anthony Gethryn is convinced by the women one of whom is his wife and enlists a few friends to give his investigation a fighting chance But the only way to save Bronson is to find the real murderer and proof of his guilt The copy of the book I have indicates a last chapter beginning on page 309, but the book ends, with a confession by a surprising culprit, on page 308...

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    A good story, though strangely old fashioned There are a couple of hurdles to negotiate before you get into the worth of the story too much of the first chapter s devoted to establishing the greatness of ...

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    For my full review click on the link below

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    This felt too conversational to be a satisfying crime mystery I did not engage with the characters or the plot.

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