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    Eyeshield 21 Then Came the Showdown continues where the previous tank bon left off and contains the next nine chapters 197 205 of the on going manga series.This tank bon concludes the first round of the Kanto Tournament with Daimon Devil Bats and Shinryuji Naga There were only four seconds left in the second half, the appeal of Yoichi Hiruma to the public was just another diversion, and the play starts with Ryokan Kurita passing to Sena Kobayakawa instead of the expected Yoichi Hiruma However, Sena Kobayakawa s run is also a diversion and he passes again to Yoichi Hiruma, who scores a touchdown.As the time is out, the Devil Bats can only complete their conversion attempt It seems Yoichi Hiruma is going to run but he passes the ball to Sena Kobayakawa who completes the conversion thanks to Ryokan Kurita and his strength that put Shinryujii Naga at bay The Deimon Devil Bats win by one point with the score of 36 35.This tank bon is...

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    So it s the end of the Shinryuuji game and the Devilbats have to decide whether they ll try to tie their rival to drive them into overtime or actually take a gamble and push for a touchdown right on this final play For some reason I just love that Hiruma s Devilbats are known as an offensive team haha, in ways than one they always go for the gamble, and they don t play it safe But since the longer these guys play and try to hold their own against genius Agon Kongo, the higher their chances of folding because they don t have the stamina and they re all worn out It s really interesting that Hiruma would of course have chosen to gamble and Kurita would have chosen the safer move, but they decide to put it on Sena What I really particularly love about this volume is Agon getting his butt handed to him because Deimon didn t underestimate him, knew what he was capable of, and strove to use his assumptions against him Hiruma actually managed to outrun him with the surprise lead he tricked Shinryuuji into giving him , and they managed to sort of combine a saf...

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    The Deimon Devilbats, a plucky upstart high school football team, have managed to reach the semifinals of the tournament through a combination of hard work and talent, but now they re in the last few seconds of the game against the Shinryuuji Nagas, who have an undefeated history Cocky Agon Kongo is the genius of the opposing team, and Deimon has to pull out every trick and gamble to beat him Good thing tricks are quarterback Hiruma s specialty After managing a touchdown through distracting the other team and switching the team s playing positions to throw off the defense, Hiruma s team has reached 34 points to Shinryuuji s 35, and has to choose whether to kick for a tie and go into overtime or gamble to get two points in another touchdown Deimon s style has always been overwhelming offense, so the gamble is the likely option, but what about Sena, the star running back whose legs aren t holding up like they should And since beating Shinryuuji will just throw them up against their old rivals the Oujou White Knights, do the Devilbats have a hope in Hell of reaching the Christmas Bowl As always, I love the mix of sports action and character building There are old rivalries to settle with some unable to come to fruition because the teams won t get to play each other and each character has their standby character traits and the ones they grow from H...

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    After the wackiest two minute drill ever in which Monta receives a Jerry Rice Superbowl winning catch to stop the clock with enough time to run an extra desperation play The final two point conversion play is one of the biggest plays of the game and the series A Hiruma QB sneak, reverse play action flea flicker type lateral to Sena where Kurita finally collapses the Naga line just in time with an left angled block A great finish to three volumes worth of football Very good ending to an intense game and rivalryThat s where things sort of take a dive The next game ends up being the Sphinx against the Dinosaur team something I was eager to see when the bracket was drawn up about 3 volumes ago The Bando game starts well enough with the defensive Sphinx using a Pharaoh line formation to reduce the gap of their line to block the run Cool football stuff It suddenly turns into a loser forfeit though on behalf of the Sphinx They don t even finish the game, how stupid is that The next two games end up being the Gunmen against the Wolves, and the White Knights against the Golem are barely two pages long each This is a major let down to me, as one of m...

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    ending dari pertandingan antara deimon dan shinryuji ini keren banget kehebatan siasat Hiruma lagi lagi terbukti, bahkan penontonpun dijadikan bagian dari siasatnya.bagian Hiruma mengalahkan Agon juga keren banget Hiruma bukanlah jenius sep...

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    I love the end of this game It s one of the most memorable moments of the serie to me I also love the shippy moment later in the book, particularly the small bet yes it s like three pages but I work with what I have here

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    There are still some games left, and I m not sure if my heart can take any intensity This manga is just incredible.

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    I hate Agon That is all.

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Eyeshield 21, Volume 23 Reading Eyeshield 21, Volume 23 Author Riichiro Inagaki Contra Saustall.eu Bone Crushing Action, Slapstick Comedy And A Heartwarming Coming Of Age Story Only Four Seconds Remain On The Clock In The Deimon Devil Bat S Kanto Tournament Match Against The Shinryuji Nagas Hiruma Whips The Crowd Into A Frenzy Of Support, But It Ll Take Than Mere Cheering To Topple Agon And His Formidable Teammates Speed, Guts, Determination And Teamwork Have Seen The Devil Bats Through Countless Tough Scrapes, But Will Hiruma S Devilish Tactics Prove To Be The Final Edge That Pushes Deimon On To Victory Wimpy Sena Kobayakawa Has Been Running Away From Bullies All His Life But When The Football Gear Comes On, Things Change Sena S Speed And Uncanny Ability To Elude Big Bullies Just Might Give Him What It Takes To Become A Great High School Football Hero Catch All The Bone Crushing Action And Slapstick Comedy Of Japan S Hottest Football Manga