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Everyones Best Friend at Playboy EPUB Everyones Best Friend At Playboy Author Malorie Mackey Liversite.co.uk What Is It Like To Go From The Girl Next Door To Super Pin Up Or Going From The World Of Pageantry To The World Of Playboy Malorie Provides An Entertaining Read With Lots Of Personal First Hand Accounts Of What Goes On Behind The Gates At The Playboy Mansion Everyone S Best Friend At Playboy Follows Malorie S Personal Journey As A Young Model Through The Politics, Games, And Joys Of The Playboy Mansion Malorie Spent Four Years As Hugh Hefner S Guest At The Playboy Mansion, And She Has Some Stories To Tell Each Day, After She Came Home From A New Adventure, She Would Sit Down And Write Malorie S Manuscript Is The Result Of Her Diligent Diary Entries Of Each And Every Adventure She Had Or Witnessed At Playboy Her Journey Starts With Corrupt Casting Directors, That Indirectly Got Her Invited To The Playboy Mansion It Shows The Inner Politics And Daily Routine Of The Mansion Itself, With Everything Inevitably Leading To A Falling Out With The Lady Of The Manor, Crystal Hefner There Is Definitely A Great Story Within Those Dusty Old Walls, And Malorie Does A Great Job Of Telling It All Www.MalorieMackey.com Keywords Playboy, Model, Pin Up, Playboy Mansion, Hef, Hugh Hefner, Malorie Mackey

  • Kindle Edition
  • 180 pages
  • Everyones Best Friend at Playboy
  • Malorie Mackey
  • English
  • 18 May 2017

About the Author: Malorie Mackey

Malorie Mackey is an actress and model based out of Los Angeles, California Malorie grew up in Richmond, Virginia where she loved sports, the outdoors, animals, and all forms of art She took to acting at a young age, so it was no surprise when she decided to go to college for theatre While in college, Malorie studied body movement with the DAH Theatre in Belgrade, Serbia, voice in Herefordshire

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    The content of this book isn t bad, but there should have been an editor that corrected quite a few spelling errors and sentences that were repeated several times At times, I felt like I was reading from a high school diary because some of...

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    From Bench Warmer model and indie actress Malorie Mackey comes the tell all memoir Everyone s Best Friend at Playboy Though never a Playboy model or girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, Mackey became a regular Mansion guest for 4 years and a personal friend of Crystal Harris Hefner A fan of E s The Girls Next Door, she became infatuated with the Mansion and began to actively pursue an invitation in 2011 after placing in the Miss California USA Pageant Mackey goes on to recount how she worked the club scene and eventual made a contact that got her into the Mansion, and then become a regular guest at Hef s movie nights until a falling out with Crystal She also goes into the friendships that she made with the Playboy models and Hef s girlfriends and eventual third wife Crystal, along with the backdoor cat fighting that followed Crystal s breakup a...

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    I think most people are curious about the unknown and the playboy mansion has always had an element of mystery I have mixed feelings about this book it reads like a story It describes Malorie Mackey rise and fall from the playboy world She started out as a farmers daughter from Virginia She was part of the pageantry world and aimed to be She wasn t the typical fake busty blonde willing to do anything to achieve her goal However she did have to join the club scene and mix with people who weren t who she would have chosen This books gives insight to not just mansion life but the whole playboy industry It was interesting and full of d...

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    I received this book for free through Goodreads Giveaways As always, an honest review.My Playboy Story is just what it sounds like, Malorie s story of her time at the Playboy Mansion She was not one of Hef s girlfriends or a Playmate, as many would assume Calorie ended up being invited to movie nights by an acquaintance, and soon became a regular at Playboy events Her time in the world of Playboy was a dream come true This book gives a much different perspective from other Playboy stories that I ve read about Malorie s entire life didn t revolve around staying at the mansion, so she could enjoy her experiences without feeling desperate to stay I enjoyed her well rounded perspective of her time at the mansion and life in general She was smart about what she wanted and didn t want She is sweet, but defini...

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    I like reading autobiographies about interesting people who have done interesting things, and so a potential peek behind the curtain at what goes on at the Playboy Mansion was too good to resist.However, while Mackie gives some insight into life at the Mansion which appears to consist mainly of movie nights four times a week and the occasional PG 13 party the most entertaining thing about this book is how desperately Mackie tries to convince herself that she is nothing like the hangers on, the wannabe models, the vacuous personalities that hang around Hugh Hefner hoping to become famous, and yet she spends the first year of this book willingly hanging out with a Playboy agent called Russell, who she regularly tells us she despises, just so that she can achieve her dream of visiting the Mansion Even after she has eventually been there, she continues to hang around him for several months despite having a fiance, and then husband who must surely be the most patient and understanding man in the world to let his wife hang out with people she openly despises several times a week at home because she doesn t want to hurt his feelings.We re then treated to detailed descriptions of several hundred trips to Disneyland, several dozen movies, and the constant reiteration that she s most definitely NOT a hanger on, but is happy to hang out at the Mansion several times a week, eating their free food and drinking their free drinks though she rarely touche...

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    The author describes herself as the girl next door and her dream was to get to the Playboy Mansion She wasn t a playmate and had no desire to be one so she had to find someone of influence to get her to the mansion She eventually befriends a playmate and gets invited to a movie night in 2011 and spent the next four years as a guest There were weekly movie nights she attended and she ended up befriending Hugh Hefner s wife, Crystal this doesn t end well.In the book she said she worked at Bench Warmer I m assuming it s the company that produces trading cards with female models, including playmates She didn t say what she did there but whatever it was she had a lot of flexibility as she was able to spend two or three nights a week at the Playboy Mansion plus go to Disneyland often with Crystal According to her website, she is an actress and a model.I found it odd that her dream was to get to the mansion From the sounds of it, a guest is a mooch or hanger on She would go to the mansion and have supper and then hang ...

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    So the book was just okay I literally read it in one day it probably took me a total of 5 6 hours to finish, at most The grammar and errors were incredibly irritating, as if the publisher didn t check that the book was edited before printing and it reads a lot like a young teen s diary rather than a published book I purchased it after having read Holly and Kendra s books and I wanted another perspective I used to love watching Girls Next Door and Malorie often references back to the show I feel like she tries to portray herself as this innocent person, but anyone who is partying every weekend without their fiance and trying their hardest to get into the Playboy scene is not as innocent as they look She talked a lot about Crystal and being afraid of her wrath but it sounded like she was just as fake to Crystal as Crystal was to her It was interesting to hear about the mansion after GND, but I feel like it was just one big run on senten...

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    I don t say this very often, but do yourself a favour and skip this book The writing is bad, full or errors and the writer is so immature that it s beyond annoying It s also way overpriced on I requested this book as I was very curious to get a behind the scenes look at the Playboy mansion Malorie was never a playmate, and just hung out at the mansion, but there wasn t much o...

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    This book was something else It s not the typical look at what I ve done with my life type book, it s got some actual heart and substance Malorie Mackey takes readers through a journey into her young model career and the peopl...

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    I received a free copy via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.I found this book read like a young school girls diary.The book was very repetitive and left me feeling very disappointed and sad for the author in her attempt to get to the playboy mansion.

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