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    I managed to get a preview copy of Set Phasers to Stun and for a book that shouts THE MUST OWN BOOK FOR ALL TREKKIES EVERYWHERE , I am sad to say that the author is quick to correct himself A book for all Trekkies quickly becomes a book for fans who have never felt the need to wear a prosthetic Klingon forehead Being the owner of a homemade skant, a phaser, and prosthetic eartips, I should have stopped reading then and there, but I didn t.If you like Star Trek and you have seen quite a bit of it, reading this book can be a feast of recognition, but it will likely be like a bit of a chore The main part of the text reads as a personal episode guide, written by someone who struggles with a certain measure of dislike or resentment about part of the source work For someome who claims not to have a problem with being a Trekkie and owning that name , Marcus Berkmann writes as a man who is actually quite embarrassed about being a Trekkie The final chapters of the book make me believe this is because he did not enjoy the reboots Each to their own, of course, but it is a shame that is opinion of the latest Star Trek films seems to have clouded the whole text.Because the book is written as an episode guide without convenient titles, it has to be said , I felt it was not really getting down to the nitty gritty of how Star Trek became as big as it is today There is hardly a positive note about the series content to be found, and the author almost completely omits menti...

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    As a certified trekkie, I didn t want this to end It covers the original series, Next gen in detail and a little of the others before Enterprise which I liked great fan read.And now Discovery on Netflix Live long and prosper readers

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    A fun, lively and highly opinionated read Good whistle stop tour of Star Trek history.

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    I m going to give this five stars, simply because I enjoyed it so fucking much, and wanted about four hundred pages to galumph through.

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    I found this immensely readable and at times I laughed out loud but it is definitely not for anyone who doesn t like Star Trek in fact, the you know about ST from 1960s, the it will make sense If you never understood the appeal of ST I m not sure this will explain it to you the author is preaching to the converted It s also quite short the Kindle told me I was 70% through but the last 25 30% is an episode index bibliography so it was fibbing.He discusses the original series almost episode by episode and the problems with the ratings tv executives etc going on at the same The episodes that I recognised I often disagreed with his ratings but that shouldn t be a show stopper He then talks about the troubles Roddenberry et al had trying to get ST back on screen and then there s quite a detailed discussion of the 7 Next Generation series and the ST films at least those with the original cast members He barely mentions the other spin offs Deep Space 9, Voyager Enterprise although he claims to be a fan of DS9 in particular but he clearly loathed Enterprise Then he s into the film reboots in...

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    I found this to be a very fun read The writing is enjoyable but also informational And it was great to get the British perspective on the whole Star Trek franchise While I did not always agree with his assessments, I could see his point Deals mostly with original Star Trek and Star Trek The Next Generation and the feature motion pictures He does touch on Deep Space Nine, Voyager one of the instances I did not agree with his assessment of the series but cou...

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    A very entertaining read full of interesting anecdotes shot through with a good sense of humour.Most of the book is taken up with The Original Series, Next Generation and the films DS9 and Voyager get brief mentions Surprising, because Markus states he loved DS9 and ...

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    Published to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the show, Berkmann s book is a combination of a fan s assessment of key episodes of the most popular series in the franchise the original show from the 60s and the Next Generation , and the movies plus various pieces of history and snippets of trivia about the franchise.The author is clearly enthusiastic about the subject which made the book fun to read but isn t afraid of taking a critical stance on particular aspects of the show which prevented this from becoming an overly bland effort The prose is easy to read and Berkmann s wit added to the enjoyment for me Although you might find you disagree with the author at times he does provide a good explanation for why he regards things in a certain way For example, he regards Voyager as being a less successful series than it might have been due to them not sticking to the premise that maintaining the craft should have been difficult due to them being alone in a distant quadrant of the universe An alternative criticism could have been that since the premise is that they are trying to find their way home, this story arc was never particularly strongly developed with many stories being unconnected with this and stand alone This did make the series accessible to ...

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    An enjoyable romp through the entire Star Trek collection with particular emphasis on the original television series, I enjoyed this very much Did not agree with all of his opinions and assessments but there were several moments when I found myself nodding in agreement I watched the first episode of the first ever series of Star Trek and fell in love This book will only be of interest to folk who have enjoyed most, if not all incarnations of Star Trek although not necessarily ever...

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    engaging look behind the scenes of one of science fiction most loved franchises starting with the original series and moving through the spin offs and films it takes a humorous and gossipy look at the behind the scenes capers of both cast and crew would recommend i...

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Set Phasers to Stun Set Phasers To Stun Read Author Marcus Berkmann Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Forty Seven Years After NBC Killed It Off, Star Trek Celebrates Its Half Century In A State Of Rude Health Boldly Going Where Several Other People Have Been Before, Marcus Berkmann Tells The Story Of This Sturdy Science Fiction Vehicle From Its First Five Year Mission Rudely Curtailed To Three , Through The Dark Years Of The 1970s, The Triumphant Film Series And The Next Generation, To The Current Reboot Films, With A Younger Cast Taking On The Characters Of Kirk, Spock, McCoy And Co.With Wit, Insight And A Huge Pile Of DVDs, He Seeks To Answer All The Important Questions Why Did Kirk S Shirt Always Get Torn When He Had A Fist Fight What S The Most Number Of Times Uhura Said Hailing Frequencies Open, Sir In A Single Episode Seven And What S The Worst Imaginable Insult In Klingon Your Mother Has A Smooth Forehead.