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    As compared to Catwalk Watch, this later collection shows the breadth of Basso s poetic personality in greater detail Here, the poet retains the crepuscular atmosphere always prevailing over his work, but now engages the reader with a sense of playfulness in both a conceptual and linguistic sense Yes, you ll find wondrously strange and exquisitely poetic vignettes of a dying old man s dreams a hand that terrorizes a city an aerial poet who practices a truly revelatory form of voyeurism a neighbor s apartment spontaneously stripped to its barren base and occupied only by a roost full of owls a mute whose breath inflates the silence of the universe.But outside these familiar directions of Basso s imagination, you ll also find very clever and incisive pieces words I wouldn t have used to describe anything found in Catwalk Watch Bestiaries begins with the indelible lines, because no one knows how to write a poem any, and goes on to describe how these hapless poets now must maintain caged exotic animals which embody the muted ferocity of their creative impulses Another very memorable piece, Metaphysics, contains some clever wordplay the Cartesian duelist draws his saber holds its cold blade to your throat and triumphs the unbound joys of synesthetic imagination over the rigid limits of reason.Catafalques is a very significant collection, because it shows how Basso maintains his dark, sleek style and signature outr imagery while also broa...

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Catafalques: Poems 1987-1989 BOOKS Catafalques Poems 1987 1989 Author Eric Basso Haunted By A Sense Of Loss And Foreboding, This Fourth Collection Is Rich In Poems That Raise The Quiet Mutiny Against A Withering Cosmos A Dark Magic Works Here, Sustained By Poetry That Is Often Complex, Ironic, Disquieting, Impassioned, And Sometimes Even Wildly Comic In These Pages We Are Confronted With The Poet In Midair, The Walrus Voluptuary, A Tree That Becomes A Woman, A Man With The Head Of A Black Swan The Poet S Resonant Voice Convokes A Cycle Of Spellbinding Images, Both Concrete And Elusive, That Are, Indeed, Flares Burning In The Counterfeit Night.