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    I liked this Ballantyne book, but it wasn t exactly spectacular or anything I really enjoyed the main character, Oliver Trembath Trembath is a young doctor who travels to the Cornwall district in England where there are many tin mines and such You can learn much about the mines from this book There are rum smugglers in this book, speculations, and many other adventures The romance, however, was a little cheesy, unlike other Ballantyne books e.g Post...

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    I enjoyed the book, mainly because I knew many of the places where everything took place However, there s really not much of a story, and many of the events seem to be based on historical events, which is neither good or bad A pleasant enough read, but not sure I would have enjoyed it mu...

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    It focused pretty much exclusively on mining and the details of life around the Cornish mines.

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    What a great read if you want to go back to a different time The story is from the 1800s and keeps you wantingI discovered this book after reading Ballantyne s, Coral Island.

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Deep Down Deep Down PDF Epub Author R.M Ballantyne New Books.run In This Heart Warming Tale Of Love, Life, Laughter, And Tragedy With Some Smuggling Thrown In , Travel Back In Time To Explore Life Set Amongst The People Living Near The Tin And Copper Mines Of St Just, Cornwall, In The Mid Nineteenth Century During The Mid 1860s, R.M Ballantyne Spent Over Three Months Living Amongst The Cornish Mineworkers Of St Just There, Amidst The Dangers Of The Deep Mines, A Story Of Courage, Contentment, And Adversity Takes Place, Encouraging Young Readers To Be Grateful For The Many Blessings We All Enjoy Of Home And Faith Ballantyne Incorporates Into His Novel Many Historical Facts, Producing An Exciting And Very Accurate Portrayal Of Victorian Tin And Copper Mining And Everyday Cornish Life.